Resetting a Wemo smart plug is not as complicated as you think. Wemo plugs are smart plugs that help to regulate your electronic appliances with the support of your mobile internet and home wifi. If your smart plug behaves strangely, it’s time to make a minor adjustment. When we overuse a device, it begins to lag, leading to the need to reset it. You can easily Factory reset your home automation with these simple instructions.

You can reset your Wemo smart plug using the Wemo app. The app has a simple user interface on iOS and Android platforms. 

This article has compiled the best and most straightforward method to Factory reset your Wemo smart plug. Read the instructions carefully.

What causes the Wemo Smart plug to require restoration?

Wemo smart plugs occasionally behave differently for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the reasons:wemo smart plug

  • The device has not been correctly configured. An insecure connection can result in connection failure.
  • You may have changed the connection of the router or wifi. Because of the changes, you will face trouble connecting the device.
  • The Wemo app can’t link to your Wemo smart plug.
  • You cannot link the device aftersuccessfully updating the app with firmware.
  • Combining Wemo smart plug with the mobile internet will cause issues because of the weak internet connection.

How does Factory reset your Wemo smart plugs? 

If you are reading this article, there are chances that you may be facing problems with your smart plug. Just like you reboot or reset your mobile or your laptop, in the same way, your Wemo plug needs rebooting when it stops working. If you want to save your data, you can change the personalized information or wifi connection from the Wemo app.reset wemo plug

If it’s impossible from a mobile app, you can reset Wemo smart plug manually. Most people find it useful as it is quick and easy. But so many of you are unwilling to risk total data loss. They are doing it through your mobile app.

Steps to Factory reset from the “Wemo app.” 

  1. Open the Wemo App on your mobile device


2. You will see a “+” sign from the top right corner of the app. Tap on it.edit

3. It will show the name of the connected smart plug to the Wemo app.


4. Then, next to the name of your smart plug, click the small plug

5. It will display three options. Tap on the factory reset option.reset options

6. After tapping, it will show you three options to restore the smart plug, i.e., Clear personalized info, Change wifi, and Factory restore.factory resotre

  • Precise, personalized info– It will clear the customized information, for example, the customized device name, icons, set-up rules, or any other data you have stored. It will not reset the complete data.
  • Change wifi – It will remove the stored password from the Wemo smart plug. You can go for this option if you are changing the wifi connection. It will only modify the settings of the wifi connection.
  • Factory reset – It will completely reset the entire stored data from scratch. So everything you have saved will be deleted and can’t be restored.

7. Tap on Factory Restore, and it will ask for your confirmation.

factory restore

  1. Click on “YesyesYou have successfully reset the Wemo smart plug from the Wemo app.

How do Factory reset the Belkin wemo smart plug manually? 

Using the Wemo App to reset the Wemo smart plugs is not necessary. If the device is not connected to your Wemo application, doing it manually will reset the Wemo plug.wemo plug reset

You have to press the power switch of the Wemo plug for 10 to 20 seconds while it gets connected to the power. After pressing the light of a smart plug will begin to flash the white light rapidly. The flashing light will shift from white to orange color. After reaching that stage, release the hold. Your Wemo smart plug is ready to reset.

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How do Factory reset Wemo smart plug with Google Home and Alexa?

You will need a strong wifi or internet connection to factory reset the Wemo smart plug with Google Home and Alexa.

Before resetting the Wemo switch to the factory setting, check all the connections. It’s possible that there’s a problem with your network or that your smartphone is crashing. It happens most of the time when the internet slows down. Restart your gadget at this time for it to function normally.reset using amazon alexa

If the problem persists, then unplug the connection and plug it back. Uninstall the Wemo app and reinstall it back. Or you can hold the power button of the smart plug for a while until the white light starts to flash rapidly. When it rest stops at an orange glow, it means the intelligent plug has been restored successfully.

Later, you can again set up the rules on the Wemo application and connect to your Google Home. You can also click the Wemo application through the Amazon Alexa application. For this, clamp your Wemo account to Amazon Alexa, after clicking the two versions. It will display the options to construct it.

Remember to link only one smart plug Google Home and Alexa account, or they cannot determine which one you are looking for.

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How do I fix my unresponsive smart plug?

If the smart plug is not working properly, unplug it from the socket and replug it. Holding the device's power button for a few seconds will allow you to do a factory reset. The white light will eventually stop flickering when it reaches the orange light. It means that the restoration of your device is completed. You will be able to fix the smart plug with this.

What happens if we overburden the smart plug?

Any overused device is harmful. When you use your mobile above its limitation, it gets heat. The same thing can happen to the smart plug. It will overheat after some time and catch fire. Make sure to keep the device ventilated and handle it with care.

Why is my smart plug not working?

If you experience such issues, check your wifi or internet connection. Such devices require a strong internet connection; otherwise, your device will not function. Restarting your device is another option. You may also Factory reset the smart plug or change the wifi connection to restore it.

Do smart plugs affect the electricity bill?

The adoption of a smart plug does not indicate a decrease in electricity usage. Smart plugs can still assist you in energy conservation even if you ever forget to turn off any electrical appliances. Moreover, you will identify the areas with higher electricity consumption.

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As technology progresses, technical challenges are unavoidable. It is impossible to bother others by asking for help with simple technological issues. Sometimes you have to read and figure out the solution for yourself. Numerous blogs will present you with various solutions. Nowadays, nobody wants to be in a situation where they need assistance from others.

If you are concerned about your Wemo smart plug, you can use these solutions to resolve any smart plug. If the intelligent plug has stopped working, you cannot connect to the wifi, or the device is slow, this article has everything you want.

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