The gaming community is at the peak with the introduction of various new games in the scenario. Moreover, the players are highly motivated to try out new and interesting games. It not only provides a unique taste to them but also increases the overall hype for new additions. Veteran players also remember downloading and playing games on their PC or laptops which required good internet speed for gaming. The old era consists of installing games from CDs or borrowing them from your friends. Still, there is a large variation in the current generation as they have other ways to play games.

online games
Online games

Online games are the new face of the digital world in the gaming community. Further, these games are much faster and entertaining for new users. There is no doubt in the fact that online games are in demand. This further increases the requirement of high-speed internet for accessing these games. If you are an online gamer, you understand the importance of a stable internet connection. A good internet speed for gaming will have a huge impact on the way you play a game. Hence, players are actively looking for various methods that will help them to boost internet speeds for gaming. Therefore, we will be covering some of the pro tricks to boost your internet speed while playing an online game.

Need of Good Internet Speed for Gaming?

It is quite common that you need an internet connection for playing any online game. Moreover, various games on the local storage require internet for connecting with the server. Also, you can get additional benefits from playing the game while the internet connection is turned on. For example, several games in the market can’t function without a network connection with WiFi setup. Also, the Internet allows the game characters to move according to the ping with the servers. Further, multiplayer games include other restrictions for every player to work in complete sync. Thus, you want to stay ahead of your opponents to win games like this.

need for good internet speed for gaming
Need for good internet speed for gaming

On the other hand, a slow internet connection will lead to a laggy response rate. The ping of your device will determine the final lag between your device and the server. Therefore, it is better to have less ping while playing online games. Further, shooter games are quite difficult to handle as they will hinder your aim. Further, the ping rate should stay between 50-100 for any game. If it exceeds the extremities, it isn’t easy to control in both cases.

Basic but Good Internet Speed for Gaming 

What is a good Mbps for gaming? Or What is a good internet speed for gaming? These are the questions that revolve in the mind of any active online gamer of the current generation. There is no limit to an optimal internet speed for gaming as more speed means more control.

minimum network requirements for gaming
Minimum network requirements for gaming

However, you should meet the minimum internet speed requirements for any game. When you meet this requirement, you will get an upper edge over other players and help in winning most of the matches. Now, we will discuss some of the basic internet speeds that you need according to the game you play.

RPG (Role Playing Games)

Almost every gamer has played an RPG like Fallout, Star Wars, Dark Souls, and countless others. These games include a fictional character that you have to control to complete various levels. Moreover, it connects with a common server that helps in monitoring the overall success. Hence, you can easily play these games at a speed of 2Mbps, where the ping will stay less than 120ms. So, make sure that you hold access to this optimal internet speed for gaming.

FPS (First Person Shooter)

Counter-Strike, Call of Duty, Destiny 2, and several others come under FS games. The main feature of games like them is that you experience the gameplay from the character’s eyes. This experience is the reason you need good internet speed for gaming for the most part. Also, the developers recommend stabilizing the connection speed at 1Mbps.

Strategy Games

The gaming community is going insane for FPS games like PUBG, COD, Valorant, and many more. These games are based on real-time scenarios as other player is also behind the controller. Therefore, you need to be quick in taking action and shooting at them. Hence, the internet speed should not drop below 3-4Mbps as it will give a ping around 50. Otherwise, you will not be able to control the aim effectively.

Tips to Improve Internet Speed for Gaming

Here are some basic and advanced tips that will allow you to experience a better level of gameplay.

  • Gaming Router- Hardcore gamers prefer to use special gaming routers designed to provide high speed. These routers are equipped with technology that can withstand high gaming pressure.
  • Close background Processes- Sometimes, the processes running behind the screen can decrease the connection. Therefore, ensure that the PC is not utilizing any network on these processes.
  • Wired Connection- If you can’t afford a gaming router, you should use Ethernet cables while gaming. Also, a wired connection will always be more effective than a WiFi connection.
  • Game Settings- Further, adjust the game according to the internet connection. Some games have the option to drop frame rates to improve the ping rate.
ping response time
ping response time


That is all about the basic information on good internet speed for gaming in 2024. We hope it will improve the overall gaming experience for you. Also, you should not avoid any issues similar to a less gaming internet speed. Make sure to determine the minimum requirement for a stable connection on your computer. 

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