There is no doubt that printers play a crucial role in professional workplaces. The computer requires many additional devices that improve the overall productivity of the device. You can purchase a suitable printing machine and connect it directly to your laptop. This will help you get prints with a single click. Many of you wonder, “Why is my printer not connected to the network?” even after having internet.

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There can be several reasons that are causing this trouble in the system. If your printer is not connected to a stable internet, this guide will help you resolve the issue. We will try to cover every possible outcome and give you the best solution. Make sure to follow different methods that are effective to the device back online.

How to Connect Internet to HP Printer?

As mentioned earlier, you must know the correct procedure to establish a connection between your PC and printer.

Method #1: Restart the Printer

Restarting any technical device could resolve a handful of issues related to software. A similar thing stands valid when your HP printer is not connected to the primary system. Also, this will be beneficial when the internal temperature of the printer climbs. You need to plug out the device immediately from the main power supply.

unplug the printer to restart
unplug the printer to restart

It is better to wait for at least two minutes before plugging it back. This method will give enough time to the printer to re-establish the connection. It will improve the working life of the device in the longer run. Further, don’t keep the printer running when not in use.

Method #2: Update Printer Drivers in PC

Every computer has a set of drives responsible for the smooth functioning of the connected printing device. However, an old version of the driver could lead to possible issues with the entire process. Therefore, users must update the system to the latest available configurations.

update printer driver on pc
update printer driver on pc

You can find more details about the firmware on the manufacturer’s official website. Simply download the firmware and resolve the printer not connected to network error. If you still don’t get the desired results, kindly read the following method.

Method #3: Check Firewall Settings

If you don’t know how to connect the internet to an HP printer, this method will help you. Most computers have a built-in firewall feature that prevents anonymous attackers from getting into the system. The same firewall may be treating your printer as a malicious device. Hence, the printer is not getting adequate permissions to connect to the network. It can cause you trouble while sending documents from a PC to the desired printing device.

check firewall settings of your pc
check firewall settings of your pc

We recommend going through the firewall settings and looking for similar configurations blocking the printer. Also, disable any VPN servers that might mingle with the primacy network of the printer. If you find anything unusual in the Settings panel, kindly restore the default configurations. Further, revert any change you made in the past regarding the printer connectivity.

Method #4: Restarting Printer Spool Service

Last but not least, we have another card under our sleeves to solve the printer not connected to network issue. The main job of the Printer Spool is to manage the incoming commands for the printer. It generates results from the controls and passes them on to the printing cell. Further, the printer will activate and start printing the message on the page.

If the Printer Spool corrupts, the entire process stops, and you can access the printer. Therefore, it is essential to check the current condition of the software. The steps for the same are: –

Step 1

First, open the Run window on your computer by pressing the Win+R shortcut keys from the keyboard.

Step 2

Fill in the command services.msc and click on the OK button.

type services.msc
type services.msc

Step 3

Once the new window appears, look for the Print Spool service option from the list.

search for print spooler
search for print spooler

Step 4

Right-click on the icon and Stop the process.

Step 5

Wait for a few seconds and Start it again by clicking on the same icon.

stop then start print spooler
stop then start print spooler

Step 6

Finally, restart your computer for the Print Spooler to reconnect with your printer. Hopefully, it will help you remove the issue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, let’s move on towards answering some of the most common queries from our users. You might have similar doubts in your mind related to the printer not being connected to a network. It is better to read the expert solution before seeking additional assistance.

Why is My Printer Not Connected to PC?

The printer's software might experience a glitch that creates trouble while connecting to your PC. Also, loose cables and broken wires can be a probable reason for the same. You need to duly check the hardware condition of the device before connecting it with a computer.

Is It Safe to Update Firmware?

Many users believe that updating the firmware will lead to new configuration challenges in their devices. However, installing the latest software will enhance the overall usability of the printer. Uses must download the new version as soon as it appears on the screen.

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In the end, you can now quickly resolve the ‘printer not connected to network’ issue through our guide. It will hardly take a few minutes before your device is back online. Moreover, these methods are pretty effective, especially if you are a beginner. If you encounter significant problems, it is better to contact the printer’s manufacturer. The support team will provide you with the most feasible solution for the issue.

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