It is common to face a lot of internet issues. It is inevitable to skip the problems we face due to network connectivity; However, technology is improving daily. To sort these out, you will have to reset the router. The article will discuss how to reset your Spectrum Router and what to do if your Spectrum router is not working.

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Resetting your Spectrum Router

Here is a list of methods to reset your Spectrum Router.

Re-plugging your Router

The process of how to reset the spectrum router is straightforward. Whether you try resetting the router for the first time or attempt to reset it again, follow the detailed steps below to fix it. It is important to remember that you should have a WiFi router that you individually own with a modem.

  • Remove the modem from the power supply. If you have any batteries in your modem, remove them.
  • Unplug the WiFi Spectrum router from the power supply or power chord.

restart router

  • Wait for sixty seconds. Allow the modem or router to cool down. After this, you can open the Spectrum WiFi and put the batteries back into it, and plug it back into it to the power source.
  • It takes a little time for the modem to power up. Allow it to reboot. 
  • After this, the modem led lights that indicate the status will light up. This implies that the modem has an active internet connection and is getting a power supply.
  • Plug the Spectrum router back into the socket to ensure the power source. Give it about one hundred and twenty seconds to restart.
  • Once the led lights get stable on the router, it implies that the device is connected wirelessly, and you can now go online. And see how to reset the spectrum router question is answered.

Reboot your Spectrum WiFiF Router and Modem

Follow These Instructions to Reboot Your Spectrum WiFi Router and Modem:

  • The procedure is similar and straightforward. The only distinction is that this applies to a modem/router combination gear, i.e., Gateway. It’s worth noting that the same holds if you’re merely using a modem.
  • Remove the power cord from your Gateway or modem. Start by removing any batteries that may be present.

reboot router and modem

  • Then, if any batteries are missing, wait a minute before reinstalling them. Also, ensure your Gateway or modem is connected to a power source.
  • Wait another 60 seconds for the gadget to reset. Its status lights will illuminate When turned on and linked to the internet.
  • Check to verify if your wireless devices are restored to service.

This is a simple and easy way how to reset your Spectrum Router.

Restore Spectrum WiFiF connection via the internet.

If you wouldn’t want to go the manual route, Spectrum makes it very simple to restore your Spectrum WiFi connection via the internet. You can also use the Spectrum account to track your internet gear’s validity or reset your device(s). Here’s how to go about it:

  • Log in to your Spectrum profile or the My Spectrum Application to get started.

spectrum login

  • Just on the account summary page, click the Services tab.
  • Then, from the Services & Equipment menu, select the Internet sub-tab.
  • Go to the gateways, modems, or routers you wish to reset and press the reset button. Select the ‘Are you experiencing trouble?’ option.
  • After that, choose Reset Device.

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Factory Resetting Spectrum Router

If rebooting or restarting a Spectrum WiFi network doesn’t resolve the issue, Spectrum recommends contacting technical support. You can also consult the user handbook for the internet device. All routers generally feature a reset button on the back or underneath, or you have to keep the reset button pressed for about 30 seconds. It’s used to restore the device’s factory defaults. It could be a solution to how to reset the spectrum router.

If you’re using Spectrum Internet on your device and think a hard reset would fix your network problems, remember that a hard reset will wipe out your current network settings. So, before you proceed with the factory reset, make a mental note of things like the wireless router (SSID) and passwords, among other things.

factory reset router

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Reset Spectrum Router Manually

Now that you understand how to reboot your Spectrum Router or find the restart button, keep reading to learn how to reset your Spectrum Router manually. To reboot your Spectrum Router, follow the steps outlined below:

  • To turn off your router, press the power button.
  • Unplug the router’s charging adapter from the wall outlet. Pull any additional hardware that is attached to the power outlet as well.
  • Allow the network to cool down for around 2 minutes.
  • Please turn on the network after reconnecting all voltage regulators to their corresponding slots.
  • To reset the router, find the reset button and press it with a pointed object such as a hairpin, toothpick, or a paper-clip.

reset button router

  • For about 10 seconds, I pressed and held the reset button before releasing it.
  • The router’s status lights will begin to flicker, and the router will restart.
  • The manual resetting of the Spectrum Router will be complete once you have completed the steps listed above.

You can now log into the internet admin panel and re-configure it using the product’s original login details. You must reset the spectrum router because the red LED lights are blinking. This happens when your device cannot establish a connection with the network.

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Is it necessary to purchase a Spectrum router to get internet?

Spectrum router allows getting a router for free of cost without any additional charges when you choose their internet plans. Therefore, you do not need to purchase that.

What data limit does Spectrum WiFi have?

There are no data limits with Spectrum Internet. For that matter, neither is a contract. As a result, it's one of the exceptional assistance to join. For professional assistance and subscription, call 1-844-481-5997.

What is the price of Spectrum internet?

One of the most fundamental Spectrum internet packages, which delivers speeds of up to 200 Mbps and costs $49.99 per month minus taxation, charges, and miscellaneous charges, is available for $49.99 per month.

Is it possible to purchase a router and utilize this with Spectrum internet?

Yes, you certainly can. That could be a more cost-effective solution. However, make sure you're aware of which WiFi routers work with Spectrum Internet.


The article talks about how to reset the spectrum router. It gives different ways also as to how to reset the spectrum router. If the router is not working, the best option is to reset the router to ensure that it will become stable and work. You must also note that resetting your router is a job to do occasionally. Moreover, the article has answers to frequently asked questions so that it can help you solve your router issues.

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