Learn how to reset the account name and password for Ooredoo router. Ooredoo routers are managed router services with wide-area networking capabilities that are constantly on and reliable. Ooredoo’s managed router service offers a completely outsourced, skilled WAN routing solution just like the Ooredoo modems.oreedoo

Your Huawei router allows you to share your internet connection. You can use your router to connect various household devices to the Internet via wireless or cable connections, such as your computer, phone, tablet, laptop, or TV set-top box.

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Huawei Router Login

If you possess a Huawei router, you should know how to get into it and access the necessary settings. By entering into the Huawei Router, you gain access to the router’s Admin Panel, which contains all of the router’s and wifi network’s settings. It’s the only spot where you can customize your Huawei Router’s settings.

The first step in logging in is establishing a connection between your computer and the Huawei router. You can do this by connecting to the Huawei Router’s wifi network or by utilizing an Ethernet cable.

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Follow these steps to log in to your Huawei Router’s web control page once your PC has a connection to the Huawei Router:

  1. To access the router’s default IP address, open a web browser and type into the address bar.open IP
  2. If the above IP address does not work, try going to:
  3. You will be directed to a login page where you must enter your login username and password to proceed. The default login username and password for most Huawei Router models are: Username: admin, Password: [email protected] or Admin@huawei.
  4. Click Login after entering your login credentials.huawei
  5. You’ve successfully signed into the Huawei Router Admin Panel.

How to Reset Your Ooredoo Router

The default login username and password can be used to access the router’s admin panel, and once inside, you can update and configure these credentials as needed. Some people, however, forget their login username and password and cannot access the router’s Admin Panel & Settings since it requires the login username and password to continue. This is important to remember to maintain security for your Ooredoo router.

If you find yourself in this predicament, there is an easy solution: conduct a factory reset on your router. A factory reset restores all settings, including any altered username or password, to their factory defaults. Here’s how to reset your Huawei router to factory settings:

  1. Locate the little RESET button on the router’s rear panel.
  2. Take a paperclip or pin and press and hold the RESET button for about 5 seconds while your router is turned on, then let go.RESET
  3. The router will restart after the LED lights flash and go out.
  4. Everything will be reset to factory defaults once the router restarts.

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How To Reset Account Name And Password 

It would help if you modified the Huawei HG8244H Ooredoo wifi name (SSID) so it will be easier for others to figure out which network they are connected to.

Look for the Network Name (SSID), your Huawei HG8244H Ooredoo Router’s wifi name. Since this isn’t a Facebook status, don’t use your name, home address, or other personal information in the SSID name.

  1. To begin, enter the router ID for the Ooredoo 4G wifi router.
  2. It will now direct you to the main page, where you must log in using your user name and password. Go to the LoginLogin page and click the LoginLogin button to log in.
  3. Afterward, go to the “SETTINGS” section of the home page.change password
  4. You should choose WLAN Settings->WLAN->WLAN Basic Settings from the left-side options.
  5. In the WLAN Basic settings, you can see the SSID and alter it and your wifi password.
  6. Finally, you must click the “Apply” button to complete the procedure.
  7. You may easily change the Ooredoo wifi password and the account name by following these steps.

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Errors Noticed During Log-in

Here are a few reasons why you might not be able to access the router login page:

  • It’s possible that you don’t have a connection to the Huawei Router. Ascertain that you are linked to the Huawei Router by an Ethernet cable or the wi-fi network.errors
  • You’re not entering the IP address correctly. Double-check that you’re typing the right IP address in the address bar.
  • Your router’s default gateway address may not be or Find out your router’s default gateway address and use that instead of


How much is Ooredoo pocket wifi?

QR219, The device costs QR219 and is sold through Ooredoo stores, the Ooredoo eShop, and B2B channels. To keep track of your account, update your account, and more!

Which is better, Ooredoo or Vodafone?

Ooredoo has resurfaced as the winner, taking the prize altogether with a score of 79.4 out of 100. This puts Ooredoo 1.9 points ahead of Vodafone's 77.4-point score, which compares favorably to Vodafone's 1.2-point victory margin in our last report.

What is Huawei wifi?

HUAWEI Mobile wifi 3s can connect up to 16 wifi devices, allowing you to share the Internet with your friends and family while spending quality time with them. You can also simultaneously use your phone, tablet, and other wifi devices. 1500 mAh battery capacity

Can I use any SIM on Huawei Mobile wifi?

Any carrier's SIM card should now work on your Huawei mobile. You can also use a Huawei Unlock Code Generator from a third-party website.

How do I pay for my Huawei router?

Check whether bank cards, HUAWEI Points, mobile payment, or eWallet are set up and available for payment in Settings > Account center > Payment and purchases. On this screen, you can also see if HUAWEI Points, Mobile Payment, or eWallet are supported in your country/region.

How much does wifi cost in Qatar?

Standard wifi costs roughly US $10 (A $14.75) for 100 MB for three hours or the US $20 (A $29.50) for 200 MB for the duration of the flight. The cost of Super wifi is generally between $10 and $20 for unlimited wifi for the duration of the journey.

How to reset the account name and password for Ooredoo router?

You can follow the steps mentioned under the subheading 'How to reset account name and password for Ooredoo router' above.

How to do a Huawei wifi login?

Follow the steps mentioned under the subheading 'Huawei router login login' to Login to your Huawei wifi. .

How to change Ooredoo fiber wifi password?

To change the Ooredoo fiber wifi password, follow the same steps as the subheading 'How to reset account name and password for Ooredoo router,' as the process is the same for the fiber wifi password


Make sure you have a reliable internet source. Otherwise, you might face an error. If you cannot log in, you must reset your router to its default settings and repeat the process. If errors occur, consult the Ooredoo router manual or contact the Ooredoo help center for further assistance.

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