Have you recently upgraded your home WiFi router by doing Ubee WiFi Setup, which is why you want to change the WiFi network that your Aiwit video doorbell connects to? Also, is your doorbell having issues staying connected, and you want to try switching to a stronger signal? No problem – changing the WiFi settings on your Aiwit device is simple when you know the right steps. This article will outline the quick and easy process of how to change WiFi on Aiwit doorbell, ensuring a seamless transition with your upgraded Ubee WiFi network.

The steps are to access device settings from the app, select WiFi configuration, choose a new network, enter the password, connect to change it and verify the change worked by checking the app’s live video stream over the new wireless connection. Also, to learn more on how to connect Aiwit doorbell to WiFi, keep on reading!

A WiFi doorbell lets you see and speak to visitors even when you’re not home. It connects to the wireless network, so you can get alerts on your phone when the button is pressed. Additionally, through a small camera and microphone, you can peek outside and ask who’s there when someone rings the bell. So, no need to keep running to the door – check your phone to answer right away. It gives busy families extra convenience and security without the hassle of wires. In this article, we will read everything on how to change WiFi on the Aiwit doorbell. You can download the Aiwit app either from Google Play store or Apple Store.

6 Easy Steps to Change WiFi On Aiwit Doorbell

Setting up a smart doorbell is simple if you follow a few steps. Changing the WiFi it connects to is also straightforward once you know how. Here are the steps to change the Aiwit doorbell change WiFi:

  1. Accessing the Aiwit Doorbell Settings: Open the Aiwit app on your phone and tap the three dots in the top right. Select “Device Settings” to access the doorbell configuration options.log in on your aiwit app
  2. Finding the WiFi Configuration Option: Look for the “WiFi Configuration” section and tap it. This will allow you to specify a new network for the doorbell to connect to wirelessly.connect aiwit doorbell to wifi
  3. Selecting the WiFi Network: Select the name of the WiFi network you want the doorbell to use from the list of available networks displayed. If the one you want isn’t shown, ensure the network is broadcasting its SSID.confirm wifi connection
  4. Connecting the Aiwit Doorbell to the New WiFi Network: Once the password is entered, tap “Connect” to disconnect the doorbell from the old WiFi and join the new one.select device on aiwit
  5. Verifying the Successful WiFi Change: After a minute or two, check the app again. If the doorbell is responsive, the WiFi change is successful. You’ll now see live video streams from the doorbell over the new wireless connection.connection complete on aiwit doorbell

Let me know if any of these steps need more explanation on the Aiwit doorbell manual change WiFi step! WiFi for Aiwit doorbell can be finicky sometimes and might stop working, so you may have to look up our guide to solve AT&T WiFi not working. So that is how to change WiFi on Aiwit doorbell.

Why Won’t Aiwit Doorbell Connect to WiFi?

Setting up a smart doorbell on your home WiFi network should be simple, but sometimes, they can be tricky to get paired. The Aiwit video doorbell is no exception – it may refuse to connect for several reasons.

  • Weak WiFi Signal – If the signal may be too soft for a solid connection at your doorbell location, you can try a few tricks to enhance your WiFi strength. Move the router closer to the doorbell or use a WiFi extender/repeater. These devices can significantly boost the WiFi signal, ensuring a more reliable connection. Additionally, if you’re wondering how to boost the WiFi signal without access to the router directly, optimizing the placement of your router and strategically using signal-boosting devices can make a noticeable difference in your overall wireless network performance.weak wifi signals
  • Incorrect Password – Typing the password incorrectly is easy to do. Double-check that the password entered on the doorbell matches what’s used to log into the router. If you still get it wrong, you can fix it by changing the password in Etisalat WiFi; this will help you regain your password.
  • Network Encryption Mismatch – The doorbell may not support your router’s encryption standard (like WPA3). Switch to a more common type like WPA2.
  • Too Many Devices – An overcrowded WiFi network slows everything down. Remove unused devices hogging bandwidth.
  • Interference Issues – Nearby electronics, thick walls, or building materials could interfere. Relocate the doorbell to a clearer spot.
  • Reboot Everything – Power cycle the router doorbell, and your phone refreshes connections. This clears odd glitches sometimes.

As a last resort, contact Aiwit support. They may have device-specific Aiwit doorbell troubleshooting tips. Also, with some trial and error, you can always get your smart doorbell chatting happily over WiFi. These could be the possible reasons why the Aiwit doorbell won’t connect. 

How to Reset Aiwit video doorbell?

There may come a time when you need to reset your Aiwit video doorbell, such as when trying to troubleshoot connectivity issues or wanting to factory restore the device. Resetting will erase all custom settings and pair the doorbell to your WiFi network from scratch.

  1. Locate the Reset Button: The small reset button is recessed on the side or back panel of the Aiwit doorbell unit near the edge. You’ll need a paperclip or a small tool to press it gently.reset button on aiwit doorbell
  2. Press and Hold the Reset Button: Firmly press and hold the recessed reset button for ten full seconds. The status light on the doorbell will rapidly flash after about 5 seconds.press the doorbell device
  3. Release the Button: You can release the reset button once the light has flashed for 10 seconds. The doorbell will make a tone to indicate a reset is in progress.press and hold the aiwit doorbell
  4. Delete the Device from the App: Open the Aiwit app and go to the device settings to remove or “forget” the doorbell. This allows it to be detected as a new device after reset.remove device on aiwit app Once removed, close and reopen the Aiwit app. It will search and detect the reset doorbell as a new device ready to be configured from scratch through the initial setup.

That’s all there is to reset your Aiwit video doorbell! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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How do you reset the Aiwit battery camera?

Resetting an Aiwit battery camera can help troubleshoot issues or return it to factory settings. The process is simple and only takes a few minutes.

  1. Remove the Back Cover: Locate the screws on the back of the camera and remove the cover. This exposes the internal electronics and battery compartment.remove battery cover on aiwit doorbell
  2. Locate the Reset Button: You will see the tiny reset button, usually labelled “RESET.” It may be recessed, so you’ll need a small tool like a paperclip to press it gently.reset button on aiwit doorbell
  3. Press and Hold the Reset Button: Firmly press and hold the recessed reset button. Also, the status light may flash, or the camera may beep. Continue saving for ten full seconds.press the doorbell device
  4. Release and Replace Cover: After 10 seconds, release the button and replace the back cover on the camera, securing it with the screws. This completes the hardware reset.replace battery cover on aiwit doorbell
  5. Delete from the App and Resetup: Open the Aiwit app and remove the camera. Then, close and reopen the app to detect it as a new device for fresh setup and configuration.add device on aiwit app

And that’s it! Let me know if you have any other issues getting your Aiwit battery camera reset and communicating again as intended. Also, proper resets can solve many connectivity problems.

How to reset the Aiwit doorbell mini camera?

Occasionally, reset the small Aiwit doorbell mini camera to its factory default settings. So, this can help solve issues like connectivity problems or setting configuration errors. Resetting is a very simple process.

  1. Locate the Reset Button: Use a paperclip or small tool to gently press the recessed reset button on the back of the mini camera unit. It will be labelled either “Reset” or have a small icon picture.reset button on aiwit doorbell
  2. Press and Hold the Button: Firmly press and hold the button. Additionally, the status lights on the front will start flashing after a few seconds. Keep saving for ten full seconds in total. Once 10 seconds have passed, you can release the reset button. The camera may beep once to indicate the reset is in progress.press the doorbell device
  3. Delete from App: Open the Aiwit app and remove the camera from the list of paired devices. Also, this clears its prior configuration.remove camera from aiwit doorbell
  4. Re-Add Camera: With the device now reset, close and reopen the Aiwit app. Also, go through the initial setup to detect and add the camera again from scratch.select device on aiwit

Finally, that’s all there is to reset this tiny camera back to factory default settings! Also, let me know if you need help setting up after the reset. So that is all in how to change WiFi on Aiwit doorbell. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I know if my WiFi password is correct?

Double-check that the password you entered on the doorbell matches exactly what you use to log into your router. Networks are case-sensitive, so make sure the caps lock is off.

Can I change the doorbell WiFi if the app isn’t connecting?

No, you need the Aiwit app to change the doorbell’s network settings. First, troubleshoot why the app won’t connect before trying to shift WiFis.

Does the doorbell support both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi bands?

The Aiwit doorbell is compatible with commonly used 2.4GHz or 5GHz wireless networks. Hence, ensure your router broadcasts the SSID for the band you want to use.

What should I do if the WiFi change fails?

Retry entering the password or fully reset the doorbell and set it up as a new device from scratch in the app. Also, check for any router issues that may be blocking the connection.


Hence, if your Aiwit doorbell faces connectivity issues, follow the 6-step process to change its WiFi settings and If problems persist, consider broader network issues, including Xfinity WiFi not working.

Additionally, address these concerns to ensure seamless communication between your doorbell and the WiFi network.

Also, keep this guide on how to change WiFi on Aiwit doorbell for future reference, covering Aiwit doorbell WiFi changes and troubleshooting Xfinity-related connectivity issues for an efficient smart home security system.

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