The use of internet devices is constantly hiking due to the excessive use of digital technology. Moreover, users are keen to test new solutions to help them achieve a faster connection. Thus, the demand for routers is relatively high in the market, especially in the digital sector.

There is no doubt in the fact that routers can provide a stable internet network while working online. Also, you can connect multiple devices with the router and enjoy high-speed internet. Therefore, it is the perfect choice for official use that involves the requirement of the internet.

Further, Netgear is the leading router manufacturer on the globe right now. They are known for their network devices and manipulators for everyday use. The Netgear Routers are pretty popular among users as they provide suitable internet compatibility.

Users can also use it for gaming as the c,onnection is relatively safe. However, there might be some difficulties for the new users to manage the router. Even the tiny issues require some specific methods of resolving.

Moreover, the Netgear router’s orange internet light is quite common to see. Many users often get confused as they don’t know how to solve this problem. Hence, we bring you the ultimate guide for the same and other similar issues. Therefore, you should follow the steps present in the next sections of the guide. We assure you that any potential error with the router will resolve.

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What is Netgear Router Orange Internet Light Error?

Before moving further, we need to understand the essential details about the Netgear orange internet light error. There are several users who come across the situation where the router emits orange light. This is quite different from the standard blue light you regularly see on the device.

Netgear Router Orange Internet Light Error

Hence, first you need to know that the router is perfectly fine, also check for Netgear Router’s Firmware and Updates. The orange light does not signify that there is some hardware problem. Well, a situation like this means some issues with the server. Moreover, the internet provider cannot establish a secure connection from the router.

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How to Solve Netgear Router Orange Power Light Issue?

This is the time when we will disclose some standard troubleshooting methods for the Netgear Router orange internet light. As already mentioned, orange light does not mean to do anything wrong with the router. Everything is due t the unstable connection with the server and the internet provider. Therefore, you can resolve the problem by using the following methods. 

Method #1 Internet Connection

The internet can become faulty due to improper channeling and lousy server connection. Therefore, the most common way to get out of the issue is by checking the internet cable. Also, you can unplug the line from the router and put it back. This will ensure a strong connection once the cable is connected to the device. Moreover, you can remove the orange light on the router more effectively.


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Method #2 Rebooting the Router

This method can work with almost any available router at your home or office as we move further. Rebooting is the simplest way to refresh the connection that will enhance the speed of the internet. Also, you can choose to either reboot the router itself or the primary modem.

Rebooting the Netgear Router

However, it is advisable to reboot both devices for the best results. Also, you can manually connect them using a cable for stability. If the router is working fine, it means there is an issue with the server network. On the other hand, you might need to consult the router manufacturer for further details.

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Method #3 Stabilize Network Connection

We already know that the Netgear router’s orange internet light means a connection fault. There are several locations at which problems can arise while connecting the devices. The first one being the point where the router and modem are in a stable equilibrium. Also, you must ensure the cables are correctly inserted in the respective ports. Any kind of wrong connection may lead to an error, such as the Netgear internet light orange. Hence, you don’t want the router to look for the incorrect IP address of the server.


Method #4 Damaged Cable

This is where most of the users tend to ignore the current condition of the Ethernet cable. In case you are not aware of it, an Ethernet cable is very important for the router. Moreover, the correct positioning of it plays a crucial role. Therefore, if the router blinks orange light, this signifies the loss of connections. This might be due to the fault in the ethernet cable.

Damaged Cable

Also, you should consider replacing the old ones as they might develop a fault after excessive use. Thus, it is better to change the Ethernet cable than the entire router system. It will save you time and money, especially for business purposes. Moreover, consult another guide if the orange light turns into another color.


How can I fix the router's orange internet light?

You should power cycle any routers, wireless routers, or other network devices by removing the power cord. Reconnect the device after 90 seconds, at the very least. Power cycle the router or other network equipment if hooked into a power strip rather than the power strip itself.

Why is the router light orange?

When your router's orange light is on, connecting to the internet takes a while. If the router is having trouble establishing a stable connection or the connection is inappropriate, it will keep blinking.

Why is the power light on my Netgear router orange?

The orange light on the Netgear router port may indicate an issue with the connection. Finally, look over the Ethernet cable that connects to the router. Ensure the cable is intact and firmly connected to the appliance and router. A different Ethernet cable might help, so give it a try.

How do I fix no internet light?

If you are having trouble with your internet signal, restart your modem and router immediately. Do not omit this phase. Since it frequently resolves the issue, you can try this first.

Can you reboot the Netgear router?

You can reboot your Netgear router if it troubles you. Sometimes straightforward connectivity issues can be solved by restarting the computer. Hence, if you restart your router, all your WiFi settings are kept.

Final Verdict

We have proposed all the major solutions to the Netgear router orange internet light issue. Moreover, the methods are pretty easy to follow and apply in the real world. Further, you should not avoid any potential error with the router for long. It can damage the overall functioning of the device. Thus, if you get orange light on the Netgear router, there is nothing to worry about. At last, make sure to talk to Customer Services for more details about the same.

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