Time and again, we hear about how convenient Ethernet is over our dear regular WiFi. But, they don’t tell you how you go about using it. Anyone hardly tells you how you can manage to connect to the Ethernet or setup router. So, to resolve your complaint, I’m going to cover all of it. From the introduction to the scene to how to connect to Ethernet, I’ll cover anything and everything. So let us get right to it and most importantly keep in mind security of network. Before we get on to ‘how to connect to Ethernet’ portion, we’ll start by clearing what the Ethernet is.

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Understanding the Concept of Ethernet

It is utterly significant that you get what Ethernet is. Or else, how are you going to comprehend how to connect to Ethernet?Let’s have a flashback to 20 or so years back. During those times, when multiple computers were to transmit data at one time, it ended up causing conflicts. To rid these problems, humans tried figuring out way outs. One technology was for the device to sense if any other devices were transmitting.

Concept of Ethernet
Concept of Ethernet

If yes. Then it waited. Otherwise, it transmitted.That is the same technology that works behind the curtains in the Ethernet. That is why it can help to connect multiple systems in an area. You can get data across systems without worrying about the other systems.

Why would you want to use Ethernet instead of WiFi?

Why would you want to learn how to connect to Ethernet, instead of using your WiFi connection, as usual?I have a very straight answer to it, and it is trouble-free. You don’t have to remember credentials when you’re using the internet via a cable through to the router. You do not need to re-enter the password every time you ‘forget’ the connection or whenever you get a new connection. That’d be especially advantageous to those who tend to forget passwords easily. Fair enough? 

Not only that, sometimes, you have no options but to use the wired version of the connection. We all know how prone to errors the wireless ones are.At times, the weather creates problems. At other times, the speed is too slow when too many devices are connected. Or there may be a connection issue.Whatever it might be, in situations like those, you have to look for other options. That is where the article on how to connect to Ethernet comes in handy. These I’d think are sound reasons to learn ‘how to connect to the Ethernet.’ Tempted? Great.

Lets then get to the next part and resolve our doubts about the same.

How to Use Internet via Ethernet Cable? 

While I’m telling you about how to connect to Ethernet, let me tell you another curious fact. It is, the cable/wire that people use has changed with time. From being thick to end up looking like a thin telephone wire, with two folds efficiency, that is how everything is changing. 

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A few simple steps to follow

Now is the time that I tell you about the steps. These are the ones to take you through the ‘How to connect to Ethernet’ process.


The first thing that while learning how to connect to Ethernet, you need to sort out is the Cables. As everything starts with them, so you must decide which cable you want to go to. You have a wide choice of cables from which you can choose.The most common use is RJ-45. They have a plug, in the shape of a square, one at each end of the wire.


Here are two plugs because they ought to go into the system as well as the connecting agent (router/modem). After you figure that out, make sure your router is up and working. If you possess a modem, ensure that it has a proper connection to the wire. You will know everything is ok if lights (usually green) are blinking.

Understanding  Ports and Connecting points

That is again important when trying to get to the depths of how to connect to Ethernet, issue. It is vital to know what ports you’re going to use and which end of wire8 clicks into which port.Talking about routers, at their back, they have ports, with the labels ‘LAN’. These are the ones you’ll be dealing with because the Ethernet connects over the LAN. It is a network in a small geographical area, usually home, organization, etc.

Understanding  Ports and Connecting points 
Understanding  Ports and Connecting points

If, however, you have a modem, then the previous case in how to connect to Ethernet won’t be applicable. In that case, the label will be ‘WAN,’ that is, its counterpart.

WAN’ stands for Wide Area Network, as the name depicts, it operates in a much wider area. The ports are in shape to fit the wires’ plugs perfectly.

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Plugging in 

The next step in learning how to connect to Ethernet is a basic one. Now that we’ve figured everything out about cables and ports take the cable.

plugging in
plugging in

Plug one end in the correct port on your system, while other into the WAN/LAN port of your modem/router.  You’ll feel the plugs fixing securely in their place when you’re pushing them in. That means it has been successful.If your router is on and working, it’ll automatically connect, and you can use the internet. You can see it when the WiFi towers are there, to their full strength.


That’s it for today with how to connect to an Ethernet topic .Now, even if there isn’t an emergency, you should give it a try. In the present time of home automation we are learning how to connect Ethernet to gain some insights. It does offer a more stable connection and better speed. So why not?Go on, then, read our article on ‘how to connect to Ethernet’ and see for yourself.

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