Ever struggled to get your Wiz lights connected to a new WiFi network? If you moved or switched internet providers, you’re not alone and need to sync up those colorful smart bulbs again. Well, we’ve got a step-by-step guide made just for you – wanna know how to connect Wiz lights to new WiFi without pulling your hair out? Keep reading! Whether you’re dealing with a new Ubee WiFi setup or transitioning to a different provider, our guide ensures a seamless connection on how to connect Wiz lights to new WiFi.

Use the Wiz app to put lights into pairing mode, select them when found, enter your WiFi password, and the lights will connect, giving them a name. An updated app and being on the network are needed for an easy setup of Wiz lights on a new wireless connection. Let us read on to know more on how to connect Wiz light to new WiFi.

There are several practical reasons one might need to sync their Wiz lights to a new wireless connection. Moving homes requires setting the bulbs and strips to the network at the new place for remote access from an iPhone or Android. Let us look at how to connect Wiz lights to new WiFi.

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How To Connect Wiz Lights to New WIFI

Let’s see an easy tutorial for connecting your Wiz smart lights to a new WiFi network. For those who don’t know, Wiz makes those RGB strip lights and bulbs that change colors and you can control them on your phone. Let us see the process step-by-step on how to connect Wiz lights to new WiFi. 

  1. Make sure your Wiz app is up to date in the app store. You’ll need that up-to-date to add new devices.wiz application on app store
  2. Go into your phone’s WiFi settings and ensure you’re connected to the network you want your lights on.phone or tablet home wifi settings
  3. Open the Wiz app and go into the “Device List” section and tap the three dots in the top right and select “Add Device.”add device in wiz app
  4. Choose the type of Wiz product you have – light strip, bulb, etc.select device from the list on wiz app
  5. Put your Wiz light into pairing mode by pressing the button on it for 5-7 seconds until it starts flashing colors.turn on the device connecting to wiz app
  6. The app will search for the new device.wiz app searching for the light bulb
  7. When it finds it, select it from the list.device found on wiz app

Your Wiz light is now synced up and controllable over the new WiFi network! Enjoy personalized lighting control wherever you are.

We hope this simple tutorial helped any fellow Wiz light owners out there set up on a new WiFi network. So this is how to connect Wiz lights to new WiFi. 

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How To Connect Wiz Lights to WiFi

Here is a 10-step process on how to connect Wiz smart lights to WiFi:

  1. Download the Wiz App: The first step is downloading the Wiz App from the App Store or Google Play Store. You’ll use the app to control your lights.wiz application on app store
  2. Create an Account: Open the app and tap “Sign Up” to create your account. Enter your email and choose a password.create account in wiz app
  3. Select the room type for which you’ll be connecting the device to your Wiz app.adding room in wiz app
  4. Add a WiFi Network: Tap the “+” icon, select “Add Wireless Network,” and choose your home or office WiFi from the list.wifi router
  5. Prepare Your Lights: Make sure the power switch on your Wiz lights is turned on. This allows them to be discovered by the app.switch on
  6. Put Lights into Pairing Mode: Hold the pairing button on your light for 5-7 seconds until it flashes different colors. It’s now in pairing mode.wiz app searching for the light bulb
  7. Tap “Add Device”: Go back to the Wiz app and tap “+ Add,” then select your light type from the options.add device in wiz app
  8. Select Light: The app will search for devices. When it finds your light, tap to select it.select device from the list on wiz app
  9. Connect to WiFi: Enter your WiFi password when prompted. Your light will connect to the network.connect to home wifiYour Wiz light is now online. Control colors, scenes, and more right from the app.

Let me know if any of these steps need more explanation the steps on how to connect Wiz lights to new WiFi! Connecting to WiFi makes your life extra colorful.

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Wiz Lights Not Connecting? Here’s the Fix

Having trouble getting your Wiz lights to connect to WiFi? Don’t worry, though; there’s usually a simple fix. Here are some things to check in the steps to hook up your lights  ASAP:

  1. Update Your App: Make sure the Wiz app is fully up to date. Sometimes, an app update is necessary to connect new devices.update wiz app
  2. Restart Your Phone: Give your phone a quick restart. This refreshes the connection so it can detect the lights better.restart the phone you have
  3. Reset Your Router: If other devices are working but not the lights, do a brief power cycle of your router by unplugging it for 30 seconds.reset your router
  4. Double-check WiFi Password:  When adding the light, triple-check that you entered the correct WiFi network password with no typos. So that’s why you need to check your password again and again. If you ever face uncertainties, like forgetting your password, we’ve got you covered with a handy guide on how to change the password effortlessly in Etisalat WiFi.add wireless network
  5. Put Light Into Pairing Mode: Hold the pairing button on the light unit until the colors are flashing before hitting “add device.”connect to home wifi
  6. Move Closer To Router: If you still cannot find the light, stand right next to your router when searching to improve signal strength. This can boost the WiFi connection, and the connection may get better.weak wifi signalsThat is why understanding how to boost your WiFi signal without access to a router is essential for optimizing your network experience. Use a WiFi extender plugged somewhere central in your home to rebroadcast the network and improve coverage in weak areas.
  7. Try Another Outlet: Switch which outlet the light is plugged into in case the previous one has issues.try another outlet
  8. Re-Add Light to App: If all else fails, remove and re-add the light from scratch through the add device process.add device in wiz app

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know my lights are on the new WiFi?

After entering the password, the lights will come on or rejoin your accounts groups, confirming a successful connection to the wireless signals.

What if my lights are unresponsive in the app?

Try resetting the light and reconnecting; if still no luck, contact Wiz support for troubleshooting assistance to diagnose the issue.

Can I use the same username on a new router?

Usernames are linked to each router, so when connecting to a new network, the lights must be set up with that router’s unique login info.

How do I set up multiple lights at once?

Unfortunately, you’ll need to go through the pairing steps for each light one at a time to connect to the new WiFi network using the Wiz app.


Connecting your Wiz lights to a new wireless network is simple with the brand’s user-friendly app. Although it requires briefly taking the bulbs and strips offline to repair, the process only takes a few minutes. With Wiz lights working on your latest WiFi setup, you can keep enjoying wireless control and all the creative lighting possibilities through your smartphone or home automation system. Changing networks is easy when you know the basic steps – now your lights can seamlessly transition wherever you need a colorful ambiance! We hope this article on how to connect Wiz lights to new WiFi has helped you know everything about it. 

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