We, humans, often find themselves in comfortable places. As we have become more equipped with technology, making homes comfortable becomes our priority. After all, homes are where most of us spend 60% of our day. In search of that comfort, we stumble upon various home automation ideas.

These Home automation ideas constitute a set of some fascinating schemes. These aim to notch home comfort efficiently and effectively, including saving energy consumption, not harming the environment or animals alongside.

Smart Home Ideas
Smart Home Ideas

So, you don’t have to pick up the remote if you have to change a channel. Neither you have to worry about whether you closed the doors and windows when you left home. No more struggle to find the light switch at night. And all of it is just the tip of the iceberg.

There are so many options you can try when it comes to Home automation ideas and experiments you can eye. I’m going to brief you about some of them. You can decide which one you could adopt at your place to enjoy the comfort it offers.

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Introduction to Home Automation Ideas

As always, let me summarize what we’ll be talking about. There will be home automation ideas ranging from your drawing room adjustments to the central security system. Let me bulletize them for you:

  • Securing your home smartly.
  • Illuminate the comfort.
  • Entertainment on your command.

Let us proceed without any delay.

Top 3 Home Automation Ideas to Enjoy your Comfort

We have discussed some of the shining points of home automation ideas. But let us get to know them a bit better, now that I’ve been successful in tempting you. Here we go:

Securing Your Home Smartly

What is comfort when there is no guarantee of security? So with some home automation ideas, you can ensure the safety and soundness of your “home sweet home.” Seems ideal to me, what about you?

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Video Doorbell

To start at the entrance, you can have a video doorbell. Now you must be thinking, what that is? Well, in the world like ours, you don’t want to open doors for everyone. With the doorbell, you don’t have to. With the camera facility, you can see who’s at the door, and decide if you want to open the door.

Even better if you want to ignore a certain someone. Some of these apps let you record a message and play it when you’re unavailable. What more, you don’t have to get up. You can use the app to see who’s out there.

It is the very latest, yet one of the home automation ideas that shows a lot of promise.

Video Doorbell
Video Doorbell

Protect your Valuables

We use Safes and cupboards to hold our valuables. Although, we protect them with lock and a key, more advanced thefts require advanced solutions. That is where motion/door sensors can play their part as home automation ideas. Have one of them on your safe and cupboard door. They’ll inform you in case of any unexpected movements.

That way, you can be there, even when you’re physically not.

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Illuminate the Comfort

Can you guess the next one in the home automation ideas list? What do you think it’ll be from the heading? Yeah, you guessed that right. Lights!! Without any camera or action!! Jokes apart, the arrangement of views is essential to bring about the real coziness of any home.

Your home lights can affect your mood and habits! Let’s see how you can use them.

Lightening for the Win

There are various home automation apps to do your bidding. Using them, you can have customized illumination according to your day-to-day activities.

For example, you can let the lights change when the weather does. In that way, sitting inside, you will know the downpour is near so that you can get your clothes inside. Or even your pets, so that the rain will not drench them to their last fur.

Apart from that, you could command your system to dim the lights as the days goes by. That way, your body clock will know when its time to sleep. So, no more sitting up waiting for sleep to come.

Then, there is the infamous early morning alarm. What happens here is it starts brightening up as the sun starts coming out. Or it may work in tandem with your fear. It may begin to brightening up as the time for you to wake up gets nearer.

Entertainment on Your Command

Our lives would be pretty dull without any form of entertainment. From plugs and latches to remotes to home automation ideas, its been one hell of a ride. We’re so lazy and fed up with remotes that we don’t want to get up.

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If you’re like that too, then these smart ideas could win your heart, like they’ve been ruling mine.

Entertainment on Your Command
Entertainment on Your Command

One of them is you could give a voice command to the system, to flick through channels for you. That is for all the times when you can’t decide what to watch. Also, it could switch to the channel where your favorite show is about to begin. How nice would it be? Even if you forget about the show.

Additionally, you could let it adjust the sounds and illumination for the best binge experience.


I hope you’ll like the one on home automation ideas, a beginning on a new smarter world. I have just counted a few ones, which I think could provide max comfort. What is even better, they’re not too complicated to set up. So you can try them out.

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