A router is a gadget that offers WiFi and is generally connected to a modem. Data from the Internet is transmitted over it to mobile devices, including computers, phones, and tablets. These are the top WiFi routers available now since they offer the greatest services, but let’s talk about the Tenda n300 router login.

The N300 Wireless Easy Setup Router is designed to be simpler to install at home. The N301 may also function as a client router to connect an ISP network remotely or as an uplink AP to provide the Internet to every location, avoiding dead zones. 

Today’s topic is the Tenda n300 router. Because specific steps are required, some readers are uninformed of the Tenda n300 login or how I can reset the Tenda n300. Furthermore, in the end, there is a FAQ section that will clear up any doubt. Before attempting to alter the article, you must first properly read it. You don’t need to be concerned because none of the abovementioned methods involve a hack.

Tenda n300 login guide

  1. Cable-connect your laptop or computer to your router. Utilize your wireless network as an alternative.
  2. You can spot your N300 router’s IP address using your favorite web browser and type it into the address bar. The IP address is written on the router’s back.tenda n300 login
  3. After entering the default username and password, you will now have access to your router’s administrative interface. Please feel free to seek up some of the default usernames and passwords for Tenda N300 routers if you are unaware of your username and password.

It’s typical to forget the tenda n300 login and password. You must thus understand how to reset the username and password for your router.

Height26 mm
Width90.5 mm
Depth127.4 mm

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Main Features

  • Quick and simple setup for a secure wireless network.tenda n300 connection
  • Push the WPS button to quickly and easily encrypt wireless communications.
  • Join the ISP network as a client to share the Internet.
  • Wireless speeds of 300Mbps are appropriate for intervention applications.

Place your router for optimal performance.

  • To all your devices that are as near the router as feasible.
  • The materials that might interfere with your wireless signal include glass, insulated walls, aquariums, mirrors, masonry, and concrete. In an elevated area with fewer obstructions, like a high shelf.tenda n300 coverage
  • Keep a safe distance from big metal objects, such as solid steel doors or aluminum studs.
  • Other materials that might interfere with your wireless signal include glass, insulated walls, aquariums, mirrors, masonry, and concrete.

How To Access Tenda N300 Router’s Admin Interface

Connect your laptop to the router via an internet wire. Some routers will give a simple but quick WiFi network, which you may connect to with your smartphone. Open your preferred web browser once you’ve established a connection.

Enter your N300 router’s IP address into your browser’s search box. The IP address is normally located on the bottom of your router or in the documentation that you saved somewhere secure previously.

Searching for the IP address will send you to the tenda n300 login page of your router’s interface. You must enter the default tenda n300 login information, which you may find on the router’s base or in the manual for your N300 router.


Connection TypeNumber
Number of LAN ports3
Number of WAN ports1
Number of USB Ports0
Number of Antennae2
Antennae Capacity2

PROs and CONS 

Following are the pros and cons of Tenda N300 that you should consider.

Advanced Security

The Advanced Security N301 provides multi-level wireless encryption solutions to safeguard your vital data and prevent illegal access.tenda n300 security

1. WEP 64/128 bit, WPA-PSK, WPA2-PSK

2. Wireless Access Control based on the wireless adapter’s mac address

Design of the Tenda F6 Wireless N300 Router

The Tenda F6 Wireless N300 Router has four interchangeable 5dBi High Gain Omni-Directional antennas and is available in white. A single blue LED is located at the top of this small, light router.tenda n300 ports

The router has four RJ-45 ports on the rear, one of which is a WAN port, and the other three are LAN ports. This makes it possible for you to connect a computer, laptop, and smart television straight to the Internet.

Performance and installation

The F3 is simple to put together. You have to hook up the power cord, plug your Internet connection into the WAN port, and use your laptop to connect to the router’s SSID. Then type the router’s IP address ( in the address bar of your browser, which launches the management console’s Home page.tenda n300 setup

You must choose an Internet connection type (DHCP or PPoP) and type your WiFi password. Then you have to click on OK to proceed.

Ports and ButtonsDescription
LAN1 LAN2 LAN 3utilized to link to wired gadgets like computers or switches
PWRConnecting to the supplied power adaptor.
WANmakes use of the internet to link this router.
WiFiWiFi reset and on/off buttons. – To enable or disable the router's WiFi network, press and hold the button for one and a third seconds. – When the LED indicator starts blinking quickly, hold the button down for around 8 seconds before releasing it. Resetting the router was successful.

Secure WiFi with a WPS Button Push

The N301 supports WiFi Protected Setup™ (WPS), which lets users virtually immediately install their security by clicking the“WPS” button, quickly creating a secure connection.was reset

This is not just quicker than typical security installations, but it’s also more practical because a password is not required.

Tenda F6 Wireless N300 Router Performance

As previously said, the Tenda F6 Wireless N300 Router is a single channel 2.4GHz WiFi router that puts range above peak internet speed.tenda n300 speed

According to the manufacturer, the router can manage up to 12 devices concurrently.

The Tenda F3 has a throughput speed of 40.6Mbps at a distance of 30 feet, compared to the Peace Router’s speed of 41.3Mbps.

How to reset Tenda N300?

  1. To begin, open Bowser and type plc.tendawifi.com into the URL bar to access the configuration page.tenda login
  2. Then select “Device Management” under “Administration.”reset router
  3. Reset the device by tapping “OK.”ok to reset

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How to set up Parental Control?

Your PC should be connected to the N300's LAN port. Switch on the N300. Launch a web browser and type into the address box before hitting Enter. Navigate to Parental Control, choose the device you wish to manage, and press the button. Click OK after selecting the device and specifying the websites and times you want it to be able to access the internet.

How to install AP mode?

Switch on the N300. Launch a web browser, enter in the address field, and then click OK. Click to Wireless repeating -> After selecting AP Mode, click OK to preserve all the changes. Please utilize tendawifi.com to log into the Web UI following the reboot procedure.

How to set it to Time Switch Mode?

You may program the time when WiFi turns on and off. For instance, when you go to bed, WiFi will switch off at the set time, saving you more electricity.

How to set it on WISP Mode?

If you have a router at home, you may utilize the WISP mode on the F3 to connect to the router's wifi and proceed to increase your wireless signal.

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Costing about $19, the Tenda F3 N300 Wireless Router is simple to set up. Although its performance is constrained, this pricing is unbeatable if your wireless networking needs are straightforward. An excellent way to access the Internet is with the TENDA Wireless N300 Router. This router and adapter set are ideal for individuals who need to stay connected while on the move. Looking for the finest network router on the market in terms of quality and price? There is no need to look past the Tenda name! This router is ideal for anyone who wishes to set up their network quickly and easily.

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