Handling and trying to work with new devices can be intimidating. So, it is always a blessing in disguise when you are aware of how things work with the said gadgets. Otherwise, there is a high probability that things will get messy. So, the following guide is about what is Dlink router for those new to it and how they may perform the Dlink Router Setup. 

Dlink Router Setup

More so when the devices in question are as tricky and technical as the routers, those who are new to routers may understand them as intermediator between the Internet and you. They connect to wifi and allow you to use the Internet for unlimited and unrestricted surfing.   

However, when you bring this new toy home (not literally), you must set it up before you reap its various benefits. No doubt, it is no piece of cake, but it is not rocket science either. 

If you have an old hardware router you’d like to set up from scratch at home; we can do it together.

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Whatever the status of complications or the state of the device in question, I’ve got your back. So let us proceed, without any further ado, to the next part of this article, where We’ll learn how to set up a Dlink router.

But let us get out of the way a few prerequisites that are necessary before proceeding with the Dlink router setup and related stuff.

Prerequisites of Dlink Router Setup

What do you have to take care of so that the Dlink router setup goes uneventfully and smoothly? I’ve enlisted a bunch of them below:

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  • You should be aware of your connection type, whether you got a dynamic or static address. Also, you might have to procure credentials for certain types of connections. So, acquiring all the info beforehand will prove to be a bonus.


  • You will need a mobile phone or a system comprising a good browser. You’ll need to get hold of any of these if you’ve got nothing.

best router for frontier fios

  • If your device is not brand new, you’ll have to reset it. You may achieve this by holding pressure on a tiny button at the back of the router.


  • Last but not least, Figure out what your default gateway is. It is an utmost necessary thing to do.

dlink dir615 default router login

Complete Guide to Dlink Router Setup 

We’ve reached the part where I’m going to make you aware of the entire configuration procedure of the Dlink router setup, i.e., addressing the hows. As we all know, two types of connections exist, so two methods correspond to each class.

You can use any of the techniques of the DRINK router setup that I will address shortly over here.

  • The first step is like stating the most obvious of things. Plug your router’s adapter into a socket to get it electrically enabled.
  •  Get your modem device’s yellow port(WAN port), connected to the One in the router that enables you to access the Internet.

As mentioned, corresponding to each connection type is one method, so let us get right to them.

You can also follow these router login processes to understand your router better:

Dlink Router Setup with Wireless Connection

  • After ensuring that your router and modem are well connected, get to the settings of your system, which show new wifi added. 
  • You may now see an addition to the existing list.
  • The next hurdle in the Dlink router setup process requires your wifi credentials/details. If you have a not-so-new device you’ve been trying to configure, you can find the same on a sticker on the back of the router in question and other related stuff.

 If things appear differently on your screen, you may find the required information on a “configuration card” that you get along with the newly purchased device. It is similar to a manual or a guidebook.

  • It is the portion where the web browser comes in to play its part. 
  • Open whichever you are comfortable with using.
  •  Scroll to the address bar at the top, enter, and then type in You may now press enter or the ‘go’ option.
  • A resultant wizard will guide you through some of the next steps. It allows you to configure credentials for your wifi to allow you unceasing speed and, thus smooth surfing experience. 
  • The next one towards the Dlink router setup assists you in composing a passkey for your router to secure it from any intrusion. After you arrange some other settings, let it have a minute to commit the changes you made and restart it. 
  • The next time you want to do some quality surfing, take advantage of the Dlink router setup you did and do it using the new wifi, you just added.


It concludes your procedure of the Dlink router setup, and you can do it all on your own. How cool is that!! Follow everything I discussed in this article; you can do all this and more. Pay attention and take care of details. Don’t skip anything.

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