The need for a stable internet connection is rapidly growing in this modern world. Everyone requires a powerful router to provide efficient internet speed in their home or office. However, do you know how to troubleshoot the device when there are some issues with the internet range? If fios internet not working?

fios internet not working

We are with the complete guide if your Fios internet not working due to several factors. Read the manual and try out different methods to resolve the connection issue.

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Fios Internet Troubleshooting Methods

Let’s move on to discuss some effective methods to resolve the problem of FiOS internet not working.

Method #1 Restart the Router

No doubt, routing devices can heat up during extended hours of usage. Hence, it is crucial to decrease the temperature by turning off the router when not in use. Restarting the router can resolve several Fios connection issues on your system without much effort. Your router will restore the connection and network range after the procedure. This will help with the problem of fios internet not working.

restart the router

You only need to remove the power cable from the socket to shut down the device. Further, please wait for some time before plugging it back. If the device is hot, keeping it off for a couple of hours is better. Once it is back to normal temperature, connect it with the computer. You are most likely to get around the internet connection.

Method #2 Update Firmware of Router

Verizon is one of the few router manufacturers that provides regular firmware updates to customers. Moreover, these updates are crucial to removing bugs and fixing system errors. If you face Fios internet not working issues, you may be using an older version. Also, corrupt data files in the firmware can lead to such instances. Hence, you must download the latest version of the software. These files are readily available on the official website of Verizon and other sources.

update firmware of router

Some platforms may have third-party upgrades that could be risky for the system. Therefore, getting them from trusted websites and online pages is better.

Method #3 Contact Internet Service Provider

Sometimes, there is some disturbance from the backend while connecting to the internet. If you find that the router is not responding, verify with your ISP. We find that ISP cannot generate appropriate network bandwidth, which leads to this issue most of the time. Your Internet Service Provider should have a stable stream of networks to enhance coverage.

contact internet service provider

Any lack of connection range will directly affect your online experience with the Fios router.

Method #4 Factory Reset

If fios internet not working, we only suggest this Fios internet troubleshooting method if every technique mentioned above fails to restore the router. Many experts believe that you should only hard reset the router in extreme situations. Factory Reset is the process of clearing configurations of the device, including user data and settings.

The reset procedure will erase everything from the control panel, and your router will get back to default configurations. Also, the router admin can no longer access the Settings page without default login credentials. However, follow these steps if you are still ready to reset the device.

factory reset

  1. First, you need to find the hard reset button on the device itself. It usually resembles a black dot on the side panel.
  2. Next, take a small pin or paper clip to push the button. Be gentle as you don’t want to break the device.
  3. Keep holding it in position for at least 30 seconds until you see the lights blinking. Finally, your router is reset and ready to pair.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In the end, you are most likely to solve any issue regarding the Fios internet not working on your PC. However, some users might have additional queries regarding the same. Therefore, here are some FAQs from our regular readers that face a simian problem. You will find adequate solutions from our experts in the following sections,

Why is My Fios Internet Not Working?

You should check for various errors that appear on the screen. The Verizon router may have some firmware issues that are not allowing the device to connect with a stable network. Also, corrupt data files in the system are responsible for stopping data usage.

How Do I Fix My Fios Guide?

You can try various methods for Fios troubleshooting and restoring the network services. It is advisable to restart the device and wait for the router to configure the internet connection. Make sure to avoid changing the default settings from the router’s admin panel.

How Do I Reset My Fios Guide?

The reset process of the Fios router is quite simple and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Users can initiate the factory reset procedure by pressing the reset button on the device’s back panel. It will only take a couple of minutes to reset the Fios router.

Why is My Fios Router Light Red?

The red light on your Fios router determines the hardware fault and internal malfunction. If the light remains red, kindly contact your ISP. It is better to restart the device and reconnect it using the admin credentials.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have enough details to resolve the router’s Fios internet not working issue. Moreover, you need to follow the instructions mentioned in the guide for the best results. If everything fails and the router still isn’t working, you should contact Customer Support. They will initiate the best possible troubleshooter for the device and assist you accordingly. You can also get help from a local technician if the problem persists for longer.

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