People everywhere rely heavily on the Internet for their daily work. Most of the devices we use require the Internet to optimize their function. This is where routers come into play. A router is a bridge connecting numerous devices to the Internet and other networks. Every machine is provided with an IP address. Routers utilize IP packets to transfer and receive information from the Internet or other devices. We will discuss below the nature of the IP address and the method to access it.

NOTE: – Always type the correct IP address in your browser, i.e., “” Most of the time, we end up ordering the wrong IP, such as 

What Is IP Address

To understand what IP address is, we must first apprehend IP addresses.IP addresses or Internet Protocol Address is a unique code used to identify a particular device on the Internet. It is similar to how coordinates (latitudes and longitudes) work to locate a specific global location. IP addresses are of two types; public and private. is of the latter category. The benefit of a private IP address such as this one is that its accessibility is restricted to the devices connected to this network. Webcams, DVRs, modems, routers, or other IoT devices can be configured to use this IP address.

ip connection 1

Companies such as TP-link, D-link, etc., often ship out routers with a default IP address. This can be changed to any other private IP address within its range, i.e., anywhere from to However, changing it does not necessarily improve the network security.

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How to Login into IP

Before we proceed, ensure you are connected to a stable internet connection via Ethernet cable or wireless connection. Next, verify that the username and password match your IP address to go through the procedure seamlessly. If you do not know your username and password, refer to your router’s documents.

Connecting to database.

It is common to have a username and password as “admin”, but to avoid confusion, look it up or contact your dealer. Once you’re ready with the username and password, follow the procedure below to access the admin panel.

  1. Begin by opening a web browser and then opening a new tab. There is no specific web browser to adhere to, so choose the one you are comfortable with.


2. Then enter the IP address in the address bar as in the generator. This will connect you to the router with this specific IP address.

ip address

3. You should now be on a page requesting your username and password for authentication. Go ahead and enter your login credentials to access your router.

192-168-10-253 login

4. From here, you should be able to access all the router’s functionalities, such as

    • Monitoring the people/devices connected to your network
    • Speeding up your Internet by tweaking the wireless channel
    • Preventing network slow down by using quality of service
    • Extending your network range using another router or range extender and more.
      There is another method to log in to this IP address, but it is relatively more complicated and requires some knowledge of the command prompt.


How To Fix Login Page Error

As mentioned above, this approach is straightforward and should work with little to no trouble. However, unfortunately, if you do run into a bit of a hiccup, you can do a few things to troubleshoot this issue.

  1. If there is a connectivity problem or a signal drop-off, ensure the internet connection is stable. Please turn off the internet connection and turn it back on after a minute or two.


If the browser displays an error page

2. First, verify that the username and password match the IP address This might seem obvious, but it is a common mistake that people often ignore192-168-10-253 login

3. Sometimes, firewalls tend to block unknown pages. It might help to turn off the firewall temporarily. Be sure to turn it back on once you’re done.


4. Finally, as a last resort, factory reset the router. This should be done only if nothing else works since it will reset your router’s original configuration.


Change the Username And Password Of Your Router

It is paramount to change your router’s username and password once you’ve logged in with the default credentials. This is because anyone with the default credentials your router manufacturer uses can log in when they are within range. This brings about a massive security issue you should avoid for obvious reasons. Don’t fret just yet. Changing your username and password is the easiest part. Follow the steps below.

reset userame and password 1

  1. Begin by logging in to your router as an admin by following the previous steps, i.e., open browser> enter IP address> login with the default username and password.
  2. After you’ve logged in, please search for a tab with the name settings and click it.
  3. Once inside settings, click the Security tab.
    Note: The security tab may sometimes be called administrative on the settings page.
  4. From here, you can set your desired username and password.

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How to change the WiFi login information?

You can reset your router from the factory settings if you've forgotten the login credentials for your router. Follow the directions in the User Guide after pressing the Reset button on any router with a pin until the indicator's light disappears.

Can WiFi admin see passwords?

Yes. The WiFi network admin can view the surfing activity on their WiFi network because they can access the admin panel from the WiFi router. Routers can also see log data, which includes time and computer activity.

What is the router's IP login?

Although is most routers' address, you should double-check it first. Now, enter cmd in the Windows search box to launch the Prompt. It can retrieve your router's IP address. Run the command after you type ipconfig.

How to reset the router password if you forgot it?

Most routers feature a tiny pinhole button on the bottom or rear. Hard reset the router by pressing and holding it. After completing this procedure, use the factory default login and password to restore all settings to their initial condition.

What is the usage of the WPA key?

To join any wireless network, you must use WPA key. Hence, you can quickly avail of the WPA password. A first WPA password might occasionally be printed on a wireless router.

How secure is WPA2 Personal?

WiFi security mechanisms, such as WPA2, protect wireless communications. They shield your information, safeguard your conversations, and prevent network intrusion by hackers. Even though it demands more processing power, WPA2 is frequently the best option for network security.


This method of gaining access to your router is easy and essential for anybody using a private IP address. Although personal IP addresses may change from router to router, the way to access the administrator panel remains the same.

Using the Internet while logging in for the first time with an Ethernet cable is preferable to ensure a stable network. If you choose to use WiFi, ensure you are in the same room as the router and as close as possible to avoid signal interference. Finally, if the router does not respond to the default IP address, remember to factory reset it, and you should have no problem.

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