Dlink DIR615 is one of the most popular routing devices to manage your internet requirements easily. It supports high-speed network connections with minimum lag issues. Also, you will get the most optimal network band depending on your internet service provider. Many new customers face problems logging into the router for the first time. Although, there are a handful of instructions to complete the process and activate the device. Today, we explain everything about the Dlink DIR615 default router login. The guide is quite comprehensive and explains all the steps in detail. You will also learn the factory reset procedure along with default credentials. Make sure to follow the guide in precise order.

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Dlink DIR 615 IP Address

The IP address is a significant part of every login process, especially while setting up the router. It combines several numerical digits that generate a default gateway on a network. Other devices on the internet can easily communicate and transfer data between different nodes. However, we require the IP address of the Dlink DIR615 router to open the login page. Customers can look for this detail in the user manual while purchasing the product. If you don’t know it, you can try as the default IP address of the device. It is also available on official sources that deal in the latest models of Dlink routers.

dlink dir 615 router

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Steps for Dlink DIR615 Default Router Login

The entire Dlink DIR615 default router login process is simple and easy to execute. You can perform the steps even without being technically sound. We expect that you know the correct default gateway of the mentioned router. Also, gather details about the admin username and password required in the later stages. Make sure to arrange a PC that has a working web browser. Also, connect it to the router before proceeding ahead. The steps to log in are as follows,

Step 1

Turn on the PC and open a desirable internet browser on the system. You can choose any application like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Brave, etc.

open a browser

Step 2

Click on the search bar and type in the IP address accordingly. The format for the same is,

The router will automatically verify the IP address, and the login page will appear.

dlink dir 615 ip address

Step 3

Next, fill in the correct username and password from the admin in the respective boxes. These credentials are case-sensitive and require precision. If you use an incorrect password several times, the router will lock. Finally, press the Login button to verify the details. 

dlink dir 615 username and password

Note– Users can modify the search query as per the accurate IP address of their router. Also, any error means you should switch to a different browser. If you don’t remember the Dlink DIR 615 admin password, we have a solution for you in the next section.

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How to Reset Dlink DIR615 Router?

Many users are less likely to remember the correct password of their Dlink routers in the long run. Undoubtedly, the login page will not provide you access without the password. Hence, we have a simple trick to bypass this problem and enter the Settings panel. The problem is that you will lose all confidential data stored on the device. Moreover, the router will no longer hold any customized configurations made earlier. It will go back to the basic settings with default options and values.

Step 1

Find the hard reset button present on the side panel of the router. Some devices may have it on the bottom for security reasons.

dlink dir615 Reset button

Step 2

Bring a small toothpick or needle to push the button. Also, do this maneuver carefully, as you don’t want to break the switch.

Step 3

The lights will start flicking on the router,, meaning you have completed the hard reset. It may take a few seconds until you can use the device.light

Step 4

Finally, you must reconnect the router with a computer and initiate the login process. However, this time you can only use the D’link default password DIR-615.


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Dlink DIR 615 Default Password & Username

As mentioned earlier, a factory reset will erase user data stored in the router. We bring you usernames and passwords that could work after the factory reset.

dlink dir 615 username and password

This includes the configured password for your admin login. Now, only the default password will be valid for the same.

Username- admin


Password- admin


Username- admin Password- (blank)


Username- user


Password- (blank)

We advise the router admins to learn more about the default password from the user manual. Some details about the router model are also present on the official website of Dlink.


What is the default login for the Dlink dir615 default router?

Like many routers, the default address is admin, and there is no specific default password for the dlink router.

How do I login into Dlink dir615 default router?

Go to the Official website of Dlink dir615 default router and enter the default username and password; tap login.

What is the default IP address of the Dlink dir615 default router? is the official website and IP address of the Dlink dir615 default router.

What should I do if nothing works on troubleshooting?

While troubleshooting, if nothing works, the last resort should be resetting the device. While resetting, all the data will be lost, and the credentials will return to the default username and password.


At last, you are now aware of the entire Dlink DIR615 Default Router Login procedure. We also explained the steps to factory reset the device. It will help you gain access to the router without the admin password. Although, it should be the last step after trying the remaining options. If you are facing any hardware issues with the device, it is recommended to contact Customer Support. The device will get immediate attention to prevent any further damage. You can also call a local technician to help with common troubleshooting.

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