Today, the most important thing for any router device is to provide high-speed internet connectivity to the users. Also, many of you are looking for services claiming to enhance their online experience. Verizon ensures a similar trend for their customers by bringing FIOS and DSL networks.

Moreover, you can choose the optimal type of network according to the area and requirements. There is no doubt that the FIOS internet is more stable and faster than the average connection. This is due to the usage of fiber optic cables that generate more speed. Many of you are new and begin with the signup process for the Verizon router. Therefore, we are here to tell you all the Verizon FIOS router login steps.

Also, you will learn how to change the password and other details of the device accordingly. Let us dive into the guide and set up the router and Verizon FIOS router login.

What is Verizon FIOS Router?

If you are already satisfied and know the basics about the Verizon router, you can move ahead and skip this section. This is mainly for new users who want to purchase the device or have recently bought it. Verizon is a renowned brand in the internet connectivity market with various router devices.

verizon fios router

Moreover, the company provides a FIOS network with unique optical fiber technology to transmit data. Hence, you experience high-speed internet when connected to a PC or mobile. Further, it would be best if you had a good guide to log into the FIOS router for the first time.

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IP Address to Access Verizon FIOS Router

Every router has a specific set of popularly known codes as an IP address. The users need to have the correct details of the IP address to open the login page. Hence, the Verizon router uses as its default gateway or IP address.

IP Address to Access Verizon Router

Further, depending on the manufacturers, you can find the same IP on various other routers. Thus, you must double-check these details from trusted sources. Mostly, it is available in the user manual provided along with the device. Secondly, visit the manufacturer’s official web page (Verizon in this case) and look for the same. The router will not give you access to the settings panel if you don’t know the correct IP address.

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How to log in to Verizon FIOS Router?

So, now to answer your question, how to log into my Fios router? You need the IP address and the credentials to get in. This will give you access to the settings panel and enables administrator permission. You will need the Verizon admin login for this.

Users can easily change their password or name accordingly using this. We assume you have already collected information about the router’s IP address. Moreover, follow the steps in the given sequence to avoid any potential error. It is better to start again if you are stuck at any point. The steps for the Verizon FIOS router login are as follows.

  1. The first step includes connecting the router with a web browser PC. You can install any application, such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.
  2. Once the connection is stable, open the browser and click on the search bar.
  3. Type in and press enter. Ensure there are no blanks or spaces between the digits of the IP address—hit Enter from the keyboard. 
  4. Next, the login page will appear on the screen to fill in the user credentials. Hence, get the correct username and password of the router.
  5. Finally, press the Login button and wait for a couple of seconds. If everything is accurate, you will be redirected to the settings panel.

verizon fios router login

How to Reset the Verizon FIOS Router?

As mentioned in the previous part, users must have the correct username and password to log into the device. There are many cases in which users tend to forget these essential credentials. If you are in a similar condition, there is a simple trick to solve this issue. You need to just factory reset the device to gain back access. On the other hand, you will have to lose all the data stored on the router. Hence, follow these steps only when you have a backup to the data,

Step 1

Locate the hard/factory reset button on the Verizon router itself. It is primarily present on the back panel.

Step 2

Next, you should have a pin or toothpick that can insert into the button. The pin should be able to press the button for a minimum of 20 seconds.

reset button

Step 3

You will hear a beep that signals the reset process. Therefore, now you can try connecting the router with the default credentials.

Default Credentials for Verizon FIOS Router Login

The default password and username are printed in the user manual on the factory reset page. However, here are some standard credentials that you can try,

  • Username- admin


  • Username- admin

Password- (blank)


How can I modify the name and password for my Verizon Fios WiFi?

Log into My Verizon if you have an Advanced router to update your WiFi name or password. Hover your cursor over Services to make changes. Lastly, choose Internet > My Network > Choose a network to Manage > Type in your new login information and click Save Changes.

What are the login and password for my Verizon FIOS router?

On the label at the bottom of the Internet Gateway is the default admin password. For guidance, you can also consult the Access Admin Page. Finally, the router's label on the underside lists the default network password.

How do I reset my Verizon WiFi?

On the back of the router, locate the Factory Reset button. Press the Reset button for 15 seconds when turning on the router using the paperclip or a similar device. Hence, hold off turning the router back on until it has appropriately reset.

What does SSID on a Verizon router mean?

The Verizon Router's default settings for WiFi name, WiFi password, local URL for getting the router's network settings, and network settings password are listed on a label on the back of the router.

Does Verizon provide wireless Internet?

Yes. Wireless internet choices 5G Home and LTE Home employ a radio signal from a nearby tower to deliver a strong internet connection inside your home. Finally, to use Fios Internet, you require a router to transmit a WiFi signal from the fiber-optic internet terminal.

What sort of WiFi does FiOS use?

Millions of Verizon Fios 100% fiber-optic network devices receive some of the fastest internet speeds. Hence, as data is sent at the rate of light using fiber optics, it offers a dependable, quick internet connection and a lot of bandwidth for many devices.


We hope you are delighted and can get FIOS router access. Make sure to share the credentials only with trusted users. Any misuse of the data can be pretty dangerous. For more details about the router, contact the customer support service through the official website.

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