After the outbreak of the coronavirus, it has become extremely difficult for institutes to function. As a result, most of the institutes have switched to e-mode. In order to make functioning easier, people have invested in routers. Routers have become a necessity after the pandemic. People have become dependent on it for everything. One of such routers is the ZyXEL network, and this article will guide you through the Zyxel router login.

ZyXel router

Zyxel provides routers that have a 5g coverage as well. The range of products that they offer is Home Routers, Wireless Extenders, Mobile Broadband, WiFi Systems, and Switches. You can know what type of router do you have by reading the manual that you got. The main struggle that most people face is to find the perfect way to log into the router.

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How To Do ZyXEL Router Login

You now know that is the ZyXEL router. Now, you must know the primary and most important thing – how to login to the ZyXEL router. Before you begin, just double-check that you are using the ZyXEL router IP address only. This guide will only cover those aspects.

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Find Router Login Credentials

The first thing you need to do is enter the credentials that had been given by your technician to you. This is given during the time of installation of the router.

    • Using IP Address – If there was no such thing, then you can follow the standard procedure. The first thing is to go to on your default browser URL. Here, you must enter the ZyXEL default password and username.use IP AddressYou must enter ‘admin’ as the username and ‘1234’ as the password. Once you do that, apply this. This should certainly work.

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    • ZyXel website – Even if the above method does not work, you should not worry. You can go to the website of ZyXEL.router credentials on ZyXel websiteThey will put forward the default credentials that need to be used. Read that first.
    • Router Label/Sticker – If you do not find anything there, check for a sticker on your router. You might get your ZyXEL router login credentials on a piece of paper that is stuck to your router.details on router stickerCheck on all sides of the router.
    • Router Manual – Lastly, you might want to invest some time in reading the manual that had come with the router.ZyXel user manualSome router companies mention their default username and password in the manual. This might be time-consuming, but you should not leave any stones untouched.

You should not worry if you are unable to use either of the methods mentioned previously. There is still scope for you to log in. Read on to find out what to do next when none of the above works.

What To Do If You Forget The ZyXEL Default Login

The first thing is that you must not panic if you cannot log in. There is still one way to use it – consider this the ultimate solution. You must reset the router to factory settings. Note that you should only do this when none of the ZyXEL router login methods work for you. Leave this as the last option of your checklist.

You need to look for a small button on your router. The button will be difficult to press if you use your fingers. For instance, you might want to use the back of a paperclip or the back of a toothpick. Avoid using any sharp object – that might cause serious damage.

factory reset the ZyXel router

When you use the blunt object, you must press the button with it.  Once you press the button, hold it for about 10 or 15 seconds. The router’s light will go off – you should not get paranoid once you see that. Hold press it until the light turns back on. Once it does, you will know that the router has been reset successfully. The resetting will be done to bring the router to the factory settings.


You now know the most basic thing you should know – how to perform the ZyXEL router login. There are a few mandatory things that you should keep in mind.

First of all, you should follow the ZyXEL login process in the same order that has been prescribed in this article. Just because you face a little difficulty does not mean that you directly reset your router, please exhaust the other methods first. Then, you can proceed to reset your router.

Also, you might want to take the assistance of a technician to do so. This is mainly because they have more experience than you and there might be a chance that you might damage the router yourself. Never panic when you find yourself in such a situation. Take it easy and always go step by step.

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