Undoubtedly, the gaming community is highly active in playing online games. Further, the new generation games are exciting and always provide new features. Therefore, the players will get an enriched experience by trying the latest games.

This is only possible due to advanced gaming devices and consoles. Moreover, special PCs built for the gaming environment are pretty compelling. Hence, players can choose between a gaming console or a PC per their requirements. If we talk about the controller setup, PS4 will be the first name coming to your mind. It is an obvious choice for most of the players across the world. Follow this article for a complete guide to setting up ps4 IP address.

However, playing online games is difficult, especially for the first time. While using PS4, you must know much about a specific IP address to the forwarding ports. This step can be confusing for new users. Thus, we are here to resolve the similar problem that you are facing. This guide will explain the playstation four IP address’s significant features and uses. Therefore, stick to the tricks mentioned in the following sections. To easily fix the Netgear red light issuey, click here.

What is Playstation 4 IP Address?

First, we must possess some basic information about the IP address. IP address or the default gateway is a fixed address of any online device. This stays true for your routers, modems, and even gaming console. The ps4 IP address is necessary to collect all the traffic from the router.

The forwarding ports combine information from the router to the internal IP address. Therefore, it becomes easy for the device to connect to the internet. The process of setting up the same depends on the user’s preference. Hence, it would be best if you kept an eye on the forwarding ports of the device.

view connection status

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Why Is It Important to Set Up PS4 IP Address?

As mentioned earlier, it will help transfer data into specific forwarding ports of the console. However, you will face issues if you decline this procedure and go for the standard configuration. Moreover, the PS4 might get a different IP address whenever you turn it on. Thus, the forwarding ports will not work according to the requirements. Hence, ensuring a stensuringPS4 gaming device is essential.


How To Find My  is importantPS4 IP Address?

The players who connect their consoles with different routers must check the IP address. This will provide transparency in using default configurations. Also, we will answer the query, “What is my subnet mask ps4?”. Thus, you should have information about the default gateway of the gaming console. If you are unable to find a ps4 IP address on the console, follow these steps,

  1. Turn on the PS4, go to the top on the home page, and scroll until you reach the Settings icon.
  2. Once the settings panel appears on the screen, click on the Network option
  3. Further, tap on the tab that says ‘View Connection Status’ to reveal the network details.
  4. Finally, you can view all the related information along with the current IP address of your device. It also consists of the ps4 subnet mask and other similar details. This will solve your question,, “how I I find my ps4 IP address..”

Note- Make sure to save these details as we will require them later in this guide.

Process Of Adding PS4 IP Address

This is the most crucial section of this guide, as we will explain the complete procedure. The users can choose any of the two methods to assign the permanent gateway to their devices. Moreover, every process is quite different for specially manufactured routers.

Through Rofor specially manufactureder, and you might need to switch to the following method.

  1. First, you into the router’s control panel and look for the Manual IP address option.


2. Once you find it, fill in the correct IP address corresponding to the console we searched in the previous section.

Huawei router ip

3. Make sure to test the connection before saving the final changes. Users can try it from the in-built feature in PS4.


Finally, establish connections with the forwarding ports using the proper guidelines.

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Through PS4

If the router doesn’t allow you to change the IP, do it from the PS4 itself. The steps for the same are,

  1. Find the DHCP range corresponding to the router that you are currently active on. This is primarily present on the login page of the router.
  2. Create a customized IP address for the console that is different from the gateway of the router. Tor instance, the router has a DHCP range of 150-254. You have the privilege to assign the PS4 between 2-149
  3. Go to the Settings panel of the console and go totoetwork > Setup Internet Connection > Use- WiFi > Custom > Manual
  4. Finally, click on the IP address tab and type the same IP that we generated earlier. Further, submit the Subnet Mask, which is

You will have to go through some optional settings that you can select to remain as default.

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We hope you will get an overview of the process for changing the IP address of the PS4 and also on how to din ps4the  ip IPdress. Also, you can contact Customer Support for additional assistance. It is recommended to have a fixed IP address for the best results.

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