Routers are tricky little types of hardware. It can be tiring and frustrating to resolve their issues. At times like that, we tend to take the most extreme measures, that is, resetting the router and maintaining security . So, on those lines, I’m going to talk about how you can reset the Linksys router and what is a Linksys router in today’s blog.

There can be issues of various natures. Maybe your router has a red light blinking in one of the options. Hence, no internet. Perhaps the speed is really slow. You think if you reset Linksys router, it may solve whatever is wrong internally.

But let me tell you, you should not take it so leniently. You should resort to reset Linksys router when you’re 200% sure that there is no other option. Why do I say that? Because folks, any alterations that you might have made, the system will undo them, once you reset Linksys router.

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Router Settings Affected

As I mentioned, after you reset the router, everything will be gone. Here are a few instances of the possible changes.If you’ve arranged for port forwarding to allow yourself the liberty of using some games and devices, those port will be closed for access after you reset Linksys routerThat is just one possibility, though.

The other instances include any modifications to the network/ wifi settings like the change of name, credentials, etc.

How to Reset Linksys Router?

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Phase 1: Pre-Requisites

We’ve reached the section where I explain how you reset Linksys router without any hiccups en-route. You can do all of it if you follow the steps attentively enough.

The System

The first thing you have to do in the procedure to reset the Linksys router is to turn your system off. We’ll be switching it on when we complete the reset. It is the rule that you have to reset the Linksys router after turning the system off. That way, the process will not harm the system, and you can see the changes when you turn it on afterward.

Also, do it properly, shut it down using the option on the screen. Users can do so by clicking on the windows icon on the system. Alternatively, you can hit the windows button on your keyboard. A popup will appear. Click the ‘off’ button. It is a small circle with a vertical line coming out from the top.When you click that, you will see three options there. Choose shut down to proceed to reset the Linksys router. After the system shuts, the black screen appears, unplug it, if it requires.

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The Router Device

Now, it is the extra step as a precaution. Turn off your router. You can turn it back on after a minute or so. Also, make sure while you’re set Linksys router, Don’t  turn off the router.

linksys router
linksys router

As the reset wipes everything out, any interruptions and It may cause irreversible damage. So, be careful with it.

Phase 2: The Actual Resetting

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Get a pin:

That is where we do the actual thing, that is, reset Linksys router, do re-think before you proceed to it. After the router is on and working again, take a look at its back. There is a teeny-tiny button; the label reads ‘reset.’ Using that, you can reset the router, but how do you access it? It’s too tiny.For that, you can grab a hairpin or a paper clip.

If it is a paper clip, pull the long sharp end and straighten it up. Now you can use any of the two to maintain pressure on the router. To reset the Linksys router, if it’s a new one, it will take only 10-15 seconds. While in case your hardware model is the older one, it will take 10-15 secs more.The cue that you have finished the reset is when the ‘power’ button will stop flickering.


Switch on the System

Release the pressure on the button and switch on the PC/laptop. If everything goes well, users should be able to use the internet.

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Alternate Method to Reset the Linksys Router

Then there is the alternate method to reset the Linksys router, which involves getting into the hardware’s setting portal. I prefer the one I described earlier. Getting into the portal seems riskier as there is always a chance of messing things up.

  1. All you have to do is to begin a new instance (open a new window) of your browser.
  2. In the address bar, enter your IP enter your own as I have, press enter. It will open a web page, as a result, and will ask for your credentials.
  3. Type in the changed ones, if you ever altered them. If not, use the default ones.They’re at the back of your router, or in the manual that comes along with it.
  4. Once you get the entry to settings, keep an eye out for the ‘administration’ tab, or something similar.
  5. Once you find it and click, you have to find the one that restores the settings. The option that has it is called the ‘factory and default.’
  6. Once you select it and do the needful, check your browser.You should have the internet working flawlessly on your system.

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In this world of technology like artificial intelligence, home automation, and many more. We should know to reset the Linksys router so that we can enjoy the fast speed internet. There, I have told you how to reset the Linksys router in two ways. You can choose whichever you want to. I’d suggest you be a little careful with both of them. How can do you do that? By double-checking every step.

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