Fibre Optic Internet is ruling the era. Every house has a Fibre Optic package from one provider or another. Frontier FiOS is one such internet provider. Along with the broadband, Frontier provides a router device free of cost, making it a great deal. But it is necessary to know the best router for Frontier FiOS for several reasons.

Not everyone’s requirements are fulfilled with just any router. Many of us prioritize one feature over another. In such cases, buying a router works best. You can select which part is the best in that router. That said, it is not easy to look at thousands of routers available in the market and choose, so Check Out this article on different types of routers.

Some of the best routers for Frontier FiOS mentioned here are Asus RT-AX3000, TP-Link Archer AX10, NETGEAR RAXE500, etc.

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Best Compatible Router For Frontier FiOS

We bring you the best router for Frontier FiOS available, keeping in mind your requirements like extraordinary performance, jaw-dropping range, or budget. Read more to find out the best suitable router for you.

Asus RT-AX3000 Router

This router recorded an astounding on the 5ghz Band spectrum. That implies you may use any Frontier Fibre Broadband package other than the 2 Gbps option without losing bandwidth. That’s just impossible to top at a mid-range pricing point. You will likely need to pay substantially more to receive even more efficiency.

asus router ax rt3000

When combined with just about any Frontier Optic Fiber package, the RT-AX3000 will be more than adequate for your family’s surfing requirements. It includes HD watching, gaming, facetime, and other features for a group of 2 to 4 people.

One disadvantage of the RT-AX3000 is its limited range. Although it’s not bad, fifty feet from the device only gets you around 50% of the capacity. From our perspective, it is still decent and is not a turnoff. A mesh wifi system may be a better option if network reach is an issue.

The features that this router provides are typical in the mid-range. It has parental controls, which let you select which websites your kids may visit and establish timetables and cut-off periods for when they can use the Internet.

asus router rt ax 3000


Asus RT-AX3000 has been considered the best for Frontier FiOS because of its performance, design, and sustainability.

TP-Link Archer AX10

This entry-level device outperforms its price tag, recording an astounding 650 Mbps on the 5 GHz frequency at five feet. Its performance readily competes with devices costing twice as much.

best router for frontier fios

It is more than sufficient to meet the demands of the majority of residential homes. That means up to four people may stream movies and games and browse simultaneously as long as your Broadband package can manage it.

We could still obtain 350 Mbps after going 20 feet away from the modem, which is not awful and is still highly functional, particularly at this pricing. 

It still does, however, facilitate TP-Link OneMesh. As a result, you can connect the AX10 to other supported TP-Link routers to form a mesh system that spans a considerably broader area. It is a fantastic mesh satellite for the price. However, because the setup is significantly simpler, you are probably better off with a specialized mesh wifi setup.

Overall, the absence of certain functionalities may be insignificant for many users, making the TP-Link Archer AX10 an easy pick among routers that work with Frontier.

Netgear Router RAXE500

Providing a 2 Gbps Optic Broadband service is one of Frontier’s most important benefits. However, one of its drawbacks is that few wifi routers can handle the bandwidth of Frontier FiOS.

best router for frontier fiosLike any high-end device boasting technological advances, the price sure soars high. However, the NETGEAR RAXE500 lives up to its name as the best router for Frontier FiOS. Throughout our assessments, it could produce an impressive 1200 Mbps at 5 feet. Unfortunately, there is one limitation. To get these speeds, you must be in the 6 GHz frequency range and have a suitable client gadget. Even in 2023, there won’t be several.

Being able to use the 6Ghz band comes with its downsides. The span of the network is horrible. We recorded 900-1000 Mbps while testing at 25 feet. Not particularly awful, but the price tag is barely justified. Things don’t look good from 50 feet away. We couldn’t pick up any connection. However, the device switches to 5GHz frequency, and owing to that. We recorded 300 Mbps at this distance, again unjustified for the price range.

Although the speed of delivery is insane for this router, its features aren’t noteworthy. Only banning websites and making timetables are available as parental controls. As a result, it is not the most fantastic modem for households with small children. QoS is absent. However, with such an insane performance, you’d barely notice.

Regardless of all the shortcomings, we must remember that using this router will never compromise its speed. So if you are looking for crazy fast data transmission, this is the best router for Frontier FiOS.

Orbi RBK852

Your options for wifi routers for Frontier are relatively restricted if you have a large residence and the best Frontier Optic Broadband services. In that case Orbi RBK852 is the best Router for Frontier FiOS

orbi router


You may obtain the Frontier Fiber Gigabit package and utilize it effectively even in the biggest household. The awesome thing is that a mesh system, such as the Orbi RBK852, can deliver rates of roughly 850 Mbps in the 5 GHz frequency at five feet, as observed during our experiments. 

There isn’t much going on in terms of functionality. Parental restrictions and Quality of Service are non-existent. Unfortunately, the Orbi RBK852 costs around five times as much as a mid-tier wifi router. There are guidelines available with methods for setting device schedules, but most folks won’t want to dive into that. The RBK852 may not be the most excellent choice for a family with young children.

So if all you want is a router with high speed in a big mansion, Orbi RBK852 might fit right into your requirements.

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TP-Link Deco S4

The TP-Link Deco S4 mesh network has an insane product offering. For the price of a standard router for frontier FiOS, you can build a whole mesh wifi setup. It doesn’t get any wiser if you have a limited budget yet need to cover a vast region.

tp link routerOn the 5 GHz frequency, the Deco S4 system recorded 300 Mbps at five feet. As you’ll see, it’s not particularly fast. However, it should be plenty for most DSL subscriptions. We discovered that the Deco S4 could obtain up to 150 Mbps at 25 feet. It was nearly ineffective from a distance of 50 feet.

There are functionalities, but they are restricted. That is not surprising, given the low pricing. Parental controls support only URL screening and scheduling. The base quality of service can only prioritize one gadget above another, not by activity.

Even so, if money is an issue and your house is massive enough, you’re unlikely to come across this router as a much more acceptable choice. Remember that regardless of your Internet subscription, you will be constrained to speeds of roughly 300-350 Mbps.

It is the most affordable and compatible with Frontier FiOS.

Asus RT-AX88U

Throughout our trials at five feet on the 5 GHz frequency, it scored an astounding 930 Mbps. However, the RT-AX88U’s router speed reduces to 50% at 25 feet, where it registered 570 Mbps in the 5 GHz spectrum. Doubling that distance has no impact on its performance. We still could receive 450Mbps from 50 feet away.asus rt-ax88u The ASUS RT-AX88U can tackle all the heavy jobs at any distance. This router comfortably manages 4K playback, gaming, and intensive surfing. As you may think, the pricing reflects all of these capabilities. However, several characteristics make it worthwhile.

It has extensive parental controls, allowing you to monitor and regulate the webpages, connections, applications, and timings your children may use when surfing the Web. With dynamic QoS, you can ensure that your most significant activities, such as surfing, streaming, or gaming, are constantly prioritized in terms of bandwidth. You may also use the RT-AX88U to examine your communications for added security.

So, although not for those on a strict budget, the ASUS RT-AX88U is the best router for Frontier FiOS, centered on efficiency that will not displease even the most demanding customers.


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Can I Use My Own Router With Frontier FiOS?

You can link Netgear routers to Verizon FiOS or choose a different brand if necessary. The simplest solution is to use a second FiOS router. However, other manufacturers are functional with a workaround. If you choose a specific brand, you must configure the IP to operate with the Verizon network.

Is it Worth Switching My Router From FIOS to Xfinity?

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How Far Can a WiFi Extension Go?

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In this article, we went over six routers compatible with Frontier FiOS routers, each specializing in one aspect so that you can choose what suits you the best. However, if you are unsure what you are looking for, you can always opt for the best overall router, Asus RT-AX3000. We are sure it won’t disappoint you and will help you find what you are looking for.

We hope this article has concluded your search for the best router for Frontier FiOS. 

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