TP Link Login Complete Guide [For Windows And Mac]

tp link login

Every home in today’s times has got a router. Since most of our work seems to take place over the internet, a router has turned into a necessity of sorts. With this in mind, it is essential to understand the functionality of your router and different types of routers. Generally, these devices are set up by technicians. However, you can certainly do it yourself. The process is simple, and we will be guiding you throughout each step so that you can configure your router correctly. You’re most likely here because you own a TP link router and wondering how to set up TP Link router. If that’s the case, then you’ve certainly ended up at the right place. So without delaying further, here is our in-depth TP Link login guide to get your router up and to run. 

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TP Link Router’s IP address

The first step to getting started with the TP link router setup process is that you need to take in the is to login into your router. This process is very simple and requires you to find your router’s IP address and default credentials. The IP address is basically your PC or router’s identifying number. It is via this address that your computer can send and receive information. By default, the TP Link login IP addresses are and

tp link router
TP Link Router

Now, if your router has been set up before and you want to log in to switch up some configurations, you can definitely do so. That being said, there lies a possibility of your IP address is changed by the technician. So, if you wish to check for yourself the new IP address, follow the next set of steps depending on your operating system. 

For Windows

If you’re using a Windows Machine, commence as follows-

  • Go into your device’s ‘Settings,’ then go into ‘Network and Internet’
  • Now, select ‘Wi-Fi’ from the options that are on the right-hand corner of your PC’s screen.
  • Now, click on your router’s network
  • Next, scroll all the way down to the ‘Properties’ section
  • Underneath this section, you will find the IP address for your TP Link Login.

Alternatively, you could also find your router’s IP address by employing the use of the command prompt. To do so, commence as follows.

  • Open up the ‘Run’ box by using the shortcut Windows+R
  • Input ‘cmd’ in the space and hit ‘Enter.’ At this stage, a black terminal will come up. 
  • Now, input the following command ‘ipconfig /all’ and press ‘Enter.’
  • Now, all information regarding all routers that have been connected to your device will come up. Scroll down to your router, and you will find the IP address listed there. 

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For Mac

If you’re using a Mac, commence as follows-

  • Open up your device’s Terminal. 
  • Now, input the command ‘ifconfig en1’ and hit ‘Enter.’ 
  • All information with reference to your routers will come up at this point. Now, scroll down to find the IP address that corresponds with your router. 

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TP Link Router Login Process

Now that you have your router’s IP address, we can proceed with the login. After logging in, you can access your TP Link router settings and make changes as per your requirement within the configuration. Make sure to connect to the TP link router at this stage. You can also use cable an Ethernet to connect your device to the router

tp link login
TP Link Login

To login, input the IP address into the search bar of your preferred web browser. Hit ‘Enter,’ and you will come across the TP Link Login page at this stage. Enter the router’s credentials and hit ‘Enter.’ At this stage, your TP Link Login process is complete. 

You can now optimize your router’s network as per your requirement. If you are attempting to set up your router, please keep in mind that it will have its factory settings enabled. Make sure you have its default credentials. Therefore, your TP link 192.168 admin ID and password will also be the default credentials assigned to them at the manufacturing time. The most common TP Link Login password and ID include:

  • Username: admin
  • Passkey: admin

If these credentials haven’t worked for you, then look up your router’s model number. You will find the corresponding default credentials. We recommend you to change your username and password to something more personal once you log in. 

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TP Link Router Setup Process

Once you log in to your router, you can commence with the setup process if it is new.

tp link quick setup
TP Link Quick Setup
  • Link the router to your device by using an Ethernet cable
  • Next, log in to the router by using the steps as mentioned earlier.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and start by configuring your Internet and Wireless Network by utilizing the Quick Setup option.
  • Enter the name, also known as the SSID for your Wireless Network. Set the password to protect your Wi-Fi connection. 
  • After this process, you will be able to connect to the Wireless Connection by using the SSID and password. 

So here’s our in-depth TP Link Login guide to assist you start with your router set up. However, keep a mental note that if you don’t feel too confident in setting up the router yourself, it is better to hire a technician. 

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