So, you are tired of your rusty old router which makes your life like hell and then you finally decide to throw this piece of junk and buy a new router. Then the search game gets on, you compare different routers, saw their specs and finally decide to put money on ASUS router, as it was offering many features which different routers didn’t. Lets learn Asus Router Login.

You placed the order. The order came, you unboxed the box-like TECHNICAL GURUJI and then there was your new router. You were happy like anything, thinking of the fast internet and how your PUBG game will run uninterruptedly, but as soon as your daydreaming ends, questions like “HOW TO SET IT UP,” “DO I NEED TO KNOW CODING FOR IT” arises.

ASUS Router

No, you don’t need any coding, it’s not rocket science buddy.

Here I will tell you about the simple steps by which you can set up your ASUS router properly, and you will be good to go.

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Find the IP Address of Your Asus Router

Let us know about IP Address first. IP is a short form for internet protocol. IP acts as an ID-card for your router. Websites see this Address and then send information to your desktop.

Now to set up IP address, the steps are:

  • First, check all the wires of your router have a proper connection with your PC.
  • If you have WINDOWS 10 click on the search bar which can be found on the right side of the Windows icon and write “cmd” (without the quotes). And if you have a Windows 7, click the start button and write “cmd” (without the quotes). Cmd is an essential command function, similarly, found in late 90’s MS-DOS wherein you have to type to get output.
  • A black dialogue box will open, don’t worry your computer did not break. In that box, type “ipconfig” (without quotes)


  • Output will be displayed. From there, search for a line called DEVICE GATEWAY. A number would be in the form of points, such as –
  • Copy that number and paste in Notepad and Voila!! There’s your IP address, wasn’t it so simple.

These Steps Will Help you find the IP for performing Asus Router Login.

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Steps to Perform Asus router Login

Now that you know your IP address, let’s use it for Asus Router Login.

  1. Copy the IP address from the notepad and paste it in your browser. I would prefer if it is Google Chrome
  2. You will be prompted to the company router page wherein you can set the password. There might be chances that you are directed to the USERNAME and PASSWORD page. Don’t worry, just type admin in both boxes. As it’s the default username and password for routers

ASUS Router Setup

  • After setting up your password, click the next button. Now there will be a box named NETWORK NAME. Here write the network name you want(Choose the right name as it will be in the display when you turn on your phone or laptop Wi-Fi)
  • Then in NETWORK KEY, write the password which you created
  • Tick on a box just after 5ghz
  • Click on the apply button, and you are good to go

In these simple steps you can perform Asus Router Login.

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How to Find Your Router’s Username and Password?

After a while, you may want to change the password for security reasons or get rid of your friend who just comes to your house for eating your Wi-Fi speed and data.

But as you do it you forgot your username and password, now you are upset, but don’t you worry TechWhoop will always rescue you from these problems.

Router Passwords

I will suggest you Hard Reset your router. Although there are ample ways, this one is the most efficient. Just press the reset button for 30 seconds, and it will reset. Then you must perform all the steps mentioned above to configure it. This will help you perform your Asus Router Login.

Type in your router model and hit FIND PASSWORD button. It will show you the default username and password which is provided by the company of the router. Although this method is adequate but not as the above method. But still you can give it a shot to perform Asus Router Login.

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Some Troubleshooting Tips For Asus Router

Nothing is perfect, not even your router. I will discuss some tips which help you if any problem occur to your router after or during Asus Router Login.

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Sometimes you won’t see the internet light blinking. Just restart your router, and if still, it doesn’t help, call your data carrier and checkup that if the fault is from their side or a tower is under repair. In most cases, it’s the data carrier fault



Sometimes we forget to turn off the router, and it gets overheated due to which connectivity problems may arise. Always turn off your router when not in use. Sometimes overheating can hamper the hardware of the router.’


If you can’t still find the solution to your problem, you can go to the ASUS official website for a more detailed solution.

Visit: ASUS Support

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Ultimately, I would say that this article may help you in one form or the another. These tips and methods were all tested by myself, so I can guarantee you that all these methods discussed above will 100% genuine and correct for your Asus Router Login. I would love to hear your views on this article, so comment below. Subscribe to our newsletter and get the updates of this Tech World. You can also follow us on our social media handles – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Telegram.

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