Guide to Solve AT&T WiFi Not Working?

at&t wifi not working

Are you having issues with your AT&T router lately where the device is not establishing a secure internet connection? Many of you often complain that my AT&T internet is not working.This is why we are here to help you overcome this situation once and for all through our guide to solve AT&T WiFi not working. You can go through the entire blog and get the answers for yourself.

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Why Is My ATT Internet Not Working?

There can be a lot of issues like a technical glitch, wrong gateway address, and whatnot. You can try out the following troubleshooters for the device.

#1 Reboot the Router

I don’t think there is anything to explain in this simple procedure of restarting the device. If the router is not catching connection, you need to switch off the power cable. It is recommended to wait for a few minutes before turning it back on.

reboot router
reboot router

This trick is quite helpful as you shut down the router to recalibrate the network. Also, the internal temperature lowers, which might be decreasing the network speed. Users can quickly restore the internet once the router starts working.

#2 Update Firmware

The next thing you could try is to update the firmware to the latest version to remove unwanted bugs. It will fix any issue related to AT&T WiFi not working and increase the network range. Moreover, developers at AT&T ensure to provide a beneficial and practical online experience to their customers.

update firmwire
update firmwire

Hence, you can easily download the updated firmware from the official website. The notification also appears on the login page regarding the need to upgrade. If any user tries to get it from third-party sources, it might deteriorate the situation further.

#3 Check for Hardware Damage

Hardware components keep your router running and active to produce the network range. Any fault in the antenna, wires, buttons, etc., could be a probable reason for ATT no internet connection. Hence, it would be best to verify that the cables are not broken or burnt.

hardware damage
hardware damage

Also, you have to test the buttons and light signals to work effectively on the device. Ensure that the power cable is working along with the other wirings that connect your PC with the router.

#4 Remove Firewall

The router must be suspicious of a particular website, due to which it is not responding. It creates a firewall against the network and locks it for unauthorized users. If you have your AT&T WiFi connected but not working, the firewall might be responsible for the same.


These are under the control of the admin or the moderator. You only need to log into the router’s settings to remove the firewall. However, you will disable the device’s shield protecting you from hackers. Make sure to look into the user manual to know more about this feature.

#5 Factory Reset the Router

We assume you have tried all the aforementioned techniques, and none of them seem to be working. Well, we have the last card under the sleeves related to resetting your AT&T router. The Factory Reset is when you hard shut down the router and turn it back into the default mode. Basically, it will behave like a new device just out of the box with no user data.

factory reset
factory reset

The method is not advisable if you don’t back up the router’s settings and configurations. Once you are ready to reset the router, follow these steps,

1. Take off the bottom protection cover of the AT&T router to access the reset button

2. You need a pin or paperclip to push down the button.

3. Keep holding it for at least 10 seconds until you hear the beep

4. Once the lights turn green, you have been successful in the reset process

5. Reconnect the router using the default credentials with your personal devices.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our experts have covered all significant aspects of AT&T WiFi not working in the various section of this guide. Although, you can refer to the following FAQs from users who have a similar issue. It would possibly answer all the remaining doubts in your mind.

Why is My ATT Internet Not Working?

The device might have some hardware fault that is causing trouble while connecting to the internet. You can also verify the green lights on the device’s front panel that depicts the Service Signal status. In case the lights are not green, you need to consult a technician.

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How Do I Reset My AT&T WiFi?

The reset button is present on the back panel of the AT&T router. You can press it by using a pin or toothpick to fit inside the hole. Keep pushing it for at least30 seconds as you are good to go. However, you will lose any user configurations or data present in the device.

Why is My ATT Internet so Bad?

It is common to see users struggling to gain strong network strength while streaming on their PC. Usually, the issue prevails in the backend or is related to your Internet Service Provider. A wired connection through an Ethernet port is preferred to improve internet speed.

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We conclude our journey on how to fix AT&T WiFi not working issue using simple methods. You can proceed with any of the mentioned steps to complete the ATT internet troubleshoot. If you face any severe software concerns with the device, contact the AT&T support center to help you with it. Also, you should seek an expert’s opinion over additional problems related to the router. Users can also file a replacement complaint if their router model is within the warranty period.

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