Ubee was earlier known as Ambit Microsystems, which was later renamed in 2009. Ubee Interactive engineers broadband equipment for cable and telecommunication service providers such as data, voice, and video services. Its products include cable data modems, IPTV gateways, WIFI gateways, and other mobile devices. As per the wireless Ubee router, here’s how you do the Ubee wifi setup.

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The Ubee wireless gateways feature enhanced WIFI technology to support wireless gadgets to fit unique networking needs. The various wireless gateways provided by Ubee are as follows:

UBC1322, UBC1319, UBC1303, UBC1301, EVW32C, UBC1307, UBC1310, DVW32CB, DDW36C.

Ubee wifi router

Ubee has also launched DOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS 3.1 channel boing technologies. Moreover they deliver speed up to 5 Gbps. Ubee modem DVW32CB is a wireless router as it connects with endless wireless devices.

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For Ubee Router Login

1. Open any browser: Google Chrome, internet explorer, etc.


2. The modem is set up on router mode by default, i.e., the modem’s public IP will be taken. address bar

3. On the address bar, to access the login page, type: or


(Remember that you should connect your Ubee router while you follow these steps, or else you may be directed to the page repeatedly showing an error).

4. On accessing the login page, you need to enter your ID and password, which is provided to you on your device label (base of the modem as – GUI Username and GUI Password).

Ubee Gui username and password on router label

 (If you have changed the details in the past and forgot them, you can click on the reset button on the device for about 15 seconds).

5. Now, you will be able to access the web interface of your Ubee router. As a result, the Ubee wifi setup is successful.


 Ubee router has its own IP address. It serves as a link to the login page of your web interface.

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For setting up modem to router mode

1. Select your gateway.

set gateway

2. Click on Wide area network.

select NAT mode on Ubee wifi interface

3. Select NAT mode( routing, NAT, DHCP, firewall) under the operation mode.

select nat mode

4. Click on the ‘apply’ button at the bottom of the page.

 For setting up bridged mode

What is bridged mode- it means that the modem will act as a bridge, i.e., the public IP is going to be taken such as the router instead of the modem.

1. Go to gateway.


2. Click on Wide Area Network.

select Bridge mode on Ubee interface

3. Select the bridge mode(bridge enter device, no routing, no NAT, no DHCP server , no firewall) under the operation mode.

bridge mode

4. Click on apply at the bottom of the page.


For Changing details for the Ubee router

1. Login to your router, by doing the Ubee wifi setup as mentioned above.

ubee login

2. Open the web interface and on the top menu, click wireless.


3. Select primary network.

Primary Network and WPA

4. Find serial number under WPA/WPA2 encryption key option.

key option

5. Click the show key button, and it will show you your password.

show key button of Ubee Router WPA number

6. Delete the key and enter your new password. Use a strong password for security purposes.


7. Click on the ‘apply’ button.

erase the key and 'Apply'

8. Exit the web Ubee interface.


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Fixing Ubee modem when WIFI is not connecting

1. Run a speed test– navigate your web and perform a speed test.

2. Check your connectivity- connect your devices to sockets properly.

3. Relocate your Ubee modem– away from any interfering obstacle so that the WIFI signal is detected correctly.

4. Check your Ubee equipment– make sure your account is completely verified with your broadband.

5. Reset your Ubee modem- it removes any self-bugs created.

6. Run a factory reset of your Ubee modem- it may help your WIFI run again.

Always reconnect your smart home devices after making any changes to your wifi. For additional information we have guides like changing wifi on Feit Electric app that can help you efficiently put your device back up online.

To change its factory settings

1. For windows IOS

  • Go to the search bar, type cmd, and click on the command prompt.
  • Type ipconfig in the pop-up window and press enter.
  • Click on the default gateway for your IP.

type cmd on start search bar and ipconfig

2. For OSX Ubee wifi setup

  • Open terminal window (In apple users) finder> applications> utilities and then terminal.
  • Input the command: netstat-nr |grep default and then click enter.
  • Your IP address will show.

LATEST NEWS: February 11, 2020

Ubee has developed WIFI 6, offering support for fiber,  Ubee xDSL,  and DOCSIS technologies. This WIFI is also known as the 802.11ax. It delivers higher output and improved power efficiency. In addition faster and smoother connectivity for users is ensured when running intensive applications on multiple wireless clients. Thus, it gives better performance.


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How can I set the IP address on my router?

Select LAN from the menu, then select DHCP server. Click the arrow next to 'MAC address' after scrolling to 'Manually assigned IP around the DHCP list'. Locate the appliance to which you wish to give the address. Hence, use the pre-generated address or pick your own.

How to set up the Ubee wireless router?

Connect your device to the router cable. Enter the IP address of the Ubee router in the search bar of the preferred web browser. Finally, access your router's default login and password using the admin panel.

What setup does have?

The address frequently retrieves a router's configuration even when you are offline. You can send and manage network traffic using the IP address and default gateways. You may configure your networking hardware with it.

What is a port network?

A port is a numerical number allocated by software to a network protocol to move data for a specific service in networking. Further, one can use a port, a jack, or socket peripheral hardware to connect to computer hardware.

What is IP scanning?

IP scanning is a continuous IT process that searches a company network for IP addresses and relevant information associated with those addresses and devices. So, this tool allows administrators to choose and explore a range of IP addresses.

How do I access my router?

You require the router login as the password to access the router. Hence, change the router's default password immediately to stop illegal access. The login credentials are also needed to connect to the WiFi network by users.

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