Today, we are here to discuss how to log in to Zhone routers by using the correct IP address of the device. Many users actively purchase the router and install it at their homes and offices. This guide contains all the related information like IP address and factory reset procedure. If you are stuck at any step, start from the beginning to avoid issues.

zhone routers

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Features of Zhone Routers

Before we proceed with the login access guide, it is vital to understand various things about your router. Zhone Technologies has been a famous manufacturer of telecommunication devices since 1999, and it offers a wide range of products like routers, modems, and WiFi extenders to its large customer base. Further, the Zhone routers are robust and generate faster upload and download speeds. However, logging into the admin panel could be a tricky job. We will discuss the routers more in the upcoming sections.

zhone router

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Zhone Routers IP Address

Thus, everyone must know the router’s default IP address at home or office. It will help you to control the administrative settings and changes. Also, you can change the password of the router after logging in. The latest IP address for Zhone routers is and works on most models. However, we recommend checking the same from official sources.

zhone routers ip address

Moreover, several manufacturers use it for their routers. If you are unsure about the default gateway, go through the user manual. Also, you can look for the same written on the WiFi device itself. Once you know the default IP, proceed to the next section.

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How Do I Setup My Zhone Wireless Router?

This guide section contains the steps you require to log into the router. It is common to observe users without knowledge of the logging process. Also, there might be potential issues that you need to fix. We bring the correct procedure to log in to the Zhone routers with adequate steps. It is better to verify the device’s IP address before moving on to the steps. After clarifying the details, follow these steps:

Step 1

First, you need to download a web browser on your computer. Ensure to use the system that is already connected with the router. Any standard browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, etc., can work.

search bar

Step 2

Open the browser and click on the search bar. You need to type the IP address like followed by pressing the Enter key. The power supply of the router must be turned on during the process.


Step 3

It will take some time before the login page appears on your screen. You will see a prompt to enter the admin username and password of the router. The details should be accurate as per the admin. Next, hit the Login button. 

login credentials for zhone routers

Step 5

If everything goes correct as per the steps, you will access the Settings panel. Moreover, you can quickly change different tabs and the router’s functioning.


Note– There are chances that users might face some technical glitches. We would suggest they switch the internet browser. Also, verify the user credentials from the administrator. However, you will learn to reset the Zhone router default password in the following section.

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How to Factory Reset Zhone Routers?

There is a ton of demand for the correct procedure to reset any router. There is no rocket science in understanding the concept behind the factory reset. Reset requires some additional steps as it helps the router restore its configurations. However, reset means deleting all the existing data like username and password from the router. The primary thing to note is that users can only log in through the default credentials. Therefore, the correct steps to reset the router are,

Step 1

First, take the router and look turn on the power supply. You will find a reset button at the back panel.

reset button

Step 2

Grab a small pin that will fit inside the hole. Press the button carefully as you don’t want it to break.

reset with pin

Step 3

Next, hold the pin for 30 seconds until the router lights start blinking.

Step 4

You can also restart the router for better compatibility.


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Zhone Routers Default Password

After completing the factory reset process, the router will restore the default configurations. It means earlier settings are now erased, and the router will work just as a brand-new model. Moreover, you can’t use the previous user credentials to log into the device. The only way to access the Settings panel is through the Zhone default password. Further, the username also returns to default naming if it was changed. Many users don’t know where to find these details. So, you can try the following sets.

username admin
password admin
username (blank)
password (blank)
username user
password pass

These credentials are only for reference and might not work with specific Zhone routers. The customer must check such details from the user manual of the router model.

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Final Thoughts

In the end, you now have all the required details about your Zhone routers. We also covered the basic functioning of WiFi devices for new users. Don’t forget to follow the login instructions as mentioned in the guide. There is no doubt you can resolve general issues with the device. However, the router might need some expert assistance for major hardware malfunctions. The best solution is to consult a tech person or the Zhone Support Service. They have the most effective troubleshooters for any damaged device. Customers can also claim an exchange if the device is within the warranty period. 

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