The all-new Comtrend AR-5381U router is one of the best IPv6 routing devices you can use for daily needs. It can provide high internet speed even while sending data to multiple connections. Moreover, users can connect it through Ethernet ports for a better experience in the longer run. The router is highly effective for 4G devices. Today, we have the complete Comtrend AR-5381U Login guide to help new customers. The process may seem difficult until you have the right direction to proceed.

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IP Address of Comtrend AR-5381U Router

The default IP Address is assigned to every device sharing data within a given network. Users can share files between different nodes by sending data packets through the network channels. Moreover, users must know the IP address for opening the login page, and the manufacturer usually prints the detail in the user manual or the box itself. If we talk about the latest models, is the default gateway for the Comtrend AR-5381U router. However, it is better to verify the same from official sources. If you use the wrong IP, the login page will crash and give an error.

Steps For Comtrend AR-5381U Default Login

Now, we will explain the simplest method to log into the Comtrend AR-5381U router. It is often found that many owners don’t know the exact technique which causes technical glitches. Once you are sure about the IP and other details of the router, follow these steps. These steps will guide you through the complete login process.

comtrend ar-5381u

  • First, you need to turn on the router and connect it to a suitable PC or laptop.
  • Make sure to download and install a web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, etc. We will consider Chrome in the following steps.
  • Click on the search bar and type using the keyboard.
  • Next, press the Enter button and wait for a couple of seconds. The login page will load, prompting the user to fill in login credentials, and it includes the username and password for the router.
  • Click on the Login button at the bottom of the page after filling in the details. The browser will automatically detect the router and load the page.
  • Finally, the admin can access the Settings panel and configure various changes. Some people also login to change the primary password for security reasons.

comtrend ar-5381u default login

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How To Reset Comtrend AR-5381U?

Did you forget the correct password of the router? You are not the only person trying to figure out an alternate way. It is common to see users struggling to access the login page without valid credentials. There is nothing to panic about in this situation as we have a quick solution. Factory Reset is the best method to restore the device’s default configurations, like the password. Therefore, you can log in using the default credentials after that. The steps for the same are,

  • First, get to the router and look for a reset button on the back panel. The button is usually present inside a small pinhole.
  • Use a hairpin or toothpick to fit inside the slot without breaking the button. This step requires precision as you might damage the internal wiring.
  • Once you press the button, keep holding it for 30 seconds and wait for the lights to blink.
  • Finally, the router will execute the reset process and be ready to go. You can follow the same steps to log into the router.

comtrend ar-5381u

Comtrend AR-5381U Default Password and Username

We assume that you are ready after resetting the router through the mentioned procedure. You already know that default credentials are the only way to access the Settings panel. We have collected a few combinations that you can use on the router.

Username- admin Password- admin
Username- (blank) Password- pass
Username- user Password- (blank)

Note- These usernames and passwords are only for reference and may not work on specific routers. We recommend consulting the official website to know the default credentials of your device.

comtrend ar-5381u default login username and password

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Is It Safe To Reset My Comtrend AR-5381U Router?

Absolutely! There is no potential threat in resetting the router using the correct procedure, and the only downfall is losing any user data stored on the device. Hence, it is better to backup important files before proceeding.

Can I Use Comtrend AR-5381U Router For Office?

You can use the router for different purposes at your office or home, and it supports multiple devices and provides faster network speed.

What is the default password of the comtrend ar 5381u router?

The default password is 'root,' and the password will be '12345'.

How do I log into my Comtrend router?

Enter the username and password fields on the comtrend ar 5381u router's official page. Now tap Login.

What is the default IP address of the comtrend ar 5381u router?

The Comtrend Ar5381U router's default IP address is

How do I reset my passwords?

You may change the password after entering the official website and heading to the advanced settings. Tap Router Admin and change the password.

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We hope that this guide will give you a complete overview of the Comtrend AR-5381U router at your office. Also, the reset procedure will help you restore the original settings of the device. If you still have additional hardware problems, kindly contact Customer Support accordingly. Depending on the damage status, they will assign a technician or replace the entire product. However, the router is quite sturdy and easily withstands extreme network bandwidth.

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