Imagine you’re playing a game on your Sony PlayStation. You’re at the very climax of the game. You’re going to win the game soon; you are very close, and suddenly, an error pops up, and you lose the game. Nightmare, isn’t it? But an even bigger nightmare is the error now not going away and you no longer being capable of playing anymore. One of these errors is DNS error 80710102. This error happens in almost all types of routers. This particular error is very annoying and clingy and does not leave whatsoever.

DNS error 80710102 is an internet access error. It occurs when the PlayStation cannot connect to the router. It occurs in almost all types of routers and without fixing the DNS error 80710102, your PlayStation won’t be able to connect to the internet. And apparently, you won’t be able to play games. We know how frustrating it can get when you can’t play with your PlayStation because of this annoying error. We can understand your pain, so here we are with solutions to solve your problem. Thus, we present to you a complete manual for fixing the DNS error 80710102, the most frequent error while playing PlayStation. So, we have indexed all the possible answers for resolving this issue.

4 Quick Ways to Fix DNS Error 80710102

So, without further ado, let’s get DNS error 80710102 out from your PlayStation.

Solution 1: Resetting the router

This is the maximum smooth and apparent restore for DNS error 80710102. Just flip off the router entirely and flip it on once more after approximately 10 seconds. This ought to fix the error.

resetting method

 Didn’t work? No worries. We have more solutions.

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 Solution 2: Disabling the media connection

Another answer is to disable the media connection for your PlayStation to fix DNS Error 80710102. To disable the media connection, observe these steps:

  •  Go to the PlayStation’ settings’.


  •  Select the ‘network settings’


  •  Click on ‘media server connection.’


  • Select the ‘disable‘ option


This will disable your media connection, and the DNS error 80710102 will be resolved.

 Still, getting DNS error 80710102? Here’s one more answer

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Solution 3: To enter the DNS manually

The next solution is entering the DNS manually. To do this follow the steps below:

  1. Go to PlayStation settings


  1. Select the last option in PlayStation settings, i.e. ‘network settings’.


  1. In network settings, choose ‘internet connection settings.’ Click on OK


  1. Then, select the setting method as ‘custom.’


  1. Select the connection method according to your network (wired/wireless)


  1. Next, select the WLAN setting option as ‘manual.’


  1. Now, you will have to choose the access point to be used


  1. Select the WLAN security setting as ‘none.’


  1. Then, select the IP address setting as ‘automatic.’


  1. A screen will appear asking you whether to set the DHCP hostname or not. Select ‘do not set.’


  1. Next, select the DNS setting as ‘manual.’After selecting manual, enter the following numbers:
    •  Primary:
    • Secondary:


  • Select MTU as ‘automatic.’


  •  Select setting to ‘do not use.’

do not use

  • Enable UPnP


  • Test connection


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Solution 4: To disable the universal plug-n-play on the router

Follow the steps given below to disable the plug-n-play and fix DNS Error 80710102

  • Open any browser’s window. Enter the IP address of your router in the search bar. The default IP address is


  •  Enter the username and password of the router. This will show the console application on the browser window

username and password

  • From the UPnP settings, select the ‘password’ tab. These settings are found the window where the router’s password settings are


  • Select the ‘disable’ option from the UPnP box and then save it.


You can close the console window. Now, try connecting to the internet on your PlayStation

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Concluding DNS Error 80710102

And we are done! This error ought to have been fixed by now. You should be able to connect to the internet. One of these solutions will help to solve this error. We hope this manuscript was useful for you, and you got rid of the annoying DNS error 80710102. Do leave your comments for our enhancement. Feel free to reach out to us to solve other errors like failing of DHCP lookup, login errors etc. Your comments are the only boost that we need to keep writing for you. Thank you, and enjoy playing your PlayStation, which is now error-free. Ciao!

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