D-link DIR655 Default Router Login Guide

The demand for fast internet services is continuously growing in the modern world. Every person on the planet requires internet connectivity for professional and personal usage. Routers are quite dependable to have a network simultaneously over multiple devices. D-link is a famous brand that deals in telecommunication routers and modems. Many of you were asking for a complete guide on the logging process of D-link DIR655 models. Thus, our experts compiled essential details that you need to know about D-link DIR655 default router login. You will also learn to reset the device and restore the default configurations.

d-link dir655 router
D-link DIR655 router

Features of D-link DIR655 Router

The D-link DIR655 router is a multipurpose internet device that provides a stable connection at your home or office. It enhances the overall user performance due to high internet compatibility and security. Moreover, the router can generate 100Mbps speed with wireless and wired connections. You can also connect your PC using the Ethernet port through an appropriate cable.

d-link dir655
D-link DIR655

Although, there is no effect on the performance when connecting it with multiple devices. The router even has an exclusive QoS Stream Engine to improve your online experience. Further, you can play online games without lag or sound delay. Hence, the D-link DIR655 router is an optimal choice for thousands of customers across the globe.

D-Link DIR 655 IP Address

The IP address is a specific set of numbers associated with every connecting node present on multiple networks. It is used by different devices to share information across the channel. Users can get this information from the manual and on the device itself. Some manufacturers even define it as the default gateway of the router. However, most D-link DIR655 routers use as the primary IP address. d-link dir655 ip addressD-link DIR655 IP address

To be safer, you must verify the details from official sources like the online website. Moreover, you need the correct IP address of your router to open the login page. 

How to Login D-link DIR655 Router?

The complete process to login D-link DIR655 router is,

  • The first step is to connect the router with your personal computer or laptop. Moreover, you need to install a web browser on the system. We prefer applications like Google Chrome, Brave, Opera, Microsoft Edge, etc.
  • Turn on the PC and open the internet browser.
  • The correct IP address needs to be put in the search bar on the top. It is better to use the format as
dlink dir655 login
Dlink DIR655 login
  • Press the Enter key, and the login page will appear on the screen. If the browser displays an error, recheck the IP address or switch to a different browser.
  • Next, take the admin credentials from the authorized user. Fill in the correct D-link DIR 655 admin password and username in the space provided. These details are case-sensitive, and the wrong code will give an error.
  • Hit the Login button. Once the system verifies the username and password, you will access the Settings panel. Make sure to configure the router to get the most optimal performance.

How to Reset D-link DIR655 Router?

As mentioned in the previous section, you require the admin password is almost everything. However, some users often forget the credentials, due to which they can’t access the login page. The best solutions is to factory reset the device and restore the default configurations. It includes the username, password, and other changes in the router. The only downside is that it will also erase user data and other complementary changes. Thus, you should only reset the device if you have no other alternative. The steps for the same are,

d-link dir655 reset button
D-link DIR655 Reset button
  • You need to press the factory reset button present on the router physically. The switch is located on the back panel inside a small hole.
  • It is better to take a hairpin or toothpick to put inside the slot. Make sure you don’t break the button.
  • Next, keep holding it for at least 25-30 seconds before the front lights start to flicker. It determines the completion of the reset procedure.
  • Finally, you can reboot the router and connect it to the computer. The steps remain the same as of D-link DIR655 default router login.

D-link DIR 655 Default Password

The above section states the complete procedure to reset the router using the factory reset button. Now, the router is ready, just like a new device coming out of the box. The important part here is that you have to use the default username and password for D-link DIR655 default router login. The manufacturer specifies these credentials and is fixed for every model. You can refer to the following list of usernames and passwords that might work after the reset,

Username- admin


Password- admin
Username- (blank)


Password- (blank)


Username- user


Password- (blank)

 If none of the solutions work, you should consult the official user manual or website for the details. The combination might differ from model to model.

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In the end, we conclude our D-link DIR655 Default Router Login Guide. Moreover, everything mentioned in the blog is enough to help you with the login process. If you find some hardware issues with the router, contact the Support Service. Otherwise, you can complete the process within a couple of minutes.

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