It is quite common to see routers at every place for accessing high-speed internet. Whether you are at your home or office, the need for an internet connection is always there. Also, there are several router manufacturers who are getting into the business. Moreover, this makes it important to have information about the IP addresses. As we move further, is a frequently used IP address by a lot of routers. It is more prominent for broadband connections at your home or office. Users can also make use of this IP address to open the router settings whenever required. It will increase the connection speed and improve other aspects as well.

It is safe to say that some of the renowned routers have as their default IP address. Apart from this, it is also the default gateway for some of the router devices as well. Therefore, it is quite necessary to understand the basic details about this IP. Hence, this guide will help you with all the information about the IP Address. Also, we will be covering the methods to login into your router. Besides, the default username and password are also present in the following sections. Make sure to give a thorough overview of the guide.

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Common Routers with IP Address


It is important to know the exact IP address present in your current router. No doubt that is quite common for broadband connections. Still, it is mandatory that your router serves on this default gateway only. Hence, here are some of the major routers with IP address.

The user manual contains all the information about the default IP address of the router. Moreover, it is also written on the device itself. Even the back panel of the router contains the sticker with the same information. In case you are still unable to find it, contact customer support. Also, the information is available on the internet for user convenience. If the gateway is not the same as, it means you are reading the wrong router guide.

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Steps to Login IP Address

This is the most important aspect for any router and its default IP address. Users only require the IP address when they require to change the administrator settings. Thus, you should be sure about your router’s IP address. Further, you can manipulate the mainframe settings associated with your router. Make sure to follow these steps for successfully logging into the router with IP Address,

  1. First, connect your PC with the router that you wish to log in to. We assume that you are aware of the default gateway for the same router.


2. First, you have to open any internet browser like Chrome or Opera. Click on the search bar and type the IP address in the form


3. Next, click enter, and you will get to the Login page that will ask for user credentials.

4. Fill in the correct username and the password in the respective dialog boxes on the login page.


Finally, press the Login button, and you will be directed to a new page. Here you can perform all the tasks related to the router’s internal settings.

In case you find some error while opening the login page, it means your IP address is not correct. Also, you can try using a different internet browser for this purpose.

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How to Reset my Router?

Many users often forget about their password for the router in the long run. Therefore, they are unable to login and enter the settings page. Moreover, this makes it difficult for them to change the functions of their router. This is where you should consider resetting the router and get access to it. This method is commonly known as Factory or Hard reset. Also, it will override any changes made earlier in the router. After completing it, you can use the default password for the IP address. The procedure for the same is quite simple,

  1. First, make sure that your router is plugged in and the light is turned on.
  2. Locate the factory reset button on the device itself. Most of the time, it is resent on the backside of your router.
  3. You will need a small pin or toothpick as the button is tiny. Put the pin inside the hole and keep pressing it for 20-30 seconds.
  4. The router light will start blinking, and this means you have successfully made the factory reset.
  5. You can now use the steps to login and attempt further changes in the router.

Default Username and Password login

After you are done with resetting the router, you will not be able to use the previous password and username. Therefore, you will require the default credentials in order to log in. Hence, you can find it in the router’s user manual and proceed further. However, if you don’t have any record for the same, here are some default usernames along with passwords.

· Username- admin

  Password- admin

· Username- (blank)

  Password- admin

· Username- (blank)

  Password- password

All these credentials are case sensitive and should not be changed.

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We hope that all the details are already present in this guide. You can further change the default password of the IP address whenever you want. Moreover, keep swapping passwords on a regular basis to avoid data misuse. If you still face any significant issues, contact Customer Support of your router.

See also: Admin Login, Username & Password

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