The demand for secure and fast internet proliferatesspecially when everything is getine. Offices and schools are moving to online platforms to get speedier communication. Therefore, the best way to get internet access is by setting up a router device that is quite dependable.

Router manufacturers claim to have sufficient internet speed in the device to meet the requirements. Also, routers can withstand connections from multiple devices. Thus, it is the first choice for many users who want to provide internet to a large room or building.

Moreover, you might wonder how these routers provide significant internet speeds to the users. They work on a private network known as an IP address. Millions of unique IPs are responsible for activating various kinds of routers.

Also, is among the routers’ designated private IP addresses. Thus, this login will help you to know everything about the IP address and its other features. Also, we will discuss various methods to log into the router using the default gateway. If you are facing difficulties, you can always reset the router at your convenience. Make sure to follow the given steps carefully and get the job done.

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How to Login IP Address?

It is a common question for users to know about how to log into their routers. This will help them to create changes as an administrator and gain control of the device. Also, you can tend to change the password and other details accordingly. Undoubtedly, the IP address has all the basic requirements. However, sometimes you might need to change settings and get a better connection.

Moreover, it is advisable to change the WiFi password regularly. This will enhance the overall security provision in the environment. The steps for the same are

Step 1

The first thing to do is connect a computer to the router using as its default IP address.

Step 2

Further, the PC should have a working internet browser that will be used to access the router. Click on the browser, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.

Step 3

Tap on the search bar and type in the dialog box. Hit Enter on the keyboard and wait for a couple of seconds.

Step 4

The login page of the router will open on the screen. In case it shows any error, double-check the IP address. Also, try some other internet browser by downloading it from the internet.

Step 5

Next, fill in the credentials, such as the Username and password, in the space provided. login

Step 6

Finally, hit the Login button to get to the settings panel. This will give access to all the components of the router.

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Routers with Default Gateway

It is essential to consider that your router has as the default IP address. There are several variants of private networks, and routers manufacturers tend to use some of them. Hence, if the router uses a different IP address, this guide is inappropriate. Thus, you can check for the same as the IP is written on the router’s box. Also, the user manual has all the details regarding the same. Everything is fine if you find written on the router’s backside.

We have also combined a list of the most popular routers available in the market right now. These devices use as the default gateway and provide better internet connections,

· Sweex

· Belkin

· Asus

· Linksys

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How to Reset Router Credentials

The next thing to consider is resetting the router device to the factory settings. Moreover, if you forget the correct password for the router, you can’t log in to the settings panel. Therefore, the best way is to reset the device hard to give you access. This method is also sometimes called the Factory Reset. The main motive is to remove any existing data from the router and other details of the IP address. Once the process is complete, users can take the help of the default credentials. The steps for the same are,

Step 1

To manually reset the router, look for the factory reset button. Most of the time, you can find it on the device’s back panel.

Step 2

You must ensure the router is turned on and the blue light is visible.

Step 3

Next, put a small pin or toothpick in the buttonhole and keep pressing it. The process can take around 20-30 seconds. router reset

Step 4

Wait for the light to flicker, which signifies the successful completion of the reset process. You can log in using the same steps and use default credentials.

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Default Credentials for IP Address

Once the reset is done, the user will require the default username and password to access the router. Thus, refer to the user manual as these details are present there. Also, you can visit the manufactures’r online portal and look for the same. However, here are some of the standard default credentials for the router with IP address,


· Username- admin
Password- admin

· Username- user
Password- Password

· Username- admin
Password- Michelangelo


Why should I set up a router connection?

It is high time to use a router set-up because it enables high-speed data exchange and is reliable.

What devices use as the default gateway?

Asus and Linksys are the famous devices that use as their default gateway IP address.

How do I reset my router?

First, look for the reset button on the backside of the panel, press on the same, and ensure that the router is currently on and shows a blue light. Now you can log in with default credentials.

Is a private network?

Yes. It is a private network that can only be used for personal purposes inside the network.


 We hope that this Admin guide will help you resolve the problem. In case the issue persists, consult an expert. It is better to seek assistance rather than make the situation worse.

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