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block internet access

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that we’re way too much dependent on the internet. Without access to the internet, our devices seem empty, sitting idly in one corner. So to get that access, people go on to take desperate measures like sneaking into someone else’s network. And when that happens to you, I suggest you block internet access as soon as possible.

I mean apart from it being highly unethical and unappreciated. It is no surprise that it will make your connection extremely sluggish. Not to mention if there are cyber freaks involved they may pose all kinds of harm to your PC. They could manage to get into your router’s interface, tinker with the details, and even lock you out.

So don’t wait around before you block internet access or be ignorant when you come across an unusual guest.

It is no use to figure out how it happened, and it isn’t even required to block internet access to prevent it from continuing. Maybe it was a clever colleague or a creepy neighbor. Either way, it is absolutely imperative to secure your home network from unwelcome incomings. But you can’t do that unless you know their origin.

Unmasking The Intruder

So at one time, there are more than just a few devices under our connection. So it is non-viable if you block internet access and disconnect with all of them. Not to mention unprofessional.

unmasking the intruder
unmasking the intruder

So I am going to list foolproof ways that will aid you to ensure there is the presence of an intruder.

  • A slightly complicated but a handy one at that to get around sniffing out the intruder is through your router’s interface.
  • Start a fresh instance of your web browser. See that bar at the top? Yes? In that, Type your Router hardware’s IP, press enter, and let it process the information. It will take you to a page with a sort of form embedded in it. It will have only two textboxes. For the pair of credentials. 
  • Ok, so now comes the tricky part. There can be a possibility that have no inkling what the credentials are. Maybe you change them too often to keep track or too little to even care or remember. Whatever the case might be, good ol’ reset is your way to go. Afterward, you could use the default ones in place for your ease.
  • And if you don’t know what they are either, you might be lucky to find them over the internet.

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Protecting Your Privacy

The alternatives could be the manual that comes along or you could even look at the back of the device.

protecting your privacy
protecting your privacy

Take these simple steps to secure your privacy and protect your valuable information.

  • Once you retrieve them, get in. Now you have to search for options that may indicate hosting devices like Network options, my devices, status, etc.
  • Once you successfully figure it out, you’ll be able to see all the devices, no matter if its a computer, android phone, or a tablet. Along with the type of connection they run on and their IPs.
  • Also to make the recognition comparatively easy-peasy, it also displays the devices along with their names. For e.g, if you keep your phone’s name as Abc25, it’ll show that. So you can easily see which device is unknown and block internet access, protecting your own privacy.

4 Easy Methods To Block Internet Access

As complicated as it all sounds, it is just the opposite. Some really straightforward way, a few click here and there and tada! The methods? Well, I am explaining them below:

External Apps to Block Internet Access

External apps, along with aiding you to block internet access, can also come in handy for detection purposes. I know, the technique I mentioned above could be a little put of reach for some.

Fing external app
Fing external app

Especially if you don’t want to mess anything up or get too close to the router settings. The app that goes by the name “Fing” is by far the most popular and does far more than just means to block internet access.

With the app, you don’t have to get separate ones for diagnosing various hitches with your Wifi. Or how to cure them, or even to keep an eye on your data speed. It is one spot solution from all of them and more.

The app will show you a list of all devices with MAC addresses by their side leaching out your internet speed and posing a potential threat. When and If you find an unrecognizable connection, click it. And you’ll see a pause button in the middle, to stop the internet for that particular one.

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Configuring Access Restrictions

Though a little heard of, the method to block internet access is no less useful. It actually is considered to be pretty advanced a shield. Accessible and worked, again, from the router’s settings portal. Listen very attentively or chances are you might not follow.

configuring access restrictions
configuring access restrictions

Once you get into the account using the apt credentials, you would look for called “Access control”. It most likely is under security related options. In the crusade to block internet access, we enable the option to control access with the help of the checkbox present.

Then we’ll be meaning to make a couple of rules. You could either block internet access for all the new incoming connections until the user adds that device manually to the list of devices that are permitted to access.

Now, suppose its a new device you’re using, so you’ll need to enter the address and permit it if you do not want to block internet access.

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Conventional Method to Block Internet Access

Blocking unwanted contacts is no strange thing to us, right? You can also block devices about which you are uncertain. The method work slightly differently than on our phones, however.


Everything, you can control from your router’s interface. Therein, you might want to look for the block or blacklist, or something on these lines only. The option hosting allows the management of these devices.

Filtering/ Singling Out Using Media Access Control

The most favored and preferred method to block internet access for unwelcome connecting devices. All you need to do besides getting is to toggle on the option by scouring it from the Settings labeled WLAN. It won’t work otherwise.

media access control
media access control

Every device small or big has a MAC corresponding to it, which you have to manually type-in to grant it privileges.

Sometimes, depending upon the specifications, you will see tick boxes in front of each previously connected device. You just have to tick/untick them to accomplish the task.

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As final thoughts, I’d like to mention that we usually consider tricks like to block internet access to be dainty and tiresome. But I have counted some of the breeziest ways out of that trouble and  setup an unifi guest network for the nearby intruders without compromising your security.So what is your excuse now? 

Go ahead then, try them out and don’t ignore any signs of intrusion.

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