BobsCNC Evolution 4 CNC router is the predecessor of the BobsCNC Evolution 4 router. It is a powerful desktop CNC router with good accuracy and finish that can operate on 2′ by 2′ sheets. The Evolution 3 and Evolution 4 are the two Evolution series machines that BobsCNC currently offers for sale. The smaller Evolution 3 machine has a cutting area of 16″ by 18″ and has comparable technological parameters.  bobscnc2

It was released in April 2020, and the US-based company, operated by four longtime friends, is known for its relatively unique design (one is named Bob, hence BobsCNC). The business’s guiding principle is to create excellent products and great relationships with its staff and consumers, hobbyists, woodworkers, and craft lovers. Don’t forget to check out our ways to maximize home network security.

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Salient Features Of BobsCNC Evolution 4 CNC Router

BobsCNC has earned a reputation for providing top-notch customer support. Suppose you’re already reasonably acquainted with it. In that case, this might not be important to you, but if you’re just starting with CNC routers, having a reliable way to contact the manufacturer if you have any problems is something to think about. Check out all the types of routers and their functioning.

The 610 x 610 x 85 mm Evolution 4 provides you to work with are rather generous. The variety of what you can perform with the equipment increases. You will find a comprehensive assembly manual for this router included with the CNC kit.

To create the BobsCNC Evolution 4 CNC router, BobsCNC extensively modified the existing E4. To accelerate Z-travel and speed up project completion, the company swapped the threaded rod on the Z-axis with an Acme rod (fixed with a bearing and locking collar to lessen Z-axis wobble). A Delrin Acme nut on the Z-drive also eliminates the requirement for lubrication.

Additional improvements include a torsion box gantry to reduce linear and torsional deflection for a quicker cutting speed, adjustable eccentric spacers to keep the bearings snug against the rails, and an integrated belt-tensioner to simplify belt-tightening.

Material Capability

Wood, plastics, foam, and acrylic materials that BobsCNC Evolution 4 CNC router primarily uses for milling (non-metals). As an illustration, when carving acrylic at 0.05 inches deep, a feed rate of 5 inches per minute can be attained. Cut a 1″ × 1″ square from the 1/8″ material to do so. An acrylic sheet will require around 30 minutes to reach depth.


A similar cut in wood would require roughly 5 minutes. Compared to cutting metals, soft materials create more dust. Therefore, a dust collection device is necessary while working with delicate fabrics. With the aid of 3D design and control software. Carve stunning and detailed 3D designs into wood can be done by Bob 4.

Build & Stability

The Evolution 4’s structure is one of its most distinctive features. The bulk of similar CNC cutters is made of metal or metal and plastic in the case of less costly variants. However, the Evo 4 is built of wood. It’s built particularly of laser-cut baltic birch plywood. Baltic birch plywood is famous for its strength and durability, and the Evolution 4 is reliable equipment that provides precise cutting. The burden is that it flexes more than other routers’ metal frames, often composed of aluminum.


On the positive side, you always get a substantial operating surface for a fraction of the cost than if you bought a metallic cutter of the equivalent dimensions, and it’s stable enough for typical recreational tasks. Additionally, you can keep the flexing extremely low as long as the feeds and speeds are maintained within the proper range, so frequently, if at all, it should have little to no effect. Given fair usage, the Evo 4 CNC cutting tool still gives very high precision despite having repeatability of just 0.002″ to 0.004″. 

Linear Motion

A belt drive can move X and Y axes, which is quick but less responsive during abrupt acceleration. Therefore, you must constantly be careful to increase the speed gradually.



The non-driven end of a wide gantry may lag behind the driven end, a condition known as racking. Like the majority of high-quality CNC routers, Evolution 4 uses a twin drive for the X-axis to prevent racking.


CNC router frame kit includes a Makita RT0701C router with a 1.25 hp motor. Makita router can accomplish all of the tasks that an Evolution 4 can perform. It can be operated at a high-speed range. And it is of Lightweight metal and weighs about 4 lbs.


CNC router can accommodate tools with a 14″ diameter shank. Due to its dual insulation, a spindle is a fantastic option for woodworking because it offers adequate dust protection. If you want to use your spindle, be sure it is compatible with the machine’s overall rigidity before choosing it.

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Before placing an order for a BobsCNC Evolution 4 CNC router, remember that construction takes considerably longer than with certain other hobbyist routers. Although your experience level will affect how long it takes to assemble, it takes about a day on average. Due to their extra caution and sealing all the wood, some users claim it took them a day and a half.


For comparison, assembling smaller CNC machines like the 3018 or 3040 usually takes a few hours. Although the BobsCNC instructions are in detail and helpful. There are numerous YouTube tutorials to aid in construction. Building a DIY CNC router does require some patience.


How can I monetize my CNC router?

The majority of CNC machining businesses begin with the fabrication of furniture, advertising signs, apparel, or musical equipment. You can research extensively if you want to generate money with a CNC router in these industries.

Is it profitable to run a CNC business?

Yes. A CNC business has proven to be profitable to many companies. The majority of successful CNC machining enterprises have a net profit margin of 10 to 15%.

How much depth can a CNC router cut?

If you need to carve or cut dense substances, the proper method is to split the whole depth of cut into many stage systems. The maximum cutting level of the CNC router is unrestricted.

Is CNC difficult to learn?

The CNC machining technique might be challenging to grasp, but it is not impossible. You might anticipate it will require about three years to perfect, but you can develop fundamental sections quickly.


The BobsCNC Evolution 4 CNC router is undoubtedly one of the best CNC routers available; after all, it is among the most well-liked models. This is partly because of the excellent variable speed router, the big working size of the router, and the level of stability you receive for less money than metal routers. I like the many upgrade options, especially the ability to extend the X-axis and add a laser module, but keep in mind that these upgrades are not inexpensive. But that does not mean that the router is perfect. Compared to routers with metal frames, the wooden frame’s cost reduction comes at the expense of more bending. Read this article if you want to know how to connect your devices with ethernet.

We hope this BobsCNC review has helped you understand the evolution 4 router completely.

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