Among the numerous applications and gadgets that we so fondly use these days, WIFI is undoubtedly a favorite for a lot of people, and rightly so. It allows us to use the internet unrestrictedly and unlimitedly using network security key.

But with all the right things and benefits, there is a flip side to anything. There are so many problems that negate the benefits to some extent. One such issue that comes with it is of remembering and finding out the keys and credentials.

We shall discuss ways available to counter it in the article that follows.

That key is known in terms of technical jargon as NETWORK SECURITY KEY. More commoners know the same one as a password. It helps to secure us from people who may want to intercept our data or harm us in any way.

It is made up of a combination of alphabets and numerals. But once we reset it, we can keep our credentials according to our wills.

This key is needed whenever we want to connect a device to ours — thus securing both connecting ends.

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Despite all these advantages, not everyone cares to know where we can locate network security key associated with the personal devices. It is not as complicated as one might think. 

I shall tell you in this article how you may find the same.

As we know, there are three primary OSs, and all three of them have different interfaces. Hence different ways to do everything.

Methods To Discover Network Security Key On Various Platforms

Here are the most popular platforms from where you can learn to find the key! Do read about all of them!


All versions of windows instruct you to follow marginally different steps, the crux remaining the same. Herein, I am listing the steps you need to track using windows 10.

  1. See the small window button at the bottom far left of your screen. Right-click on that, it opens a pop-up menu from which you must select the network connections.
  2. Another screen brings up more options from which you have to spot and click Network and Sharing Center.
  3. There on the right side, it will be showing you your wifi name. Having clicked it, select an open with a label “wireless properties.”
  4. From under the security category, select show characters to be able to see the network security key. Usually, it is masked using some symbols as a form of encryption.
Discover Network Security Key In Windows
Discover Network Security Key In Windows

Windows 7

The old version of windows varies slightly in the aspect of the steps. Open the control panel and open the section that manages wireless settings. Once you are there, rest is the same process.

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All of the folks using the Apple gadgets along with their MAC devices can follow the steps I am enlisting in this case, below:

  1. There are two things you can do:

Either you can use the searching option and then select the “keychain access” option. Alternatively, you can use the “utilities” option to get to the one I mentioned above. Whichever you use, it is wholly up to you.

find my network security key in mac
find my network security key in mac
  1. Proceeding to the next step, you have to identify your network over there. Once you have done that, click on show characters just as you do in the windows variant and click ok.
  2. Through security, MAC asks you to enter the credentials that you use for logging in to your PC and allow it permissions.

Following these steps with utmost care will allow you to unveil the network security key that you have been looking for.


The young people of this generation are usually short on data. So what do we do? We pair our mobiles/PCs, etc. with someone else’s to use their internet. This is possible by using hotspots.

For doing that, we require the passwords of their WIFIs even if we want to connect ours, or we want someone to pair with ours.

What we need to do is, go to the settings and therein, click the options comprising of the hotspot settings, clicking it can show you the infamous password.

network security key in android
network security key in android

Please write it down so that you can utilize it to communicate with whichever network you want to or even for future references.

You know what happens when you have previously interfaced using a device, that device saves the credentials. So you can dig it up later to view it if you want to.

Considering the worst, what happens when this does not work? To retrieve the network security key in those cases, you have to use your router.

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Using Router

For all the times, you altered the key; you can discover it residing within your settings. But if you have never modified anything than you can locate the network security key, if you turn the router over and observe its back.

Using Router
Using Router

Thereon, you can spot the same along with all the other information like the name of the wifi, IP addresses along with the collection of alphanumeric numbers. Which is the bit of information you are looking for?

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Conclusion For Network Security Key

This has brought us to the end of this article. You can use one of these depending on the configuration of your gadget. Hence, look for your network security key to use it in whatever way you want to.

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