The demand for new technology is at the peak, and everyone wants to get their hands on the latest invention. Moreover, we have seen the usage of the internet increase in recent times. There is no doubt that almost every sector has the requirement for a stable internet network. Also, schools and offices have shifted to work from home in this situation of the global pandemic. Therefore, you might be looking for devices that will get you access to the internet. Thus, you want to get a sustainable router installed at your location for better performance. Thus, this guide on Billion Router Login will give you an overview of the same.

billion router
Billion router

Many users search for the correct method to proceed with the Billion router login on their PC. Thus, it would help if you went through this guide as we have covered every piece of information. Further, it consists of a step-wise explanation that will provide better clarity to the users. In case you don’t remember the correct credentials for login, you can also reset the router.

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What is Billion Router?

You might be wondering that what is special about Billion routers and their features. Well, the brand is widely known for its reach in the telecommunication industry.


They are one of the leading manufacturers of routers, modems, and other similar devices. Also, they provide their services in several countries across the globe. Also, if you already have a billion router, read ahead for more details regarding the Billion router login.

Billion Router Default IP Address

Similar to any online device, the Billion router also requires a special IP address to function properly. An IP address is a combination of codes that form a unique name designates to a specific device. Moreover, several router manufacturers like Billion have come forward and provided the best devices in the market. Further, users look for ways that will help them to log into their routers accordingly. This logging-in process helps in making contact with it through networks and share information accordingly. Further, the IP address is required during the Billion router login process as you have to get access to the login page.

Hence, make sure you are aware of the correct gateway of the router that you are using. According to our sources, is the correct IP address of most Billion routers. Hence, you can proceed with it and save time looking for it in the user manual.

How to do Billion Router Login?

Coming to the next section of the guide, we will tell you how to conduct the Billion router login. For this, you will need the details about the correct IP address of the device. Also, make sure to have a working PC or laptop with a connection to the router. The users can also use a tablet, but it won’t be easy to manage on it. Hence, it is preferred that you have a desktop computer. The steps for the same are,

billion ip, username and password
Billion IP, username and password

Step 1

First, you need to download and install an internet browser on the system. After that, you can use any software like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. Also, make sure to update the app if you already have it on the PC.

Step 2

Click and open the browser and tap on the search bar. You can either type or paste This text is your billion modem ip address. 

Step 3

Next, there should be no typing errors in the Billion router IP; otherwise, the login page will not open. Finally, hit the Enter button and wait for a couple of seconds.

Step 4

Once the login page appears on the screen, the user needs to fill

in the account details. For this, you will require the correct username along with the password.

Step 5

Finally, press the Login button and wait for the response. If everything goes well, you will get permission to access the settings panel. Thus, you can edit various preferences of the router at the administrator level.

How to Reset Billion Router?

It is commonly observed that many users cannot log in to their router using the above method. Also, the error can arise due to the wrong login password and other details. Therefore, you can easily reset the router to overcome this issue. It will remove all the existing data from the device along with the credentials. Hence, you can log in to the router with the help of the default username and password accordingly. The steps for the same are,

billion router reset
Billion router reset

Step 1

The user has to know the router’s factory reset button; it is mostly present at the device’s backside.

Step 2

Once you find it, take a small pin or toothpick to push the button. Poke it inside the hole and push the button. Keep pressing it for at least 20 seconds until you hear a beep.

Step 3

Finally, you can connect the router with a PC and proceed with the Billion router login steps. However, this time you can use the default username and password to log in.

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Billion Router Login Default Password and Username

Moreover, it is recommended to read the user manual for more details on the default information. Therefore, some of the common details about logging the router after resting is,

  • Username- admin

Password- admin

  • Username- support

Password- support


Hence, we hope that this Billion router login guide will serve your purpose regarding any potential issue. Also, the customers are quite satisfied with the performance of their routers. Hence, they are quite popular among the users who want a fast internet connection. Therefore, you might want to give it a try and find it for yourself.

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