is an IP address which is a private address used to access the admin panel of some routers. It is similar to It is also sometimes called the IPv4 network. This address can be in use by routers, modems, and other IoT devices such as webcams and DVRs.

Some router manufacturers who use this IP are Belkin, Edimax, Siemens, SMC, Dell, and Gemtek. The network router can automatically assign this IP address to any device on the local network, or the user can do it. The majority of the home network broadband routers use the protocol address.

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How to Log Into From a Device

The process of logging in into it is the same as logging in into any other IP address.

Connecting to database.

  1. Start by connecting the router to the Internet Service Provider network. The connection can be wired or wireless.


2. Next, pop up your browser and enter the IP address.


3. The login page will pop up where you can enter your username and password. You need to either enter the default username and password or the ones you have set after gaining access to the admin’s interface.


4, After your triumphant login, you will notice the router settings and the interface page from where you can also change the router’s default settings.


You can get access to the administrator’s console only through the URL which is

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Why Access To Router Setting Interface

With advances in technology every day, it is essential for you to get access to the router’s setting interface. You may feel the need to improve your Wi-Fi network’s security and combat any attempt at malicious or unchecked advances on your network.

connected to router

In such cases, gaining access to the network’s administrative interface is very useful. With new unethical hacking and malware technologies on the rise, it is extremely important to protect your network. Vulnerabilities can arise if the factory settings are kept unchanged. So to change them and secure your network, you need to gain access to the administrative console.

Also, you will want to change the username and password for your own convenience rather than having to remember the Pre-Secured Key of the network, which can be long and complicated. For that too, accessing the router’s interface page can be useful.

You might also want to replace the default name of the network. The is the default gateway through which you can interact with the global world wide web; however, you cannot access it outside your home’s network.

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How To Find Out Your Router’s IP Address  in Windows

You will need access to the router’s private IP address to access the settings interface. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Press on the Windows key and the ‘r’ key together to open the run prompt and type in ‘cmd’ to open the Windows command prompt.

  1. Alternatively, you can type in ‘cmd’ in the ‘search programs’ textbox in the start menu.


  1. Type in the following instructions in the command prompt: ipconfig | findstr /i “Gateway” and hit enter. Your default IP address will be displayed.ipconfig command
  2. Your default IP address of the router gateway will show. You will find the required IP address next to the gateway title.default gateway 1
  3. After getting to know your IP address, you can use it to log into the settings interface when you wish to do so.


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How To Find Out Your Router’s IP Address in MacOS

The first method is similar to using the command prompt. You can make it happen either by flicking through apps in the spotlight search. Alternatively, you can do it via utilities. You can easily find utilities through applications.

connect ethernet cord

Once you get to the terminal, the command relies upon the kind of connection you brought. If you connect using wifi or a wireless connection, the command is “ ipconfig getifaddr en0”. If, though, that is not the case, and you wish ethernet cord, then all you have to do is replace the 0 with ‘1’. The rest remains the same. So, you do not have to make many changes and modifications while setting up your network through an Ethernet cable.

If you are not a techie and looking for a handy option that can let you do this without any hassle, then Kudos, your quest has come to an end. The next procedure is helpful for those who aren’t satisfied with interacting with the terminal. It needs you to enter the network preference choice. You can make it occur using the menu labeled ‘view’ or using the regular ‘system preference.’
Also, you get the options of both wifi and wired connections. One can select either of these options to obtain the IP Address.

find ip address in macos

You can use any of these processes when isn’t functioning for you. Or every time you want to figure out your IP.

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Troubleshooting IP Related Issues

You may face various issues when you enter the IP address in your address bar. This will arise if the IP address does not belong to your router. So be sure to enroll the correct address into your address bar.

You may even face issues while logging in due to the conflict in the IP address. This happens if multiple devices connect to the same device. There may also be some connection-related issues to the IP address. To address these minor issues, ensure a proper connection; restarting your router can help in that.

reset 1

The command prompt can also determine your default gateway issues. There may, of course, be external issues like poor network or failure of the network of the internet service provider.

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What is admin ID?

A unique ID given to an admin user by the Exchange is an admin ID. It allows the Exchange to recognize the actual individual using the Platform's administrative features.

Where is the router's password?

Choose your Wi-Fi network from the options under Connections. Select Wireless Properties from Wi-Fi Status. Select the Security tab in Wireless Network Properties, then tick the Show characters box. Hence, the Network security key box shows the login credentials for the wireless network.

When is the admin mode beneficial?

Administration mode can be helpful when you want to make operational changes without impacting normal users or end users. Sandbox, production, and trial environments can all be put into administrative mode.

Can you search your IP?

The tool for IP lookups can confirm an IP and assist in looking for suspicious activities. You may find an IP address's precise location with the lookup tool. Hence, you can determine the information and country of an IP address if you know it.

What is the admin menu?

You can navigate to the page's grouped main links from the Admin menu without leaving your current page. Hence, it has several essential components for you. Utilizing the search field on the menu, you can locate it quickly. The search results, and then click the link there.

Where is the IP address in Wi-Fi?

Open the application if you have Wifi Analyzer on your Android phone. Hence, the tab for the channel graph will appear right away. Swiping to the Access Points menu will reveal the router's IP address.


Private and home networks use the IP address. It is the second IP address in the private range starting at These points relate to that particular IP address, and this article aims to show why this IP address can be important in various situations.

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