Routers are devices that use routing protocols to find out the shortest path between two gateways. It has four components Input ports, Switching fabric, Routing Processor, and Output ports. Routers are used to provide access to both Internet as well as other networks. It provides an easy way of communication between systems. It provides security and services which expands IP capabilities to support applications over a network. In this article, we continue dealing with the IP address and further details to get access.


NOTE: – Always type the correct IP address in your browser, i.e., “” Most of the time, we end up typing the wrong IPs, such as 192.168.128, 192.168.o.1.128, 192.168 o 1.128, www., 192. 168. 1. 128, 192.168.1. 128,,, 192.168..1.128, 192.168.l.l28,,

Every device on the Internet has a distinct identifier known as its IP address. IP addresses have two versions, IPv4 and IPv6.

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About IP Address

Many IPs are present, but one amongst the list is ip, a private IP address similar to that signifies it can be designated to any local area device or assigned to any local network. It can be attached to a laptop, smart TV, tablet, Android device, or many more in the list of electronic devices on the Internet.

Network IP

This IP address is the default address for local internet connection with the help of wireless routers, i.e…. It is the first inbuilt IP address that the device uses when the manufacturer delivers it. It is programmed so discretely that the instruments which fall under this system of networks specifically only have the authority to be connected with the network system.

This is the address that the routers, modems, or any other device present on the Internet can then use. There is a list of routers that use this IP address, and the companies associated are Altai, SMC, Netgear, etc. The IP ranges from to since 256 is the maximum it can accommodate in an IPv4 address format.

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How to log in IP Address is quite a famous IP Address as it is a fragment of the class C network. Here are a few simple steps to access the login page for the router.

Connecting to database.

  1. First, press the ‘Access Router Page.’ Kindly wait until the page loads entirely, but if you are getting an error or the web page isn’t loading, it’s not your IP address.

access router

2. If it is the correct router address, it will direct you to the admin panel, where you can write down the default username and password, which are almost the same in most cases.

access router

3. Finally, the device’s admin page is open, and now you can start configuring your devices.

admin page

4. You can also change the type of your internet connection iniciarbloi, change your network name and even add new devices in the admin panel.


5. One can experiment with the device’s bandwidth and transmission rate. You can also track down various devices connected to your router from the admin panel.


6. At last, we advise you to change your router’s default username and password to eliminate security threats to which you might be vulnerable.


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Change the Username and Password of Your Router

In general, all router manufacturing giants provide default usernames and passwords. So every router comes with a set of usernames and passwords that one can use in the future if one wishes to do so. You can find the login information in the user manual or at the back of your router. Now login to your account through your web browser and follow the steps.

  1. Enter the IP address in the browser address
  2. Then enter the default username and password in the login area. Now you can quickly change the default username and password from this page.192 168 1 128 login
  3. After setting all the required fields, click the Apply button.

Now you are ready to use your login panel using your new username and password.

There might be issues when you can’t access the login page Though it is a natural process, sometimes the user finds difficulty logging into the panel. Some of the common issues that users face are

  • Connection issues
  • Signal drop-offs
  • Firmware glitch

Some elementary steps can get rid of these issues. You can find some below

connect the Router to your device

  • Ensure that you have a proper Ethernet cable connection.
  • Reset the router.
  • Troubleshoot helps as well.

Changing the password of your router is an easy job. Also, it is a critical task since it is for security purposes.

Proceed to the settings. From settings, you can quickly change your router’s username and password easily without facing any difficulty.

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How to troubleshoot router errors?

Follow these steps to troubleshoot router errors thoroughly and set up a private network!

  • Run a speed test. Check if the slow internet speed is causing the problem. For that, ensure you fix all the loose connections and adequately connect all the cables to your router.
  • You need to assess that the LAN LED is switched on. Please turn it on in case it’s switched off else, and you won’t be able to set up the private network.fix loose connections
  • Take out the plug from the modem and switch off your devices. Turn off your PC and mobile for 2 minutes, and now plugin the modem. Turn on the router and your device and check if it works.
  • You can review the user manual to learn more about directions and techniques related to router troubleshooting. This may be of great help. User Manuals or user guides usually accompany the router, so look for them and thoroughly review the pointers.
  • You need to attach compatible equipment with the router. Thus, we advise you to ensure your router is friendly with your network.user's manual

Other Ways to Troubleshoot Router Errors

  • Like any other electronic device, routers can fall prey to overheating. Thus, you must ensure you are not maintaining a suitable temperature as it may harm the router causing severe damage.
  • Large metal items can hinder the process of connection. Thus, you must ensure that you are not placing the router around any heavy metal object and repositioning it.
  • Reboot the router if the steps mentioned above don’t work. All you have to do is press the “restart” button at the bottom of the router for 30 seconds. This is also known as the “factory reset” method.

resetting method

  • According to techies and researchers, it is claimed that vertical antennas deliver the wisest room of coverage. So, to enhance your Wifi signal, try repositioning the antenna.

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Where can be connected?

The IP address can be connected to almost all devices, including Android, macOS, phones, and laptops.

Can I change the username and password of my router?

Yes, you must log in with your default credentials to the official website. Then you will find an option to change the password and username. Click the apply button after checking the box to accept the terms and conditions.

What might be the reason why is not working?

It might be a result of connections or network signal problems. Sometimes it may be due to the firmware as well.

What is a troubleshooting method for fixing the IP address network?

One simple troubleshooting method is to perform a speed test. This involves checking your router's connections and your Internet capability. Additionally, restarting your computer can also be attempted.


The IP address is a private class C IP address, so users cannot easily connect to this network system from outside the house, which is the case with public IP addresses. You can also use these IP addresses within a set of locally connected network systems, but you must ensure that you have entered the correct IP address.

Also, have an assurance to have a good network connection in your home or office for the smooth functioning of the network system. If you wish to configure the devices with a router, it is essential to log into the admin panel because only the login page allows the configuration of devices. You must reach the admin panel to change the device settings.

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