How often do you wish to access free wifi when visiting a restaurant or cafe? I’m pretty sure we all have been guilty of that. But have you ever thought of it specially? Doesn’t that make their network and resources less secure? Precisely, in this article, we will learn about unifi guest network.

Of course, it does. That is why they offer different networks set up for the guests, separate from their staff and family.

Why go so far? There is one perfect example. When you have guests over and you, being a polite host, have to share your wifi passkey(though you don’t want to). Doing that compromises your security, but you can’t just say no, right?

So you can set up a guest network. As far as Unifi goes, it is an Internet Service Provider. You can establish an Unifi guest network if you get its service.

So, today, we will learn the stepwise process of arranging for an Unifi guest network. Shall we get started?

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How Do I Setup A Unifi Guest Network

OK, so I have decided to discuss the procedure in phases. There are three phases.


Phase 1: New User Group Creation 

Before you get on with the Unifi Guest network, the first requirement will be to get a new user group to your credit. It can be convenient if you want to take restrictive measures of how much and who can use the connections, etc. The following steps would serve your purpose.

  • Open up your settings. You should be able to spot the option, create a user group from scratch.
  • Name it, apply the restrictions. Click save to proceed.

unifi guest network

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Phase 2: Unifi Guest Network

After procuring a brand new group, we now have to get a separate network for the non-home users. It can be achieved by:

  • Choose the option that says the wireless network under settings. Configure one for you and name it.
  • In the second step of setting up the unifi guest network, reach here, and apply any guest settings you want. Don’t forget to keep the security open.
  • Choose the group we created from the Option labeled Advanced setting to proceed.


After this step is complete and done, we’ll have two things from the required three. So let us go ahead and get the last one.

Phase 3: Guest Portal Setup

The last step for setting up an unifi guest network is to get an unifi guest portal, wherein where can secure things up. We can do this by adding authentication and authorization measures. Let us see how?

  • Guest Policy Part: We can arrange for the policies in this particular category. All you must do is turn on the Guest Portal. You can find it if you look under the Control page category.
  •  Other settings you can customize are to decide where to send the user by default. You can also state the period after which you want the portal to cease to work.
  • Customization: Customizing and molding things according to your needs always feels right, right? So, you can do some customization when setting up a portal in an unifi guest network. You can make it have different languages and pictures, inform users how much of free internet they get, etc.


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Unifi provides the option to compress the pictures & cut the audios


  • WHO GETS TO ACCESS IT: At this point, our unifi guest network is up and working. The whole point of everything here is controlling the access. There are two schemes for restriction. They are namely post and pre-restrictions with default settings.
  • HOW TO MANAGE: Once done with the above settings, you might need guidance for further process. I’ve got you covered.

You can view the activity once all the guests are connected and use it. How? There is an option for the dashboard; this is where you can see all that goes on. It shows you how many clients are connected and who they are. Apart from that, if you click on the names of one of these users, it shows more information.

This information includes facts and stats about who has utilized how many bits of data. Also, we can know the duration of the device’s connectivity.

But you know what is the best and the safest part?

The one that allows you (the admin) to take access back if someone misbehaves or leaves. You can also give permission to use someone new.


Is guest Wi-Fi slower?

Yes, a guest network will marginally slow down your internet connection. It is due to the guest network's secure separation from your primary network and security design. As a result, the guest network cannot benefit from the same speeds as your immediate network.

Is a guest network a VLAN?

The guest network is a VLAN, so there isn't much difference. However, device isolation on the guest network differs from subnet isolation in that devices on the guest network can communicate with each other but not with devices on different subnets.

What is the guest WiFi bandwidth limit?

For average guest use, minimum bandwidth needs of 25 to 50 Mbps are typically advised. You can permanently restrict your guests' networks if you don't want them to have so much internet power. By applying this, you can be sure you won't experience internet issues.

How can I make an UniFi SSID?

Navigate to Settings > Wireless Networks from the UniFi Network panel. Press the Create New Wireless Network button. Enter the SSID's name in the Name/ field. Check the box next to Enable this wireless network under Enabled.

How does UniFi guest portal work?

You can divide the clients on your network and grant them temporary access. Hence, configuring the captive gateway in the Unifi Control is relatively easy. So, without creating VLANs, you can block visitors from utilizing your network using the guest isolation option.


So that was all regarding how to manage the configuration of an unifi guest network—thereby adding an extra layer of security to your home network. I have divided it into phases for your convenience. So, go ahead and make sure no device or system is left unsecured.

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