The consistent growth in the demand for internet services is the most important topic for the current generation. All the users want a stable network while surfing online or for doing any official work. Moreover, the global lockdown has positively impacted the usage of the internet these days. Therefore, the sales chart of routers is constantly growing for installing in homes and offices. Hence, you must be looking for a sustainable routing device like a Mobily router.

mobily 4g router
Mobily 4G router

There is no doubt in the fact that several companies are making their way in the market. However, it is crucial to select the most appropriate brand for yourself. Don’t worry, and we are here to bring you details about the Mobily WiFi Router. Also, you will learn more about the default mobile username and password in this guide. Thus, stick and go through every section to get the complete information about Mobily routers

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IP Address of Mobily 4G Router

The regular users of any router are aware that an IP address is required for using it. Some people also call it the default gateway of the device. This default gateway helps in establishing a secure connection between the router and other devices. Moreover, every router has its uniques set of IP on a network. Thus, you want this information to open the login page in the next section.

ip address
Mobily IP address

In the case of the Mobily 4G connect the router, is the default IP address. However, some devices also feature as the default gateway. Thus, you should confirm the dame from the user manual provided while purchasing it. Users can also get this detail on the official web portal of the manufacturer.

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How to Login Using Mobily Router Username and Password?

The first point that you need to understand is the method to log in to the router settings. Also, this technique is quite useful in many cases. Further, users can redefine various configurations of the router for better connection speed. The first login is very crucial for the proper working of the router. Hence, you should not refrain from the opportunity to do it correctly. Our experts bring the most effective solution for the logging process of the Mobily router. The steps for the same are mentioned below,

Mobily login

Step 1

The maiden step involves connecting the router with a PC with an active internet browser. You can choose any software like Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Firefox. Make sure that the browser is updated and working without a VPN.

Step 2

Open the application and click on the search bar that you can see on the top of your screen. Further, type the IP address like Mobily router default gateway. Also, you can change the IP according to the exact details of the router.

Step 3

A new login page will open that will ask for Mobily router username and password. Therefore, fill in the accurate credentials accordingly and press the Login button.

Step 4

Finally, you will be redirected to the settings panel of the router with complete access to everything.

How to Reset Mobily Router Username and Password?

If you cannot log in using the password by any means, it needs to be reset. There can be some other reasons as well. The most effective solution is to factory reset the device with default configurations. The procedure for the same is quite simple. However, make sure that you erase every piece of information from the router. Thus, you have to be careful in this process.

reset router
Mobily reset router

Step 1

First, try to find the factory reset button that is present on the router box. It is commonly fitted at the bottom of the device.

Step 2

Take a small pin and press the button for 20-25 seconds. It will ensure enough time for the router to go into reset mode.

Step 3

Finally, you will hear a beep sound that acts as a confirmation message. After that, you can normally log in to the router with the default credentials.

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Username and Password After Reset

These details are present in the small booklet given align with the router. However, you can try these common credentials after the reset procedure,

  • Username- admin

Password- admin

  • Username- admin

Password- (none)

Is Mobily Router Password Change Necessary?

This one is the most common query for users who tend to keep the default password. It is quite common for many people to become careless in changing the Mobily username and password credentials. However, you should not skip this part for security reasons. 

password change
Mobily password change

Further, hackers can easily break into the network and access your data. The information on default passwords is available all over the internet. Therefore, you should consider changing it after resetting the Mobily router using the correct steps.

Moreover, the new password should be strong and difficult to guess. Therefore, it is recommended to use a different combination of numbers and symbols for a strong password. Although, the user should be able to remember it for future reference. Also, it is quite important to log in to the router settings panel later on.


Is a mobility router a sustainable option?

Yes, it is. It also has a lesser amount of hardware components and can also be transported without much worry. Therefore the mobility router is definitely a sustainable option.

What is the IP address of the mobility Router? or IP addresses can be used for mobility routers.

What is the easiest method to change the password in mobility routers?

Changing the password is very easy for a router as well. The easiest method is to reset your device so that it will return to the default information. Now you can change it to anything of your choice.

Should I change my default password in a mobility route?

Yes, most people go over this step, but it's also crucial. Changing the default password helps in enhancing the safety of the device.


We expect that our guide will provide you assistance in changing the Mobily router username and password. Also, follow the steps along with the guide to avoid any potential error. In case you want additional knowledge, consult the Customer executive for the same.

Are you facing any difficulties in setting up your router or logging into an IP address. We have a huge list of articles to cover all your queries related to routers.

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