is a private IP address, typically used as the gateway address of multiple router models of brands like DLink, EnGenius, and TRENDnet. This address is used to set up the router’s administrator page, which you will need to modify your wireless network settings. To access the admin page of a router using IP, you need an admin username and password. So what is the admin user ID and password of a router having IP What is the procedure to access your router’s admin page with IP

The commonly used default user IDs and passwords for most routers using IP are “Admin” and “Setup.” If you are using a DLink or TP-Link router, you can usually find the default login credentials at the back of the router. You can access the administrator panel of a router using IP with these default usernames and passwords. Admin Login

This article will define the steps to access the admin panel of your routers with IP Read on to learn more about changing your router’s user ID and password and your wireless network’s username and password. 

Process for logging in to your router using

You can log in to your router’s administration page in three easy steps.

  1. Firstly verify that your router’s IP is Now, link your computer device to the router via Wi-Fi if using a laptop or mobile phone. Use a network cable to connect your desktop to your router.connect your computer
  2. After connecting your device, go to the web browser of your choice. Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge are some popular web browsers to pick from. Now, enter your IP address, that is, into the address bar of your browser.change ip address
  3. You will now reach the login panel of your router administration page. Proceed to insert the username and password linked to your router. You will find a menu on the router administration page.

How to find and change your router’s user ID and login password using

The default login details to access the admin page can be seen on the underside of your router. You can also obtain these details from the website of your router’s brand. Some commonly used default user IDs and passwords are “Admin” and “Setup.” If you have made changes to the login details earlier and cannot recollect them, you can always reset the factory settings of your router. Once you reset the router, you will get back the default login details, but all the modifications done earlier will disappear.

To change the username and password of your router administrator, you can follow these two simple steps:

  1. Get to the admin page using your present username and password. Scroll through the menu and go to general settings. Now pick the option indicating router password.sign in router
  2. Now change the password as per your desire. Make sure it is secure and easy to remember, and always remember to save the details.

Using the general settings, you can similarly change the username.

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How to modify the user ID and password for your Wi-Fi?

Changing your Wi-Fi network’s user ID and password is similar to changing your router’s user ID and password. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to your router’s admin panel and open the general setting menu. Tap the “Advanced” settings option and navigate to “Wireless Settings.”wireless settings
  2. Type in the name you want for your Wi-Fi network in the SSID(Service Set Identifier) field. Once you are finished, save the changes applied.network settings

In the “Wireless Setup” menu, you can also see the option to modify your Wi-Fi network password. Enter your preferred password in the Wi-Fi network password field.

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Methods to reset the factory settings of your router by using the IP address “”

After you have accessed the admin page of your route using as the login address, follow these steps to restore the factory settings of your router:

You can reset factory settings from the router’s administration page

  1. First, Log in to the router’s administration page using the login address, as explained in the first section.  Next, move to the Administrator Settings > Advance > Administration > Backup settings.advanced settings
  2. From these settings, select the Revert to Factory Default Settings option. Press OK in the confirmation box if you are sure to continue, and the router will reboot instantly. Once the rebooting process is over, the router’s factory settings will be restored.revert settings
  3. You can reset the factory settings using the Reset control on your router. If you cannot recall your username and password, follow the method explained below.sign in router
  4. Locate the reset switch on your router. There are commonly two types of switches provided on the router. A protruding switch can be pressed easily; however, if you find a small hole-like switch, then you can use any pointed object to insert and press the switch.  reset
  5. Keep pressing the reset switch for about 10 seconds before releasing it. Make sure the power indicator remains on during the process. You will observe that all the indicators turn off briefly before the router starts working again. It indicates that your router’s factory settings have been restored after Backing Up.backup settings

Note- Do not turn the power off while the router is resetting, as it can harm the router’s hardware.


How to log into router admin?

Enter the router IP address in the browser's address bar> On the login panel, enter your ID and password to log in to the router admin page.

How to change my Wi-Fi password?

Login to your router's admin panel> Go to General Settings and tap on Advanced > Go to Wireless Setup > In Modify Password section, enter the Current password, New password, and Confirm password, and press Save.

How can I access my router settings?

Enter the IP address in your browser's address bar> Log in to your Admin panel using the username and password > Tap on the General Setting from the menu. Most routers use IP, but in some cases, it is different, so first, verify the address of your router.

How to change the router IP address?

Log in to the Admin panel using the default username and password> Go to General Settings > Network Settings > Router Settings > Enter new IP address > Press Save.


We hope that the procedures explained in this article helped you to access your router’s administrator panel using Once you have understood the process to access the admin panel, you can configure your router and Wi-Fi network according to your need and liking.

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