The Internet is the new face of almost every field in the new generation, making things quick and safe. This growth is why we see a huge spike in the overall demand for online services. Moreover, it is important to have access to secure internet to support you in every situation. Network providers are constantly trying to bring new changes in the sector for the consumer. Huawei Routers are made to withstand the need of current users in the community. The overall user interface is quite engaging and easy to operate. Hence, users are shifting towards these new-generation routers for their offices and other requirements. Also, this increases the demand for Huawei router IP Login guide among many new users.


What is Huawei Router

First, you need to understand the basic functioning of a router. As already mentioned, the router helps you to attain an internet connection on private devices. It creates a range of networks that enables internet on any nearby device.

huawei router

Further, you can manage the overall settings of the device by using the IP address. Similarly, Huawei is an international brand that creates various network devices. Huawei routers are pretty popular among users who are looking for sustainable internet providers. It has a large coverage area along with secure connection provisions. Thus, you will require a Huawei router IP guide for logging into the router’s settings.

Huawei Router IP Address

The IP address is the soul of any online device or media that share information online. It makes it easier to create connections with different devices accordingly. Also, you can proceed with any changes at the administrator level in the router. Overall, the owner requires the IP on a handful of occasions. is the default Huawei home gateway for most of devices. Once you are sure about the IP address for the router, you are good to go. However, look for another guide if there is a difference in the device’s default gateway. Seldom the information is also printed on the device or a label.

huawei router ip address

How to Login Using Huawei Router IP Address?

As we move forward, it is time to discuss the precise method for logging into the router using the IP address. There is no rocket science in understanding the process; it will take only a few minutes. However, a wrong step could lead to an error and decline the user’s login. Hence, it would help if you also were careful while making the changes related to the process. The steps for easy login in Huawei router are,

  1. The first step is establishing a secure connection between a working computer or laptop and the router. Also, consider using your device to avoid any data loss.
  2. Click on any normal web browser that is present on the system. You can also download browsers such as Opera or Microsoft Edge. We will consider Google Chrome for reference in this method.
  3. Next, fill or copy the IP address in the search bar in the form,, and press Enter.
  4. After complete loading, a new login page for the Huawei router will get on your screen. The form will ask for user details along with the correct password.
  5. You should have the exact details about the username and password of your existing account. After you fill in the information, hit the Login button.
  6. Finally, it is time to change the settings after getting your hands on the router’s settings panel.

How to Factory Reset the Device?

Resetting the router is another major part of any Huawei Router IP login guide as many users need it. For instance, you don’t remember the correct password for the router due to some reasons. You will not be able to log into the router as the password is required. The best thing to do is that you should hard reset the router. It will delete all the personal information along with the password. Therefore, you can use the default details for logging. Make sure to follow these steps,

Step 1

Give a thorough inspection of the router and locate the factory reset button. It is commonly found on the backside of the device.

huawei reset button

Step 2

Tale a pin or toothpick to poke in the hole and press the reset button. Also, you have to keep pressing it for 30 seconds until you see a blinking light.

Step 3

Restart the router and connect with the computer to check the success of the process. Once you are sure, you will need the default username and password to connect the router.


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Default Username and Password

After enuring your Huawei router’s reset procedure, you need further information. Users can, although, find this information in the user manual itself. However, we try to make things easier for you by providing it in our Huawei router IP login guide. You can use these credentials after resting the device. Moreover, you can change the password in the future for security reasons.

default username and password

· Username- user

Password- HuaweiUser

· Username- admin

Password- admin

· Username- root

Password- admin


This article is all about the complete Huawei router IP login guide from our side. The rest of the things depends on the user. Therefore, it is advisable to consult the Customer Care center for major problems with the router. They will provide an exact solution to any potential issue with the device.

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