The Internet has become an essential part of our regular life that makes accomplishing tasks quickly. There is no doubt that every modern work is highly dependent on a fast connection. This is the reason devices like routers and modems are becoming more popular. Moreover, several network service providers claim to provide stable internet servers to their customers. These facilities are only beneficial if you have a router connected with your modem. Arris NVG589 modem is among the most prominent routing devices for your home or office hours. But have you ever encountered the “arris nvg589 wireless not working” issue on your system?

arris nvg589 wireless not working
arris nvg589 wireless not working

It is a common query that many users often ask when the router cannot connect with their device. We have come up with a complete guide on the top 4 solutions to resolve such problems. 

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Reasons Why Arris NVG589 Wireless Not Working

Well, many reasons could lead to faults in your Arris NVG589 router. Moreover, these issues can originate without any prior warning to the admin. Technological devices could go out of order and require proper maintenance. If your wireless NVG589 modem faces some network issues, it could be difficult. Although, we have some adequate measures to eradicate any reason for the same. They are,

Configure ISP Settings

Every router similar to the Arris NVG589 modem requires a reliable back-end connection from the Internet Service Provider. The main job of ISP is to provide internet usage networks to its users. Every device must use any working network available in the area. However, sometimes there might be some back-end issues that could affect the network speed. You might think that there is some issue with the router, even if it is working fine.

configure isp settings
configure isp settings

Every Internet Service Provider tends to connect with most devices. But a handful of ISPs do restrict the internet usage for your Arris NVG589 router. The best way to counter such a situation is to upgrade the router package. Also, you can enable Wi-Fi services on the devices installed at your home. Therefore, we recommend consulting with your service provider and looking for alternate solutions. Make sure your router is compatible with the network configurations offered by the respective ISP.

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Enable Wi-Fi Option

The second point is the extended version of the previous troubleshooter you performed on the router. Each modem has specific Wi-Fi settings that you need to configure for accessing the network. However, you might end up accidentally removing this feature from your Arris NVG589 router. The only way to counter the problem is by logging into the router settings.

enable wifi option
enable wifi option

You can refer to the IP address of your device and open the login page accordingly. Next, find the Wireless Wi-Fi option in the menu and enable the checkbox. Also, reboot the system to implement the changes.

Restart the Router

Restarting the router is the most common Arris NVG589 troubleshoot that you can perform. As the name suggests, you have to turn off the device and turn it back on after a few minutes. You will find the power button on the front panel along with the illuminating lights.

restart router to fix arris nvg589 wireless not working issue
restart router to fix arris nvg589 wireless not working issue

It is also advisable to unplug the router cable from the power socket. It is not an ideal solution but could resolve several issues in the blink of an eye. Therefore, you can try it out after installing the Arris NVG589 upgrade package.

Reset the Router

The last option to resolve any issue for Arris model number NVG589 is to factory reset the device. The reset procedure might seem a prominent call, but it has a couple of downfalls. The first is that any user data and the username and password will be deleted. Also, you have to reconfigure the optimal settings of your router.

reset router to fix arris nvg589 wireless not working
reset router to fix arris nvg589 wireless not working

Therefore, you should only reset the router if every previous method fails to resolve the Arris NVG589 Wireless Not Working issue”. Otherwise, you can press the power button and hold it for 10-12 seconds. The router will automatically go into reset mode and turn on after some time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope you are now confidents in solving the “Arris NVG589 wireless not working” issue and the respective solutions. The troubleshooters mentioned above will resolve most of your queries in no time. However, if you still have some doubts in your mind, we are ready to help you. Here are some faqs by users who face a similar issue.

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Why is My AT&T Wi-Fi Not Working?

The probable reasons are already listed in the guide to resolve the problem. You can even contact the Support Service for additional assistance.

Can I Replace my Arris NVG589?

If you want to replace your Arris NVG589 router with alternate devices, it will give you errors. The router is manufactured to use 802.1x authenticated protocol. Thus, you can’t decrypt and must install NVG589 in the system.

How Long Does an AT&T Modem Last?

The life expectancy of the AT&T Modem is around 8-10 years on regular usage. However, the numbers might change depending on how you take care of it.

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Why is my Arris modem not connecting to WIFI?

Arris modem might not be connecting due defects in the cables. So always start with checking all the cables from and to the modem. To fix the problem, switch the modem off and turn it ON again. You can also try changing the adapter option from network connections. Confirm your actions from the property option.

Is Arris NVG589 a modem or router?

Arris NVG589 is a modem. You can also mention it as a wireless router.

How do I set up Arris NVG589?

Connect the ethernet port of Arris NVG589 to your PC. Also, connect the cables from your phone to the corresponding ports on the modem, then click the power adapter.

Is Arris NVG589 a good router?

Yes, Arris NVG589 is a good router. It is one of the best ones you can choose from.


Finally, we conclude our discussion on the “Arris NVG589 Wireless Not Working” issue. Every solution in this guide is effective and helps to keep your router updated. Make sure to follow the troubleshooters before calling a technician. This will save you both time and money. Hence, you can easily maintain the router and use it for years. Do not forget to read the user manual before installing the device.

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