Arris Routers is a combination of both modem and router. Arris International Limited, a US-based telecom company, produces them. They have been in business since 1995. Arris Routers give super speeds up to 1 GBPS and support multiple 4K live streams simultaneously.

It is one of the best routers to enjoy a seamless gaming experience. However, many people might get confused about how to perform the Arris Router Login as it involves tasks they have never achieved before.


This article will give you a complete stepwise guide to performing the login efficiently. 

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Method for Obtaining IP Address of Arris Router

The first step before performing Arris Router Login is to know your router’s IP Address. Here is how you can find the IP address of your Arris Router across different devices.

For Windows PC

There are two steps to obtaining the IP Address of Arris Router on Windows.

Method 1

  • Click on the start button and press Win + r. This will open up a run prompt.
  • Then type cmd into the input and press enter. This will open up a command prompt.
  • Type the following command: ipconfig | findstr /I “Gateway” and click enter.
  • This will open up your default gateway displaying your IP Address.

Method 2

  • Click the network icon on the bottom right of your screen.
  • Click on the properties icon under your router’s name.
  • Look under the IP Address settings and locate IPV4 DNS Servers. The number next to it is your IP Address.

For Mac OS X

  • Open the OS X Terminal: Finder > Applications > Utilities >Terminal, or press cmd + space and type terminal.
  • Type the command: net start –nr | grep default and press enter.
  • This will display your Arris Router default IP Address.

For iOS Devices

  • In any iOS device, go to the settings option and go to the ‘wifi’ option
  • Locate the wifi name with the wifi you are connected to and tap the (i) blue button next to the title.
  • This will open up the IP Address section. Look under the section “Rooter” – The number next to it will be the IP Address of your Arris Router.

For Android

  • Click your Android device’s settings and go to the “wifi” section.
  • Click on the “i” green button next to your wifi name.
  • This will display your default IP Address.

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Steps to Perform Arris Router Login

Before getting to the Arris Router Login, we would like to tell you some of the basics about Arris Router. The Arris Router has firmware installed on its mainboard. The firmware is for operating network and data traffic. The firmware is protected with a password setup to protect the router from hackers and others. Now, I will show you how you can perform the Arris Router Login.

  • First, connect to your wifi network using your phone or Pc.
  • Then, open any web browser and type the following into the search bar: http:/ and click search. This default IP address will connect you with the Admin Panel.
  • Now enter the username or password to access your Arris router.
  • Username: admin
  • Password: password
  • Once you have performed Arris Router Login, you can change your settings.

How to Find the Arris Router’s Username and Password

Generally, the default username and password for Arris Router work. However, if it is not working, someone has changed the login credentials. You might find the new username and password on the back of your router. If not, reset your router to factory defaults and perform Arris Router Login using the abovementioned steps.

To reset your router, click on the reset button on the back and release it once all the light blinks.

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Troubleshooting Tips for Arris Router Login

 If your internet is not working or the connection speed is slow, try following these tips to eradicate the problem.

  • If the internet connection is not working, verify the Green LED. With the proper setup, the Online LED should be solid Green, and the link LED should be amber or blue.
  • You can also try to power reset. Shut down your computer and unplug the cable modem from the AC wall outlet. Then replug the cable modem into the power outlet. Wait until all LEDs, including Power, Receive, Send, and Online, are working. Finally, restart your computer.
  • If Power Reset does not work, the factory reset your router, whose steps you can find in the above column. You would have to perform Arris Router Login again after a factory reset.
  • The final step you can perform is verifying the cable signal. Open a browser and enter in the search bar. A status page will appear. In the downstream section, verify whether the power levels are within the acceptable range of -15dBmV to +15 dBmV in each channel.
  • If none of these steps seems to be working, contact your service provider for further help. You can also contact Arris Router Customer Care for Technical support.


What is the default login for the Arris router?

The default login is by using 'admin' as the username and 'password' itself as the password.

How do I access my Arris WiFi settings?

Go to the 'ARRIS SURFBOARD MANAGER' and enter the username and password. After logging, you can go to my Wi-Fi option; you also have an edit option there.

Is Arris NVG589 a modem or router?

Arris NVG589 is a modem. You can also mention it as a wireless router.

How do I find my Arris router password?

The modem's label on the back always contains the default password.


The above information is the clear and concise steps to perform Arris Router Login efficiently. We have also given steps that you can follow if there seems to be any problem in the login process. Arris Routers are very easy to install and use. They also provide some of the cheapest monthly data plans. If you are having any difficulty setting up the router, you can give a call to Arris Router’s Customer Care, who will help you in every way to set up the router. We hope you liked our guide to Arris Router Login.

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