It has become inevitable today to use the internet daily for our daily chores. From ordering groceries to work-from-home jobs, we can do every little job with the help of the internet, be it significant or insignificant. Some jobs also require high-speed, reliable, and stable networks for them to happen. For example, you can’t answer a test or give an interview while sitting in an area with an unstable internet connection. Therefore, it is better to have a device like a router for such processes so that your network is safe, reliable, and fast. Here, we are specifically going to talk about Arris TG2472G Login.

arris router

Talking about routers, were you aware that you could log onto your router’s IP and configure the settings according to your needs? Well, you actually can! And it is also beneficial! Hence, we have narrated the steps easily so that you can do the same effortlessly.

How Can I Perform Arris TG2472G Login?

You can use your router for more than just getting the internet. You can set parental controls, restrict or also let the devices from accessing specific websites, etc. Arris TG2472G also provides the feature of setting up a guest network for its customers. But to enjoy all these privileges, you need to log onto the IP address of their router. Given below are three easy methods by which you can do the same.

First Method:

This is the simplest method. It does not involve any tedious procedure. You are required to enter the most frequently used combinations of user IDs and passcodes. Therefore, we have listed the credentials below. However, read the instructions before you get to that:

  1. First, you must ensure your Arris TG2472G router is connected to your PC. You can do this either over the LAN network or through a wired ethernet connection. However, it would be best to do it with the latter setting.


2. Secondly, you will see that the indicators on the router will be blinking or turned on. Next, open up a web browser on your PC. Then, enter your Arris TG2472G router’s IP into the address bar. This IP can be anyone among the IPs given below in the table.

Sr. No. IP
  • After correctly performing the steps described above, you will view a login box on your screen. Therefore, you must enter the user ID and passcode here.arris tg2472g login

If you are unaware of the user ID & passcode combination for the Arris TG2472G model, look at the table below. These are the most recurrent set of default credentials for the Arris Routers. Try all of the combinations.

Sr. No. User ID Passcode
1 admin password
2 (blank) Printed on the router/label
3 admin admin
4 cusadmin password
5 admin
6 (blank) (blank)
7 admin Motorola
8 admin 1234
9 arris arris
10 Admin Printed on the router/label

This must work fine for you. But if it doesn’t move on to the second method given below.

Second Method:

The above method involved using the most frequently used credentials for logging in. However, for this method, you must locate the user ID and the passcode at the router’s backside. They will be written on your router itself or printed on a sticker. Turn on a web browser after connecting the router. And then, try the login procedure as explained in the first method.

Third Method

The last method is resetting your router. This is also useful if you had once changed your router’s credentials but forgot them over time.

Initially, you need to find a tiny hole in the router’s backside. Then get a thin and robust tool like a paperclip. Make sure it is not very pointed. Then, jab this tool into the reset button and press it for about thirty seconds. On doing so, the router will automatically power off and switch back, meaning that the router has been reset.


Finally, go through the steps above in the first method to log in. You can also perform the second method.


To sum up, this must adequately tell you everything you ought to know about an Arris TG2472G login. Typically, you could get into the router’s IP by the first method. However, if it doesn’t, you will get it rectified in the following two ways. This article was tailored for the users to understand all the steps easily.

Although Arris is a pretty standard and famous brand, your router might start acting occasionally. You can also try troubleshooting them by restarting the router or checking if the cables are correctly connected. This is supposed to solve most problems ranging from connectivity issues to a loose connection. 

Arris also has a wide range of models to choose from. If you want to look for more, there are a lot of brands available in the market which will specifically cater to your requirements.

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