Today, as far as the world is becoming wireless. There is also growing need to improve the security for the wireless systems it can be routers, modems, cameras, etc. comes under the class C private IP address.One may look after this by updating the passwords for the network regularly. This IP is a type of private IP address. That means it is accessible to those devices which have the authority to do so. That’s why they are inaccessible through the public network.

NOTE: – Always type correct IP address in your browser i.e. “” Most of the times we end up typing wrong IP such as 192.168.8.l, 192.168.8,, (, 192.168..8.1, ip, 192.168.81, http//, 192.168.8., 192.168.l.8,

About the IP address comes under the category of class C private IP address. The primary use of such IP address is to access the admin page. The admin page is somewhat of more importance.

The admin page is capable of configuring the settings that are essential for the proper working of the router. IP addresses such as zong are known the default IP address and also as the default gateway.

To access the router admin page, one must have the default username and password. Finding the default username and password isn’t a huge task. Default username and password are present on the back of the router somewhere near the IP.

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Manufacturers have already set such pairs of usernames and passwords that make this admin page accessible. Internet assigned number authority (IANA) has already made all the IP address that comes under the 192.168.X.X class as private IP address. However, this IP is not in use as frequently as and also though there is not any reason for this thing.
Network modification is essential to keep the network up-to-date. Accessing this IP is important. 192.168 zong facilitates in access to the admin page.

The admin page helps in many purposes such as changing network name, network password, blocking devices accessing the network, etc.

Two popular IP addresses are: 

How to Login IP Address

This IP is a type of default gateway or default IP address. With its help, the admin page is accessible. But you need a working pair for username and password to successfully logging into router admin page.

Connecting to database.

To find the default credential, look at the back of the router somewhere near the IP. After grabbing the username and password perform the steps below to login into router admin page

  • Open the web browser of your system, and make sure it is up-to-date.


  • Now you have to enter the default password and username and after that hit enter.After this, leave it and let it login into the router admin page correctly until the page loads.


  • Settings such as internet setup, wireless, etc. It should be showing on the screen.


The steps above are working when the router is in the default state. Default state means that the router password and username is not up-to-date as per one’s convenience.

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Forgot Password And Username?

There are situations when one is not able to remember the router admin page password and username. Also, the user has set the username and password previously as per convenience. The only option left is to reset the router and bringing back to its original state. The original state here means that how it comes from the manufacturer, that is without altering the settings.

Resetting the router has some consequences that the password and username set earlier is no longer in use. Although the router Manufacturers have set some pairs of password and username which are known as default passwords and usernames for IP

The password and username above work only in one condition and that is the router should be in the default state. Else, the only option is to reset the router. Resetting router consists of the following steps

  1. Firstly, grab any point end tool like a needle, compass, etc.
  2. Now, press the button with the help of that tool and hold it for 5-10 seconds approximately.
  3. After that, all the lights will turn off and turn on again.
  4. After all above, the router is in the default state entirely.
  5. Enter any one of the default passwords and username above.
  6. This procedure will again land you into the admin page.

But make sure that by doing this the configuration made earlier is no longer valid because the router is in the reset state.

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Precautions to Measure While Using IP Address

There are some non-technical things which you need to do in the right way. Otherwise, they may not redirect you where you need to be using They May even go to the length of causing errors.


Of course, the most common thing being, to avoid commas, semi-colons, and colons instead of dots. Apart from that, you should just type ‘, while you’re attempting to get into the panel. Never start it with HTTP, as you do with regular links. You’re not visiting a web-link, just entering your router settings. It will most likely end up giving you errors.

Also, in, take care of not typing ‘I’ instead of the number 1.

You should avoid some silly blunders. Make sure you have switched your router on. Otherwise, there is no point to any of it. Make sure there is no red light flickering. Also, make sure you have connected to the correct router and wireless.

Changing Your IP Address

Oh, yes, it is possible to alter them. It is all a piece of cake after you accomplish the logging in part. All you need to do is to get to the option that lets you configure IP. You can find it by spotting the tab labeled ‘LAN’. That is just it. Now you can fill in the address you want to keep. And get in afterward with the one you changed to.

Finding Your Actual IP Address

Typing while trying to get to the portal and failing successively can be utterly frustrating. The most probable reason is the address you’re typing is not yours.

You can check it by going about what I’m going to tell you. Usually, if you’re on Windows OS, just open the command prompt and type the command ‘ipconfig’. From all the complicated details, the default gateway is all you need.

For the proud owners of MAC, you need to open the, which is the terminal. You can do it from utilities which you can open from applications. Then finding whether is your address or not is a breeze. Just type the ‘netstat-nr’ command. That will display whatever your IP is.


What class does belong to?

It's a Class C network at It is a private network, as well.

How do I login into

Logging into is very generic; go to the official website of and fill in the default username and password, then Press enter. You can now change the default settings.

What are things to keep in mind while using

The first thing is to use a blank link and not the http one. Make sure the router is turned on, and there are no red lights on it.

Can I change my IP address?

Yes. After logging in, go to the LAN option to change your IP address.


It is easily visible from the above Discussion that this IP address is as common as other IP address such as or say The familiar brands that manufacturers devices with the IP address are Adaptec, 3Jtecheasyacc, etc. Devices that these brand manufacturers are 3g mobile router, travel routers, Iot board, etc.

To login into this IP, you will need the default gateway credentials. Default Credentials are the password and username for the admin page. The admin page is capable of modifying the network configuration such as changing the network name, proxy, security type, wireless setup, etc. These settings are useful in the proper functioning of the router.

Such IP addresses like the one above are working only to access the router admin panel. Also, the data packets sent through this IP cannot travel the public network as it is a private IP address. Not anyone can access the IP address that is private. and also are mostly in use as the default IP address for the router admin panel. There is not any specific reason for this, but generally, they are more famous for this purpose.

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