An IP address is a kind of string of numbers separated by decimals. These are unique for different computer and helps to communicate over a network viz or Here we will discuss the IP address, specifically about IP address.

NOTE: – Always type the correct IP address in your browser, i.e., “” Most of the time, we end up typing the wrong IP, such as 192.168.l00.1, http //192.168.l00.1, 192.168 l00 1, 192.168.100, 192.168.l.l00, 192.168.l00.l, 192.168.100., http//, http // is a private IP address that can assign to any local area network. It may be the default IP address for a few new router models.

One can access this IP on any device on a local network with a manual configuration to use the address range. So by this, one can associate it with a few devices such as a laptop, smartphone, smart TV, desktop computer, Chromecast, etc.


This IP can also be the default IP address with manual configuration. For example, a newly manufactured router that has just been shipped contains an in-built IP address. It is important to note that there is a difference between and People are more likely to get confuse themselves between these two. 192.168.1. X addressing is more frequently used by the home network rather than the 192.168.100. X types.

Internet protocol

Moreover, this IP is one of the essential things to set up or modify a computer and also to have access to the Internet. This is one of the most comment IP addresses that can lead you to the admin or setup page. The admin page is for configuring the network settings and also the devices that are connected to the network.

How to Login IP Address

To log into this IP, you only need a computer or device connected to the router and the web browser.

Then type the IP in the address bar, like you order any usual website to surf the Internet.

Connecting to database.

But there are more chances that you get the router on your own. Because of that, you probably don’t know the password to access the setup or admin page. These enable you to modify the network settings. This is not the case when you buy the connection and router from the ISP(internet service provider) if they provide your router along with it.

If you don’t know the password, you need not worry. All you have to do is to find the password and username from the below chart from your router manufacturer that may contain

Above are the password and usernames of some common router manufacturers that may contain the IP as the in-built IP address. So, you will require this to enter into the setup or admin page of the router. It is essential to note that the username and password above only work under a condition. That the routers that have been manufactured should contain as their default IP address.

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Forgot Username and Password

You want to if you have not changed your username and password yet. So you can do this but logging in to the admin page, and you will find the relevant option to do that.

But for any reason, you don’t remember the last password and username updated. Then the following procedure will follow to reset the router to reaccess the admin page.

  1. To reset the router, look for the reset button on the router itself somewhere near the printed
  2. You have to press it for about 5-10 seconds
  3. All the lights on the router will blink, and the router is reset now.
  4. All the earlier configuration is soon lost as the router is in default state as it came from the manufacturer.
  5. One can access the admin page with the default password and username.
    After this, your router is ready to use. One must do all the configuration repeatedly per one’s needs or wants.

reset button

Another more convenient way that one can be adopted is if you have bought the router from the internet service provider itself. ISP keep records of their customer’s usernames and passwords. So, call the customer care number of your ISP and ask them to e-mail or message the password and username. The advantage of this way is that you don’t have to reset the router.


What is an IP address?

IP addresses are combinations of numbers and symbols, and they are used to identify different networks. Each network has a unique IP address.

What happens if you enter the wrong IP address?

There are millions of IP addresses, so if you enter the wrong IP address, even if it differs by a single value, it will direct you to a different IP address or return in error.

What do I do if I forget my password?

There will be a small button at the backside of the router. Press the button firmly for five to ten seconds. Open the admin panel and then you may modify your password since it will return to the default address.

What devices have IP address?

'D Link,' 'Cisco,' 'Linksys,' and 'Netgear' use as the IP address.


From this, we conclude that in this modern era of the Internet, IP addresses have started playing essential roles in the working of your machine that connects you to the Internet. Knowing how some stuff works and what the IP does is also necessary. is the default IP address or the in-built IP address of many routers in factory settings. It is widespread and used just right after and

Linksys, Netgear, D-Link, and Cisco are more likely to contain this IP as their default IP address. One can access the admin page by triggering the IP in the address bar to modify the network settings.

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