In this era where thinking without internet is almost impossible, and it’s quite obvious why Internet has grown as the backbone of the contemporary world whether it is over the internet, online tickets booking, clerical work and what not. In recent years when the prices of Internet has become tremendously low and now costing few pennies. This phenomenon hit many companies and ultimately forced others to bring down the internet prices, leading to the creation of cutthroat competition. After that, few broadband companies rose up along with IPs like providing a more stable internet connection with high speeds.

Now here comes the part associated with IP addresses, broadband connections distributed by companies was operable with WiFi routers. Whether it is WiFi-Routers, modems, etc. default username and password is already assigned.

That IP address can be used to access the setup page where you can modify the setting of the router like network name, network password, etc.

It is very common to see or as the default IP address for the modern routers, but it’s very few are aware of .254 type of the IP address.

About is also a private IP address used inside a private network. Any device can use this IP address be it routers, modem, and other IoT devices such as DVRs and webcams.


But before proceeding more into the depth, there are few terms which you get familiar with viz IPv4, IPv6, and LAN.

NOTE: – Always type correct IP address in your browser i.e. “” Most of the times we end up typing wrong IP such as .,, 192.168 . 254.254, 254.254, 192-168-254-254, 192.168.254., www., ip:, ip.

What Is

As the other router setup opening IP addresses, is also used for this purpose. Enter directly into the address bar of the browser to visit the admin page. However, it is not as popular as other IP addresses viz or

IP address

The IPv4 and the IPv6 network specifications define the addressing ranges used everywhere. Local area network usually uses these addresses such as in residential, offices, schools, in big enterprise environments or Intranet.

Linksys first used the login IP address. After that, it found its application in several networking devices produced by multiple organizations. Including that of Netgear, D-Link, Huawei and many more.

How To Login

Connecting to database.

The procedure of logging into the IP address is as follows:

  1. Open the web browser and type in the address IP address in the address bar. After that, press the enter key.
  2. A new prompt window will pop up from above. This window will ask you to enter your login credentials, i.e., the username and password.
  3. Type in the default username and password and press the ‘login’ or ‘ok’ button. If the credentials had been updated, then you are required to enter the updated login credentials and proceed.
  4. Once the router login process is over. A new tab will open up giving you secure access to your router’s interface and the settings available.
  5. One can change the password by making changes to the default settings, such as the network and security configurations.
  6. To change the router password, you will require to use the updated credentials when logging in to the administrative panel in the future.



The username and password, by default, for almost every router is ‘admin’ and ‘admin’ or ‘admin’ and ‘password’ respectively. If you still have any doubt about the initial username and password, check the user guide that is given with the router. The initial username and password are present in the user guide. If you have lost your user guide don’t worry. Just look for the sticker that is present on the backside of your router. Scan it with any scanner app to know your initial credentials.
This can be altered according to one’s own wish. Follow the steps mentioned below:

• Press the reset button present at the back of your router to reset your device.

manual reset

• Router goes back to its initial settings after a few seconds.


• Alter the initial username and password to you accord.



Altering the password is really important in this world of cyber punks and other crackers and hackers. So to protect your router from being accessed by any third person follow the steps mentioned below.

1.    Type the IP address in your web browser
2.    In the respective boxes type your credentials.
3.    You will be directed to the admin page. Now change the password here.
4.    Now, you are ready with the latest password. It can be used from the very next time. Your new password is now working. You can again change it using the same steps.

What If You Forgot Your Username And Password?

When you purchase a new router, a default password and username comes along with it. But if someone has changed it or you forget it, then you’ll have to reset the router of username and password which will bring it to its default state leading to losing all your configuration. So what exactly should we do? Follow the steps below-

  1. Turn off the router first of all.
  2. Now you have to look for the reset button on the rear panel and press it. For doing so you must grab a sharp pin or a needle and then turn the router on.
  3. Keep holding the reset button for around 5 to 10 seconds even after the router is on.
  4. Now release the button and reboot the device.
  5. Now connect your computer to your router through a network cable or using a Wi-Fi connection.


Is a private network?

Yes. It is a private network, so it can only be used for personal purposes inside the network.

Which companies use

Linksys was the first to use as the default IP address. Later D'Link, Huawei, etc., also started using the same.

How do I log in to

Logging into is very generic; go to the official website of and fill in the default username and password, then Press enter. You can now change the default settings.

How can I change my password on 192.168 254.254?

You are changing the password to is very easy. You can log in to the browser with the specified IP address by entering the username and password in the settings. You'll discover a password-changing option. You can input both the old and new passwords. Then you can proceed.


An IP address is an important part for the proper functioning of a router, ultimately leads to appropriate operation of the internet.

The IP address password is a default for many industrial broadband routers. The most traditional ones are and

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