ZTE ZXHN H108N is the router to save as we remain stuck in this pandemic at home. The only survival kit for most people is the internet. The Internet is the only way people can perform their tasks from home.

Most of us have started investing in routers rather than paying for expensive mobile data packs. The routers provide a more stable internet connection. With this, work is done faster. Schools and businesses have all switched to e-mode. Therefore, it has become necessary for people to buy good and effective routers. 

One of the configurations used by routers is the ZXHN H108N. This is one of the most common configurations in routers for home use. This is the router that will not let you down ever. 

In this article, you will get all the basics you need to know about the router you use. Of course, you must know some basic things about the ZTE ZXHN H108N router. Read on to find out!

No, do not worry. Everything has been explained in a language you will understand. Just sit back and relax. Yes, now you can start reading.


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Default Router Login Configuration for ZXHN H108N

You must possess knowledge of the login credentials. This is important to know so that you get all the statistics of your wifi network in one place.

The first step is to connect your router first. This will ensure you get to the router’s login page. What you need to do is only type the default IP address of this router – this is It would be best if you ordered this in the search address bar at the top of your window.

Right after you do this, you will witness two tabs. One will request you to enter your user ID and password for the wifi. The latest ZTE ZXHN H108N username and password is ‘admin.’

After you put in the user ID and password, you press enter. This will display the control panel of your router. 

router panel

You can try another method if the above credentials fail to open the ZXHN H108N portal

The following list contains the list of the famous default usernames and passwords that ZXHN H108N uses. You can try one of the combinations to get into your wireless router.

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Either one of the combinations should work for you. If it does not, you need not worry. There are still alternatives to get into the ZTE ZXHN H108N portal. If you want to know what it is, read on.

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Other Alternatives To log in to ZTE Router ZXHN H 108N

There are three methods you can try. Note that you should try this in a particular order only. 

The first thing on your checklist to find the ZXHN H108N credentials is to find it on the router itself. Some routers have the username and password stuck on the router’s body. Look at the router itself. It might be present there.

router back

If you do not find it here, the subsequent step is to look for the ZXHN H108N V2.5 password in the router’s manual. Most router manuals have the credentials prescribed in them. You can hunt for the password here as well.

In case you do not find anything yet. It is time for the reset step. You will now have to reset your ZXHN H108N modem. It is a straightforward way. However, this should be done after you exhaust all the methods above. To do this, commence by searching for the reset button. Generally, it is at the bottom of the modem. The button is too small – you cannot press it with your fingers. It would be best if you pushed the button with a paperclip, a hair clip, or a toothpick. Avoid using safety pins and needles. You might cause irreparable damage.


Do not leave the button immediately. You must press the button for about 30 seconds at least. You will then reset your ZXHN H108N router to factory settings. You might lose your connection for some time – it is nothing to be paranoid about. 

One of the most crucial things to remember is that you should take assistance from an expert for this. This is not something that you do every day; therefore, it is better if you ask somebody to do it. Also, an expert knows precisely what should be done if things go wrong. You might want to spend a little money here. It is better than causing irreparable damage that needs three times more.

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You finally have gained basic knowledge about the ZXHN H108N modem that you own! This guide has outlined things you need to know as a beginner. The first step is to log in – you must learn this first and then move on to the further tasks.

The thing that you need to focus on is that you should seek help from a professional. Note that these steps might seem easy to do, but it is better to seek help from a professional. You certainly do not want to end up paying the cost of damages, right?

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