What is a Vodafone router?

The routers offered by Vodafone allow us to effortlessly connect a wide array of devices such as mobiles, tablets, computers to the internet using wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi). When the router is turned on, it automatically connects to Vodafone’s ultra-fast mobile data network. It takes us to the world of high-speed internet by providing a local and secure Wi-Fi network. Before that, quickly learn how to perform Vodafone Router Login correctly.

vodafone router gateway
vodafone router gateway

Once a device is connected to the router, it can access and surf the web, stream videos, send emails, download songs, use social media, etc. – all of which requires a stable and high-speed internet connection.

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Steps to perform a login

We will need the following to perform a login process using the Vodafone router-

  •  Vodafone router
  •  Network access- either through Wi-Fi or LAN cable
  •  Web browser

Step 1– You need to be connected to the network to access the Vodafone router’s setup pages. You need to first connect to the network either through an ethernet cable or use Wi-Fi.

connect vodafone router with ethernet cable
connect vodafone router with ethernet cable

If you do not know the password to the router’s Wi-Fi, you can connect to the same using an ethernet cable. This does not require a password.

Alternatively, you can also establish a wireless network connection to the router. The password and the name of the Wi-Fi hotspot will be available on the backside of the router.

Step 2– You need to open the web browser and navigate to the following IP address by typing the same on the address bar. In case the mentioned IP address does not work, you need to search the default Vodafone IP list for your router. as your vodafone router ip as your vodafone router ip

As you are connected to the Vodafone router already, please use whatsmyrouterip.com to  find the router model’s IP address. Please use this as an aiding tool if the IP address of the router is unknown.

Step 3– You need to enter the username and password for the Vodafone router. In the password and username fields, enter the current password and username, respectively. Subsequently, press enter, which signs you in.

In case you are not sure about the password or username, you can look at default Vodafone credentials to know your default username and password. Also get to know how to reset the same. The default username and password are present on a label at the backside of your router.

Step 4– The final step a Vodafone router user must do is establish a connection to the router’s web interface. Next, you must click on Sign in.

sign in to your Vodafone router
sign in to your Vodafone router

Once you have logged in to the Vodafone administrator interface, you can change any of the settings available. However, one must be careful in making any customizations or changes. It should not break the network connection. A tip that comes in handy is to note down all the current settings before making any changes. This helps to restore it to the default settings in case any trouble pops up.

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Perform a Reset

In case any changes affect the network or the functioning of the router, it is very easy to perform a reset. Get back to step zero by completing the 30 30 30 hard reset mechanism. 

This method is the last resort. In case you are still having access to the interface, please try to log in and attempt to revert to the original settings. Refer to the previously mentioned noted values of default settings. While performing a hard-reset operation, it is important to remember that the online connection will be lost. Until the router is back to working condition with an active internet connection. Therefore, it is better to seek technical expertise before performing any such methods.

reset button on the Vodafone router
reset button on the Vodafone router

 It is important to note that the login page of the router may not load at times. Please ensure that the device is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Check if you put in the wrong IP address as the default one. Alternatively, you can do a hard-reset operation by pressing the small button, present at the backside of your router. Press it for a duration of 10 seconds. This again resets the router to the default factory settings.

Also, at times, pages may face issues with loading due to speed issues of the network. Here, the network may be using a different IP address. Therefore, enter the router’s correct IP address as the default one, to stabilize and establish a strong connection again. 


What are the advantages of the Vodafone Router?

The significant advantage of Vodafone Road is that it can automatically connect devices to high-speed internet.

How do you login into the Vodafone Router?

You will have to connect the Vodafone router with a USB cable to the device, then use the UC browser to go into the official website of the router and provide the username and password in the blank space provided.

What is the IP address of the Vodafone router?

The Vodafone Router's default IP address is

How can I reset my router?

The easiest method to reset a Vodafone router is to long-press the button available on the router itself.


We genuinely hope you found this guide to help you perform the login procedure with a Vodafone router helpful. Wishing you a great surfing time on the internet. This router’s capable of providing an internet connection, which is the first in its class!

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