With the everyday developing telecommunication sector, we need a high-quality service provider connecting people and things via its great network. Vivacom is one such company established in Bulgaria which renders nationwide scaled services. To use this assistance efficiently, we need complete insight into the Vivacom router login.

It has reached the skies and beyond, especially in Bulgarian nations, covering the whole area through mobile, public networks, satellite infrastructure, etc.  Communication is all that needs to be carried out significantly to bind people from around the globe. They aim to stand at the top of the lists of the best network service providers and also let them experience top-class customer services.

This is why we are here to focus on one of the best and most fully integrated operators in the market. Many people face issues regarding their login, so we want to assure you that your search ends here. In the below article, we try to address all those problems and provide you with the most accurate possible solutions.

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What is Vivacom?

In a brief period, Vivacom has signed up as Bulgaria’s most significant telecommunications service provider. Its sole mission is to entrust users with its high-quality telecommunication services.

It tries to deal with all the public demands and problems, finding good antidotes for them. It focuses on innovative ways of meeting up to the needs of its users. Vivacom firmly believes in establishing a more robust network so people can be connected and contacted anytime, anywhere. vivacom

As the globe is moving toward a tech-savvy society, we need to modernize our sources and thinking, which is what Vivacom strongly concludes.

This paves the way for queries faced by many users while the Vivacom router’s login.

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Steps For Vivacom Router Login

For logging into Vivacom, the basic needs are the IP address, the username, and the password. Although the evidence for the ZTE ZXHN H118N Vivacom router can be found in the manual, here we have this manuscript listing quick and complete guidelines for the ZTE ZXHN H118N Vivacom router login to the users. For the router’s login page, the need is to be connected to the router.

Follow the below steps for logging in:

  1. Users should open their web browsers like google chrome, firefox, opera, or any other on their system.
  2. Then, you must type in the address bar of the chosen browser if you want access to the router’s web-based user interface.
  3. This will lead you to a router login page displaying two text fields: Vivacom router username and password. vivacom login
  4. The default username for the ZTE ZHAN H118N Vivacom router is ‘user,’ and its default password is also the ‘user.’
  5. So, it would help if you typed in your required username and password.
  6. Then hit ‘enter’, leading you to the ZTE ZHAN H118N Vivacom router login control panel. Suppose the credentials mentioned above fail to cooperate with you. In that case, users can also use this method to work with your ZTE ZHAN H118 Vivacom router login:
  7. Users can try different IDs and passwords widely used by ZTE. We provide you with a list of the most prominent ones used by ZTE. 
user user
admin admin
(blank) user
admin  printed on router
(blank) (blank)
admin password 
(blank) password 
Three play  Three play

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Vivacom Router Login IPs

We also provide specific commonly used vivacom router login IPs for the manufacturer ZTE to the active users. We hope it is fruitful for you.

#Default Router IP

These are some of the widely used ones.

But in case nothing works, you need to get access to your ZTE ZHAN H118N Vivacom routers login, don’t get stressed. For resetting your modem, all you need to do is click on the reset button on the back or bottom; holding on to this small button for approx 20 sec will help you restore your modem.

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How To Change ZTE ZXHN H118N Vivacom Default Login And Password

This service is basically to assure the security of your system. Guidelines for the ZTE Vivacom router login are mentioned below:

  1. It would help if you looked out for the Administration on the left-hand side menu bar and clicked on it. vivacom zte
  2. Also, the User management found on the left-hand side menu bar should be clicked.

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Some Of The ZTE Router Password Tips

Here are some suggestions for users to set up their ZTE Vivacom router password:

  1. Users should go for easy-to-remember and hard-to-guess passwords for personal security.
  2. Users must take proper measures to protect their passwords on the ZTE ZXHN H118N Vivacom router.vivacom zte
  3. Usability should be kept in mind and given priority. Also, users who can use strong hash passwords with special characters are entertained very well.

Security for Vivacom router login online is a consecutive protocol that should be changed at least once in 6 months.

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How To Set Up Vivacom Internet/APN/Hotspot Settings?

This tutorial will brief you on the Access Point Name(APN), hotspot, and Vivacom internet settings.

Once you do the Vivacom router login, you must also set up your essentials. These settings are viable for networks like 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, VoLTE, etc.

Users can enjoy an incredible speed of internet via this.  hotspot

APN settings configuration should first be set up to attain smooth internet marketing.

It is a gateway between 2G, 3G, 4G, and the rest of the other mobile and computer networks.  The basics of the Vivacom router login internet settings are the same for all android devices.

Vivacom Internet Additional services are also provided, with the help of which users can easily configure Vivacom net wifi, email boxes, and antivirus software NOD 32. Users can even take advantage of the unlimited potential of networks around the world.

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What is Vivacom Mobix?

This service provides reliable internet access with the help of 3G and 4G networks to every household, workstation, and office.

How to access my contact on Vivacom?

Vivacom focuses on evolving the highest professional standards to match modern statistics. In today's fast-moving world, all we need is to have the means to be connected anytime, anywhere. The site for activating the internet services and accessing my contact on Vivacom is my.contact.bg.

How to reset the ZTE ZXHN H118N Vivacom router as a default factory?

Users first need to turn on the ZTE ZXHN H118N router. Then after looking for the reset button, press the factory reset button and hold on for around 15 secs. This will lead to rebooting of the Vivacom router.

What if we forget the password for the ZTE ZXHN H118N router?

This is not a problematic case; users can refer to the resetting of the Vivacom router login to change the username and password, respectively.

Can we boost up the ZTE ZXHN H118N Vivacom wifi?

The place for the router should be the perfect one; the channels should be excellent and compatible, and frequency reminders are also essential to set up strong wifi.


Vivacom is the pioneer and leading company in the world of telecommunications providing the best service to its customers. We tried to clear all your queries about the Vivacom router login. Hopefully, this article serves to be helpful for all active users.

Any further issues are always welcomed at our doorstep.

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