Is your TP-Link router not working after reset? Don’t worry as we have the perfect solution for your issue. Many users are facing common problems regarding their router regularly. Moreover, it becomes annoying when you have a deadline to catch on. Well, no more of this trouble as we are here with a complete guide on how to resolve the TP-Link router not working after the reset issue.

tp link router

Several reasons might be responsible for such a condition of your router. Thus, you must try each method and get through the situations without much effort. If you have any queries for your router, read the blog till the end. We assure you that you can easily find a solution regarding it.

Ensure that the TP-link router has been set up. Click here for a complete guide on TP-Link Login.

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How to Reset TP-Link Router?

To know the answer to the TP-link router not working after reset, the user from the device manually does the entire resetting process of the router. The steps for the same are pretty simple and don’t take much time. Anyone from a non-technical background can easily follow the TP-Link router’s guide and proceed accordingly.

However, the most crucial part is that you will not retain any user data once the process is complete. Also, the settings panel will restore to its default configurations. The router will become as new as a new model just out of the box. Therefore, make sure to back up the user data before resetting the device. When the TP-link router is not working after reset, the steps to factory reset should be followed,

Step 1

First, you need to get to the TP-Link router and look for the factory reset button.

factory reset button

Usually, you can find it on the back panel of the device.

Step 2

It is visible that you require a paper clip or pin to fit inside the hole.

sharp pin to fit inside hole

However, don’t be harsh as you don’t want to deal any physical damage to the router.

Step 3

Once you press the button, it is mandatory to keep holding it for at least 30 seconds in that position.

press the button

This will initiate the reset process, and the router will do everything automatically.

Step 4

Finally, the front lights will start blinking, which depicts the completion of our reset process.

green lights start blinking

Users can now reconnect their devices and log into the admin console through the default gateway.

If this doesn’t work, the router often needs a private address to access the admin panel. Every router uses some IP address to gain such access.

Common Troubleshooters After TP-Link AC1750 Factory Reset

We assume that you are already familiar with resetting the TP-link router. According to experts, resetting the device will solve most of your network problems. However, you still require additional troubleshooters to enhance the device’s performance. There is no doubt in the fact that these methods can work for any standard router at your home or office,

#1 Restart the Device

When the TP-link router is not working after reset, it is the most common method to resolve issues with any routing device like modem, WiFi, repeater, etc. You only have to remove the power cable from the socket and wait for a couple of minutes. After you restart the device, the entire network bandwidth will re-establish the connection. Therefore, the router will work faster and even provide a better download/upload speed to the user.

restart the device

The best part is that it will save the device from any damage from high temperatures resulting from prolonged usage.

#2 Update Firmware

The routers tend to work on a simple firmware that deals with various interactions through the IP. It is like a mini-brain of the device and controls the router after you turn it on. However, the old version of such software could be an invitation for bugs and errors in the router.

upgrade firmware

We recommend users update the firmware regularly of their TP-Link router. You can download it from the official website or get it from trusted sources. Don’t forget to restart the device after installing the new firmware. This helps the router work even after the TP-link router is not working after reset.

#3 Contact Internet Service Provider

You must have a preferable ISP that provides you with a suitable network plan for the router. ISP’s job is to ensure a smooth online experience while surfing the internet. If you find that the router is not working efficiently, there may be some problem with the internet service provider

Thus, you need to ensure that your data plan is valid and the internet service provider is not facing any technical issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Make sure to go through this section of FAQs where experts answer some standard queries of our readers. You can also find relatable questions to help you get a suitable explanation.

How to Reset TP-Link Router?

The entire process of the TP-link router not working after reset is already discussed in the previous sections of the guide. You can refer to the steps and reset the device accordingly. In case you have any issues, kindly contact the support service.

Can I Replace my TP-Link Router?

Yes, the manufacturers assist their customers even if the TP-Link router is not working after reset. Also, you can file for a replacement within the warranty period of the device. Users will get adequate technical guidance for the same.

Is it Safe to Reset the Router?

There is no potential issue to reset the device until you follow the instructions correctly. Moreover, factory reset will update the internal software and fix bugs to maximize efficiency.


As we conclude our journey, you now understand how to manage TP-Link not working after reset. Also, we covered multiple other options that will come in handy while dealing with the situation. All these methods are pretty effective and increase the overall network speed of the router. Internet connection is necessary in this fast-paced world. Many times, the router works, but the internet does. You should ensure that the internet works well at times. Hence, you can try out the techniques and get the most out of your TP-Link router.

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